The Scramble Show Reports
Langley 1994

Date: 8 august 1994

Made by:

Updated: 4 September 2001

81-0979/SW            OA-10A       55th FS
85-0082/DY            B-1B         9th BS
61-0011/LA            B-52H        20th BS
85-0007               C-5B         436th AW
73-22250              C-12C        USAR, no badge
83-0077/SJ            KC-10A       4th Wing
84-0141/FF            C-21A        12th ALF
61-2358               C-130E       191st AG MI ANG
64-14852/FL           HC-130P      301st RQS
69-6577               AC-130H      16th SOS
73-1586/DM            EC-130H      41st ECS
61-0272               KC-135R      434th WG AFRes
62-3582/OF            EC-135C      2nd ACCS
81-0005/OK            E-3A         961st AWACS
84-0048/WE            E-9A         475th WEG
69-7210/WA            F-4G         561st FS
81-0025/FF            F-15C        as '1st FW'
88-1683/SJ            F-15E        336th FS
86-0227/VA            F-16C        149th FS VA ANG
70-2392/CC            F-111F       522nd FS
84-0825/HO            F-117A       9th FS/49th OG
69-6662/FF            UH-1N        72nd HS
67-14703/FF           HH-3E        41st RQS
92-6462/FF            HH-60J       41st RQS
80-1068/BB            U-2R         9th RW
92-0363/LB            T-1A         64th FTW
58-1914/CB            T-37B        14th OG
64-13172/CB           AT-38B       14th FTW
64-13271/BB           T-38A        1st RS(T)
65-10379/LB           T-38A        64th FTW
67-18122              U-21D        USAR, no badge
164271/AJ-356         F/A-18C      VMFA-312
155105/A-738          TA-4J        TW-1
160962/E-962          T-34C        TAW-5
N44V                  DC3          'Fly Piedmont'
The T-37 with serial 59-1914 did not wear a serial on its tail.
The serial could be found in the cockpit.

81-0022/FF, 81-0023/FF  F-15C        blue
81-0033/FF, 81-0034/FF  F-15C        blue
81-0050/FF, 83-0011/FF  F-15C        blue
82-0037/FF              F-15C        no tail band
83-0046/FF              F-15D        blue
These Eagles returned from a week at Eglin. The landed around
noon and were parked on the flightline.

Flightline right side of static:
188710, 188751          CF-18A       CF
79-0138/FT,80-0252/FT   A-10A        75th FS
85-1607/GK001           C-31A        Golden Knights
69-0258/WA              F-4G         561st FS
83-0017/FF              F-15C        71st FS
83-0019/FF              F-15C        27th FS
164275/AJ341            F/A-18C      VMFA-312
160649/E649             T-34C        TAW5

Hangar 752 behind static:
74-0112/FF, 75-0117/FF  F-15A        for BDRT
75-0048/FF, 75-0055/FF  F-15A        for BDRT
83-00047/FF             F-15D        71st FS

Hangar 753 behind static:
81-0042/FF,82-0036/FF   F-15C        71st FS

Small hangars left side of static:
69-6605/FF              UH-1N        72nd HS
69-6607/FF 	        UH-1N        72nd HS
69-6614/FF              UH-1N        72nd HS
82-0037/FF              F-15C        27th FS
67-18102                U-21         VA Flight det.

Big hangar left side of static:
84-0114/FF,84-0115/FF   C-21A        12th ALF
84-0116/FF         +1   C-21A        12th ALF

Flightline other side of runway:
84-0810/HO              F-117A       49th FW
81-0024/FF              F-15C        27th FS
81-0029/FF, 82-0008/FF  F-15C        27th FS
82-0010/FF, 83-0018/FF  F-15C        27th FS
82-0022/FF, 82-0023/FF  F-15C        27th FS
83-0016/FF, 83-0029/FF  F-15C        27th FS
83-0033/FF, 83-0034/FF  F-15C        27th FS
83-0036/FF, 83-0039/FF  F-15C        27th FS
83-0040/FF              F-15C        27th FS
83-0049/FF              F-15D        27th FS
83-0050/FF              F-15D        27th FS
83-0027/FF              F-15C        as '27FS'
81-0030/FF, 82-0011/FF  F-15C        71st FS
82-0014/FF, 82-0016/FF  F-15C        71st FS
82-0021/FF              F-15C        71st FS
83-0048/FF              F-15D        71st FS
81-0038/FF              F-15C        as '1OG'
81-0026/FF, 81-0031/FF  F-15C        94th FS
81-0032/FF, 81-0035/FF  F-15C        94th FS
81-0036/FF, 81-0039/FF  F-15C        94th FS
81-0041/FF, 81-0044/FF  F-15C        94th FS
81-0051/FF, 82-0024/FF  F-15C        94th FS
82-0046/FF, 83-0023/FF  F-15C        94th FS
83-0024/FF              F-15C        94th FS
83-0010/FF              F-15C        as '94FS'
59-2601                 B-52G        gate guard
71-0281                 YF-15A       gate guard
78-0001                 F-16A        gate guard
52-5747                 F-86H        as '13483' gate guard
61-0188                 F-105D       as '61-217' gate guard
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