The Scramble Show Reports
MCAS Beaufort 2009

Date: 16-17 May 2009

Made by:


61-0017/BD	B-52H		93rd BS AFRC
78-0500/MA	F-15C		131st FS MA ANG
78-0508/MA	F-15C		131st FS MA ANG 
00-05216	AH-64D		nn
160804/HF-25	AH-1W		HMLA-269
164126/CG-22	AV-8B		VMA-231
165596/CG-09	AV-8B		VMA-231
164790/UT-13	CH-53E		HMT-302
161242/CB-01	EA-6B		VMAQ-01
163155/VE-216	F/A-18A		VMFA-115
164264/DC-01	F/A-18C		VMFA-122	spec tail
164714/ED-11	F/A-18D		VMFA(AW)-533
164889/AC-200	F/A-18C		VMFA-312	spec tail
164950/AB-411	F/A-18C		VFA-86
161515/5B	UC-12B		Beaufort
159192/HF-04	UH-1N		HMLA-269

Hangar at static
163169		F/A-18A+	unknown
F/A-18A+s of VMFA-115, coded VE-xxx:
163156/206, 163167/211, 163124/212, 163094/214 
F/A-18Cs of VMFA-122, coded DC-xx:
164247/00, 164273/06, 164274/07, 164270/04

Flightline, visible from static:
188719		CF-118		nn		spec c/s
87-0179/SJ	F-15E		333rd FS 
90-0232/SJ	F-15E		335th FS
164763		C-130T		Blue Angels
161723/7	F/A-18B		Blue Angels
163133/VE-218	F/A-18A+	VMFA-115
163142/VE-204	F/A-18A+	VMFA-115	#
163175/VE-200	F/A-18A+	VMFA-115	#
164265/DC-02	F/A-18C		VMFA-122	#
164268/DC-14	F/A-18C		VMFA-122	#
164278/DC-13	F/A-18C		VMFA-122
Also the other six F/A-18As of the Blue Angels were present, but these were not logged.
# missing man formation

Hangar near flightline
164883/AB-402	F/A-18C		VFA-86

Eastern flighline
164276/DC-11	F/A-18C		VMFA-122
164885/AB-403	F/A-18C		VFA-86
164910/AB-407	F/A-18C		VFA-86

F/A-18Cs of VMFA-312, coded AC-XXX:
164964/205, 164970/207, 164971/210, 164980/213

F/A-18Ds of VMFA(AW)-533, coded ED-XX:
164717/04, 164947/06, 164957/10, 164967/14

Eastern hangar
164883/AB-402	F/A-18C		VFA-86
165202/NH-412	F/A-18C		VFA-86

F/A-18Cs of VMFA-312, coded AC-XXX:
164909/202, 164958/203, 164962/204, 164972/211

Hangar behind entrance:
163137/VE-205	F/A-18A+	VMFA-115
164275/DC-10	F/A-18C		VMFA-122
164902/DR-01	F/A-18C		VMFA-312
164952/AB-412	F/A-18C		VFA-86

F/A-18Ds of VMFA(AW)-533, coded ED-XX:
164726/00, 164959/01, 164961/02, 164656/03, 164872/07, 164965/12, 164738/13,
164870/15, 164874/16, 164685/20

Fire/crash training site:
149558		A-4C		i/a
146045		C-1A		i/a
135842		FJ-3		i/a (upside down)
155786		F-4S		i/a
150964		HH-46D		wreck

147772/EX-01	A-4C		at gate inside
135841/DR-3	FJ-3		at gate outside
152270/DW-201	F-4N		at gate outside
141376 "135841"	F-8C		at gate oustide
163157/VE-200	F/A-18A		at gate outside
163163		F/A-18A		at gate inside
163486/CE-01	F/A-18D		at officers club
152530		HH-46D		pres

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