The Scramble Show Reports
Edwards 2002

Date: 26 October 2002

Made by: Scramble, Bob Fer


71-0344/ED		YA-7F		preserved              
73-1664		        YA-10B	        preserved      
84-0049	                B-1B	        nb/419th FLTS  
60-0036	                B-52H	        nb/419th FLTS  
71-0878	                C-9A	        11th AS        
73-1215	                C-12C	        418th FLTS     
01-0190	                C-17A	        437th AW       
01-1461	                CC-130J	        115th AS CA ANG
55-3135	                NKC-135E	418th FLTS     
61-2779	                NC-141A		preserved              
66-0201	                C-141C	        452nd AMW AFRC    
76-0116/ED	        F-15A	        420th FLTS "AFFTC"
87-0180/ED	        F-15E	        420th FLTS "412OG"
78-0089/ED	        F-16B	        416th FLTS "412OG"
80-0584/ED	        F-16A	        416th FLTS        
86-0048		        NF-16D	        412th TW (VISTA)  
90-0835/ED	        F-16DJ	        420th FLTS        
79-10782/ED	        YF-117A	        410th FLTS        
62-12581	        JCH-3E	        preserved         
01-26889	        UH-60L	        D/158th AVN       
64-17967/BB	        SR-71A	        preserved         
93-0652/XL	        T-1A	        86th FTS          
98-3030/RA	        T-6A	        558th FTS         
64-13302/ED	        T-38C	        452nd FLTS        
70-1559/ED	        T-38A	        452nd FLTS        
84-0492/ED	        T-46A	        preserved         
80-1067/WR	        U-2S	        nn                
164939		        CV-22	        412th TW          
154815/ML-426	        CH-46E	        HMM-764           
161386		        CH-53E	        nb/HMH-769        
6572		        HH-65A	        USCG Los Angeles  
N50DG		        L-29	        private	892817    
N143SG		        Galeb G-2	ex YugoAF 23143
N306CW		        T-33AN		ex CAF 21306           
N606HA		        HA200		ex SpaAF E.14A-6       
N817NA		        DC-8-72		NASA Ames              
N905NA/905	        B747-123	NASA Johnson   
N154TP		        MB326M		NTPS, ex SAAF 497      
N168TP		        TF-35		NTPS, ex AT-154        
N4103Y		        Hunter F58A	ex Swiss J-4103
N38453		        CL-13B Mk6	ex Canada 23697
N41125 "01"	        MiG-15UTI	private	242266 
N53594		        C-46F		ex USAAF 44-78663      

Static 412th TW Hangar:
78-0080/ED		F-16B		416th FLTS      
86-0048		        NF-16D	        412th TW (VISTA)
00-0222		        F-16CJ	        nmk             
91-4006/ED	        F/A-22A	        411th FLTS      
"301"		        X-35B	        Lockheed Martin 
N38453/1487/FU-187	CL-13B Mk6	ex Canada 23697

Static NASA Hangar:
52-0008			NB-52B		NASA Dryden
98-2003/ED	        RQ-4A	        418th FLTS 
164939		        CV-22	        412th TW   
N853NA/161744	        F/A-18A	        NASA Ames  
N809NA		        ER-2S	        NASA Dryden
N817NA		        DC-8-72	        NASA Ames  

Hangar 1210: (not open to public)
CH-46Es of HMM-764 'ML':
156432/422	156443/423	156444/424	156461/427
156431/430	154860/432	154855/435
Plus the additional modexes 480, 482, 483, 484, 485, 487 and 488.

Other hangars: (not open to public)
78-0081/ED		F-16B		416th FLTS
91-4005/ED	        F/A-22A	        411th FLTS
65-10325/ED	        T-38A	        445th FLTS
68-8153/ED	        T-38A	        445th FLTS
164941		        CV-22A	        412th TW  

Outside NASA hangar: 
64-17971/BB		SR-71A		stored      
71-0287/835	        F-15A	        wfu, ex NASA
N814NA		        L1329	        wfu, ex NASA
N840NA		        F-18A	        NASA Dryden 
Hier was ook nog een NASA F-16 met code 816.

NASA Gate Guards (near NASA hangar):
46-0063			X-1E		preserved
82-0049	                X-29	        preserved
N802NA	                F-8C	        preserved
N810NA	                F-8A	        preserved
N804NA	                HL-10	        preserved
N844NA	                SR-71A	        preserved
And an X-15 replica.

80-0246/DM		A-10A		357th FS "355WG"   
82-0662/DM	        A-10A	        357th FS "355WG"
85-0082/ED	        B-1B	        419th FLTS      
60-0050		        B-52H	        nb/419th FLTS   
87-0025/ED	        C-17A	        417th FLTS      
01-0186		        C-17A	        nn              
85-1608		        C-31A	        USA Para Team   
58-0049		        KC-135T	        92ARW           
61-0320		        KC-135R	        452nd FLTS      
76-0132/ED	        F-15B	        420th FLTS      
77-0139/ED	        F-15A	        420th FLTS      
82-0046/ED	        F-15D	        420th FLTS      
91-0326/LN	        F-15E	        492nd FS        
80-0633/ED	        F-16B	        416th FLTS      
81-0817/ED	        F-16B ADF	416th FLTS 
83-1120/ED	        F-16ES		416th FLTS         
83-1172/ED	        F-16B	        416th FLTS         
79-10783/ED	        YF-117A	        410th FLTS         
01-26886 +1	        UH-60L	        D/158th AVN        
00-3583/MY	        T-6A	        3rd FTS	behind hngr
61-0904/ED	        AT-38B	        452nd FLTS         
62-3715/ED	        AT-38B	        452nd FLTS         
163764/NJ-317	        F/A-18C	        VFA-125            
153321/ML-425	        CH-46E	        HMM-764            
153980/ML-433	        CH-46E	        HMM-764            
156419/ML-436	        CH-46E	        HMM-764            

Flying only:
66-0181			C-141C		452nd AMW AFRC

Museum store: (east side)
44-34165/N9146M		TB-26B		preserved
63-9765		        C-7A	        preserved
60-0377		        C-135A	        preserved
59-5962		        C-140A	        preserved
64-1004/ED	        NRF-4C	        preserved
65-0713/ED	        YF-4E	        preserved
63-9778		        F-111A	        preserved
58-0669		        T-33A	        preserved
52-5760		        F-100A	        preserved
41-20093	        C-53	        preserved
145607		        RF-8G	        preserved
N809NA		        B-57B	        preserved

Museum store: (near NASA)
71-1367			YA-9A		stored
52-1883		        F-89D	        stored
48-0356/FA-356	        YF-94A	        stored
52-8623		        CH-21C	        stored
125850/CY	        EF-10B	        stored
130059		        UH-25B	        stored
159363		        CT-39G	        stored
Plus an unidentified H-34 and a couple of aircraft noses.

135434			A-3A		preserved       
85-0067/DY	        B-1B	        stored, "28BS"  
57-0119		        NB-52E	        dismantled      
55-0665		        NB-58A	        preserved       
48-0352		        C-119B	        i/a             
54-0683		        C-123K	        i/a             
60-0377		        C-135A	        stored	far side
80-0634/ED	        F-16B	        preserved TPS   
53-2422		        NF-101A	        dumped          
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