The Scramble Show Reports
Pease ANGB 2011

Date: 13 August 2011

Made by:


79-0049/BD     OA-10A     47th FS AFRC
79-0148/BD     A-10A      47th FS AFRC
60-0003/BD     B-52H      93rd BS AFRC
87-0031        C-5B       337th AS AFRC
05-5141        C-17A      729th AS AFRC
84-0072/CT     C-21A      118th AS CT ANG
61-0310        KC-135R    133rd ARS NH ANG
86-0343	    F-16C	   134th FS VT ANG 
87-0294        F-16C      134th FS VT ANG
87-0322        F-16C      134th FS VT ANG
91-0099/RA     T-1A       99th FTS
80-23468       UH-60A     nn NH ARNG
162144         C-2A       VRC-40
161206/G-306   TC-12B     TW-4
161591         P-3C       nmk

85-01608         C-31A    Golden Knights
162874/AD-346    F/A-18C  VFA-106
162875/AD-343    F/A-18C  VFA-106
On the main ramp there were five more NH ANG KC-135Rs and an additional UH-60A of presumably the NH ARNG. 
There were two or three other VT ANG F-16s that flew, and the Thunderbirds which were not identified.

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