The Scramble Show Reports
Westover 2008

Date: 6/7 September 2008

Made by:


79-0105/BD 		OA-10 		47th FS AFRC
60-0003/BD              B-52H           93rd BS AFRC
86-0021, 87-0031 	C-5B 		337th AS AFRC
05-0730 		C-40C 		73rd AS AFRC       
66-0221                 HC-130P 	550th SOS        
76-3302                 LC-130H 	139th AS NY ANG  
89-9103                 C-130H 		757th AS AFRC     
99-1432                 C-130J-30 	143rd AS RI ANG
58-0018                 KC-135R(RT) 	22nd ARW     
64-14841/OF 		RC-135V 	38th RS
92-3885/MO 		F-16C 		157th FS SC ANG
93-0643/VN 		T-1A 		32nd FTS
96-3011/RA 		T-6A 		559th FTS
02-8902/N421BA 		TG-10C 		94th FTS
92-00293 		CH-47D 		Det1 B/1-104th AVN
82-23711 		UH-60A 		3-126thAVN MA NG
160999 			P-3C 		VP-26 Brunswick
The Chinook is with the Connecticut National Guard.

84-0060, 86-0012 	C-5B 		337th AS AFRC
86-0018, 86-0023        C-5B            337th AS AFRC
87-0037, 87-0039        C-5B            337th AS AFRC
87-0041 		C-5B            337th AS AFRC
05-5139 		C-17A 		729th AS AFRC
87-0313/1, 86-0281/6 +2 F-16C 		Thunderbirds
86-0039, 86-0041 	F-16D 		Thunderbirds
85-01608 		C-31A 		Golden Knights
164140/CG-21 		AV-8B 		VMA-231
165355/CG-13 		AV-8B+ 		VMA-231
166460/AD-436 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106
166462/AD-437 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106

Flying from Barnes ANGB:
78-0476, 78-0519 	F-15C 		131st FS MA ANG
79-0047 		F-15C 		131st FS MA ANG
2x 			UH-60A 		3-126thAVN MA NG
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