The Scramble Show Reports
Edwards 2000

Date: 21 October 2000

Made by:


114089			CT-114		AETE
133613			CT-133		AETE
188907			CF-188B		AETE
79-0174/DM, 79-0210/DM	A-10A		357th FS "355Wg"
84-0049/ED		B-1B		419th FLTS
82-1068/ED		B-2A		419th FLTS
52-0008			NB-52B		NASA Dryden
60-0050/ED		B-52H		419th FLTS
76-0158/ED		C-12C		418th FLTS
81-0892			EC-18B		452nd FLTS
58-0077			KC-135T		92nd ARS
63-8085			C-141C		452nd AMW AFRC
84-0046/ED		F-15D		445th FLTS
87-0180/ED		F-15E		445th FLTS
78-0080/ED		F-16B		416th FLTS
83-1118/ED		F-16C		416th FLTS
85-1404			F-16C		194th FS CA ANG
86-0048			NF-16D Vista	412th TW
91-4003/ED		F-22A		411th FLTS
79-10782/ED		YF-117A		410th FLTS
85-24453		UH-60A		247th MedDet, c/n 70.945
66-8001/XL		T-37B		85th FTS
62-3715/ED		AT-38B		445th FLTS
68-8147/XL		T-38A		'87FTS'
70-1558/ED		T-38A		445th FLTS
60-3478/ED		NT-39A		418th FLTS
165055/WR-730		AH-1W		HMLA-775, c/n 26315
156433/ML-434		CH-46E		HMM-764, c/n 2503
165346/MS-488		CH-53E		HMH-769
N852NA			F/A-18B		NASA Dryden	
N905NA			B747-123	NASA Johnson
-			H-34		Museum
N39DF			L-39C		c/n 931320
NX58WJ			Hunter F.58	'J-4060'
N76PE			Bell 206B	c/n 1818
N119DR			A-26C		'434313/BC-313/K'
N139JT			L-39C		'156'	734156
N306CW			CT-133		'21306'
N653DB			T-28C		'140653/2S'
N4103Y			Hunter F58A	'J-4103'
N4777V			PT-13D		'42-17570/150'
N7300C			AT-6D		'51' ex 43763
NX9124Z			T-33B		'16581' ex 128706
N10560			T-34A		ex 53-3356
N41125			MiG-15UTI	'01', c/n 242266
N46273			T-28C		ex 146273
N64606			H-21B		'54-4001'

Hangar static:
98-2004			RQ-4A		412th TW
80-1090			U-2S		99th RS
N809NA			ER-2S		NASA Dryden
N836NA, N837NA		F-15B		NASA Dryden
N844NA			SR-71A		NASA Dryden

Hangar static:
NL551CB "414888/Y-B6"	P-51D		ex 45-11381
"86652"			M2-F1		mock up

Hangar 1207:
80-0635/ED		F-16B		416th FLTS
64-13302/ED		T-38C		445th FLTS
70-1574/ED		T-38A		445th FLTS

Hangar 1210:
CH-46Es of HMM-764 'ML':
156432/422	156444/424	154815/426	156461/427
156431/430	154014/431	153980/433	154855/435
CH-53Es of HMH-769 'MS':
161383/480	162502/483	162012/484	165247/485
162479/486	165344/487	165503/489	162011/490

Hangar 1623:
N806NA			ER-2S		NASA Dryden

Near tower/flying:
N117RH			Lim-5		ex Poland 1502
N217JG			Lim-5		ex Poland 306

76-0130/ED, 76-0132/ED	F-15B		445th FLTS
76-0140/ED		F-15B		445th FLTS
86-0184/ED		F-15E		445th FLTS
80-0557/ED		F-16A		416th FLTS
81-0817/ED		F-16B		416th FLTS
59-2870/ED		NT-39A		418th FLTS
2x     /ED		F-15		nn
3x     /ED		F-16		nn

End of runway:
94-0066			C-17A		437th AW
63-7982			KC-135R		319th ARW
153321/ML-425		CH-46E		HMM-764
154860/ML-432		CH-46E		HMM-764

73-1215/ED		C-12C		418th FLTS
55-3135			NKC-135E	452nd FLTS
60-0374			EC-135E		452nd FLTS
64-17971/BB		SR-71A		stored
61-0904/ED		AT-38B		445th FLTS
63-8135/ED, 65-10325/ED	T-38A		445th FLTS
64-13197/ED		T-38C		445th FLTS
68-8153/ED, 68-8154/ED	T-38A		445th FLTS
68-8205/ED, 70-1559/ED	T-38A		445th FLTS
N801NA			Beech 200	NASA Dryden
N843NA			F-18A		NASA Dryden
N851NA			F-18A		NASA Dryden
159363			CT-39G		stored
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