The Scramble Show Reports
Barksdale 1994

Date: 17 April 1994

Made by:


79-0142/BD            A-10A        47th FS AFRes
83-0065/DY            B-1B         9th BS
60-0008/LA            B-52H        96th BS "8th AF"
86-0026               C-5B         60th AW
83-0081               KC-10A       458th OG
84-0092/OF            C-21A        11th ALF
56-3595               KC-135A      71st ARS
88-1670/SJ,89-0486/SJ F-15E        336th FS
81-0713/FL-08         F-16A ADF    159th FS FL ANG
67-0039/CC            EF-111A      429th ECS
72-1452/CC            F-111F       524th FS
64-13436/LA           T-37B        CTP 2nd BW
64-13197/EN           T-38A        80th FTW
164388                E-6A         VQ-4
163115/AD-364         F/A-18D      VFA-106

AFRes ramp:
78-0582/BD            A-10A        46th FS AFRes
78-0688/FT,79-0159/FT A-10A        75th FS
Local "BD" coded A-10As of  47th FS (green tail-tip):
79-0094, 79-0104, 79-0106, 79-0136, 79-0147, 79-0149
79-0150, 79-0151, 79-0152, 79-0153 and 79-0180 plus
one unidentified with "47FS" mks.
Local "BD" coded A-10As of 47th FS (no tail-tip colour):
78-0716, 79-0105, 79-0134, 79-0143, 79-0145, 79-0146

Flightline right:
60-0003/-             B-52H        unmarked
60-0016/LA,60-0037/LA B-52H        2nd BW
60-0042/LA,60-0053/LA B-52H        2nd BW
61-0018/LA            B-52H        2nd BW
61-0008/BD,61-0017/BD B-52H        93rd BS AFRes
61-0022/BD            B-52H        93rd BS AFRes
79-1711               KC-10A       458th OG

Flightline left:
60-0043/LA            B-52H        11th BS ? (yellow tail-tip)
60-0045/BD            B-52H        93rd BS AFRes
60-0058/LA            B-52H        2nd BW
61-0029/LA            B-52H        20th BS
Local KC-10As of 458th OG:
79-1710, 83-0075, 83-0082, 84-0192, 85-0028, 85-0034

Main flightline:
85-0084/EL            B-1B         37th BS
60-0020/LA,61-0027/LA B-52H        96th BS
61-0028/LA            B-52H        96th BS
85-1607/GK001         C-31A        Golden Knights
Local "LA" coded B-52Hs of 20th BS:
60-0001, 60-0007, 60-0010, 60-0019, 60-0035, 60-0049
61-0011, 61-0032 en 61-0019 als "20BS"

60-0025/LA            B-52H        96th BS
79-1712               KC-10A       458th OG

71-0339/ED            A-7D         museum store
76-0552/BD            A-10A        pres AFRes Hq
63-7532               F-4C         pres AFRes Hq
68-0284               F-111G       museum store
58-0615               T-33A        museum store
1x		      FB-111A	   wreck, museum store
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