The Scramble Show Reports
Barksdale 2006

Date: 13/14 May 2006

Made by:


8th Air Force Museum (near main gate):
XM606			Vulcan B2	pres, ex RAF
44-83884/BN-R	        B-17G		pres, ex USAAF      
44-48781/WQ-E	        B-24J	        pres, ex USAAF     
44-87627/BF-627	        TB-29A	        pres, ex USAAF     
53-2276		        B-47E	        pres, ex USAF      
56-0629	                B-52D	        pres, ex USAF      
57-6509	                B-52G	        pres, ex 2nd BW    
"447"	                UC-45J	        pres, ex Bu 39266  
43-16130	        C-47A	        pres, ex USAAF     
53-0240		        KC-97L	        pres, ex 191st ARS 
56-3595		        KC-135A	        pres, ex 71st ARS  
51-1386/FS-386	        F-84F	        pres, ex USAF      
68-0284		        F-111G	        pres, ex 428th TFTS
"414237/W"	        P-51D	        pres, ex 44-14570  
61-7967/BB	        SR-71A	        pres, ex 9th SRW   
"232"		        AT-11	        pres, ex 42-36887  
58-0615		        T-33A	        pres, ex USAF      

142803			CT-142		402sq                
79-0146/BD, 79-0153/BD	A-10A	        47th FS AFRC         
86-0112/DY		B-1B	        28th BS              
88-0332/WM	        B-2A	        393rd BS             
60-0035/LA	        B-52H	        11th BS              
60-0059/LA	        B-52H	        96th BS	"96BS"       
05-5141		        C-17A	        452nd AW AFRC        
84-0120		        C-21A	        54th AS              
65-0963		        C-130H	        314th AW             
59-1463		        KC-135R	        173rd ARS NE ANG     
64-4134/OF	        RC-135W	        38th RS              
83-0008/OK	        E-3C	        960th ACCS           
72-1485/HD/AF-253	QF-4E	        82nd ATRS/det.1      
82-0019/FF		F-15C	        71st FS	"71 FS"      
82-0022/FF	        F-15C	        71st FS              
89-0477/SJ	        F-15E	        333rd FS	"4OG"
86-0239/FS	        F-16C	        184th FS AR ANG      
86-0838/HO	        F-117A	        8th FS               
90-26234, 90-26237	HH-60G	        301st RQS            
03-3668/XL		T-6A	        85th FTS             
59-0355/CB	        T-37B	        14th FTW             
68-8150/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS              
65-10442/WM	        T-38A	        394th CTS            
67-14920/WM	        T-38A	        394th CTS            
64-13301/BB	        T-38A	        1st RS               
64-13240/BB	        T-38A	        1st RS               
68-8124/CB	        T-38C	        560th FTS            
70-1569/MY	        T-38C	        479th FTG            
92-13120	        RC-12P	        B-15th MI Bn         
161508/G-313	        TC-12B	        TW-4                 
160501/G-806	        T-34C	        TW-4                 
162252/E-252	        T-34C	        TW-5                 
"3060"			MiG-21F-13	pres, N.Vietnam c/s
N4207 "124"		UC-45J		ex 67124
N91946			J-3C-65		as USAAF "43"

Hangar (next to North ramp):
86-0837/HO		F-117A		8th FS
80-1087/BB		U-2S		99th RS

Hangar (next to car park):
60-0012/LA, 60-0025/LA	B-52H		20th BS

Flightline (next to static):
74-0665/HD/AF-251	QF-4E		82nd ATRS	"82ATRS"
88-0419/HL, 90-0725/HL	F-16CG		4th FS
03-3677/MY, 03-3678/MY	T-6A		3rd FTS
66-4362/CB, 68-8164/CB	T-38C		50th FTS
166467/AD-206		F/A-18F		VFA-206
166659/AD-217		F/A-18F		VFA-206
N25YR			TB-25N		as USAAF 43-27868
N47HL			CC-129		ex RCAF 12909
NX474TP "433240/A-N"	P-47N		ex Venezuela 490368
N5428V "44-7369/CY-U"	P-51D		ex 44-72364

Flightline (next to car park):
60-0052, 61-0013	B-52H		nmks         
60-0058/LA, 61-0006/LA	B-52H	        11th BS      
61-0031/LA, 61-0039/LA	B-52H	        11th BS      
60-0062/LA		B-52H	        20th BS      
60-0019/LA		B-52H	        96th BS      
60-0028/LA		B-52H	        96th BS	"8AF"
60-0038/LA, 61-0012/LA	B-52H	        96th BS      
60-0031/OT, 60-0049/OT	B-52H	        49th FLTS    
61-0017/BD, 61-0029/BD	B-52H	        93rd BS AFRC 

Flightline across runway:
(76-0520)/BD		A-10A		i/a           
60-0013, 61-0029 +1	B-52H	        nmks          
60-0032/LA		B-52H	        11th BS       
60-0020/LA		B-52H	        20th BS	"20BS"
61-0009/LA		B-52H	        96th BS       

South ramp:
10x			(O)A-10A	47th FS AFRC
61-0024 +4		B-52H		nmks        
61-0016/LA		B-52H	        11th BS     
61-0003/LA		B-52H	        20th BS     
60-0008/LA		B-52H	        96th BS "8AF"
60-0010/LA		B-52H	        96th BS     
60-0037/LA		B-52H	        96th BS     
60-0041/BD, 60-0045/BD	B-52H	        93rd BS AFRC
61-0021/BD		B-52H	        93rd BS AFRC
63-7824			C-130E	        314th AW    

North ramp:
60-0030			B-52H		nmks   
60-0017/LA, 60-0054/LA	B-52H	        11th BS
60-0057/LA, 60-0061/LA	B-52H	        11th BS
61-0038/LA		B-52H	        11th BS
60-0014/LA, 61-0023/LA	B-52H	        20th BS
60-0016/LA		B-52H	        96th BS

Flying only:
93-1097/GA		E-8C		12th ACCS GA ANG
2x /TY			F-22A		43rd FS
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