The Scramble Show Reports
Jackson 1999

Date: 4 September 1999

Made by: David Tanner


A-10       78-644   Mass. ANG          Red fin strip w/ stars, black bar 
A-10       78-583   Mass. ANG          Red fin strip w/ stars, black bar 
A-10       79-104   Mass. ANG          Red .. 104th FW, Spirit of Mass. 
RB-26      0-34559  MISS ANG           Black, with white cowlings. Pres. 
C-130      130319   Canada             Flew for parachutists 
KC-135     80172    Alaska ANG 
C-141B     40632    Miss. ANG 172 AW 
C-141B     60130    Miss. ANG 172 AW 
C-141B     60164    Miss. ANG 172 AW   Dark blue fin stripe 
C-141B     40164    Miss. ANG 172 AW   Light blue fin stripe 
C-141B     67948    AMC  AFRES 
C-5        90026    60 + 349 AMW       Blue fin stripe w/ "Travis" 
C-31A      51608    Golden Knights     Yellow and black colors 
FG-1D      N99647   "92468"  13        Flew. Checkerboard nose, 6 Japan. flags 
F-86       N30CJ    "23711"            Flew. Yellow stripe "Crap Shooter" 
F-15E      87-195   SJ     336FS       Yellow stripe. Rocketeers. Wright flyer inside fin 
F-16C      7x                          Thunderbirds 
F-16D      1x                          Thunderbirds 
OH-6       0-14405                     "Say No to Drugs". Pres. on trailer 
HH-65A     6559     USCG Mobile 
P-3C       no buno  LU-001 VP-64       Colorful vulture on tail 
T-34C      162278   F-80   TAW-6 
T-34C        0270   F-34   TAW-6 
T-37       62-963   CB 
T-38       no S/N   CB     49 FTS      No serial "49FTS"  Grey/grey camo 
T-38       68-8114  CB     14 FTW      Serial on seats! "14FTW" on tail 
T-1A       90-409   CB                 Blue fin stripe with white 
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