The Scramble Show Reports
Hawthorne 1997

Date: 23 August 1997

Made by: David Tanner, Jean-Michel Schweitzer

Updated: 23 March 2007

Type         Serial (N-#)         Tail/modex/side Unit/AC Name 

Current Military 
F-18A        162442               MF-01    VMFA-134 
UH-60A       24591                         Army 

Western Museum of Flight 
A-4A         142227               1        Blue Angels   (Interesting rudder-no stiffeners) 
F-5A         66-9027              207      Norway 
F-14A        159830               201      VF-2 
YF-17        01569                         Marines/COBRA 
YF-23        87-801                        USAF/ATF 

B-25         430801 (N30801)               "Executive Sweet" (Silver) 
C-46         478663 (N-53954)              "China Doll" 
C-47         (N103N)                       Classic Express Airways 
C-47/DC-3    (N26MA) 
C-121        (N73544)                      USAF "Canarillo Connie" (VIP blue) 
P-38         423314 (NX38BP)               "Joltin Josie" 
P-40         (NL85104)            White    (Green; shark's mouth) 
P-47D        28487 (NX3395G)      M*VN     (Razorback) 
P-51A        43-6006 ()                    "Polar Bear" (Dark Green) 
P-51D        473129 (N1515E)               USAF "Merlin's Magic" (Silver) 
P-51D        523 (C-GMUS)                  "What's Up Doc" (H-model tail) 
AD4-N        126935 (NX2088G)     HB       Marines (Blue) 
F4U-5N       124486 (N49068)      RB       VM451 "USS Carl Vinson" (Blue) 
F8F-2        122674 (N7825C)      S-201    (Dark blue) 
TBM          (N28SF)              X2       (Blue) 
US-2B        136404 (N5234A)      JE-404 
Sea Fury     WH587 (N260X)                 Australian Navy 
N9M                                        (Yellow/Blue) 

T-6          (N3169G)             HL 
T-6          (N3686F)           Red stripes 
T-6D         (N3204G)                      "Big Thunder" 
T-28B        137760 (N128KA)      CD       ATU-800 (Yellow) 
T-34A        4009 (N2042Y)                 Marines "Quantico" (Yellow) 
T-34B        (N344PM)                      "Fly Navy" (Blue/white), ex 140911 
T-34B        (N18PS)                       "Miss Kitty" (Yellow) 
SNJ-5        90917 (N1038A)                "War Dog" 
SNJ-5        43745 (N1043C)       754      "Pensacola" 
SNJ-6K       (N36FC)                       VF-28 "China Lake" (Red) 
NA-50        20470 (N202LD)                "Luke Field" (Dark green) (Mod from a T-6) 

L-19         17384 (N5199G)                (Green) 
L-19         57221 (N5114N)                (Green) 
0Y-1         417944 
L-19         50-1524 (N5022K)     JG 
NH-1         29505 (N31469)                (Yellow) (Howard) 
N2S          90840 
AT-19        FK917                         RAF (Stinson) 
 (New for me; radial engine, high Stinson wing) 

Interesting place for a show. The crowd line is close to the runway, so a 150 
mm setting was about right for most take-offs/landings. Most a/c flew, in a 
racetrack pattern at 1000' agl. 
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