The Scramble Show Reports
Jacksonville 2000

Date: 3/4 November 2000

Made by:


142806			CT-142		402sq
4328			Tornado IDS	FTC
6113			Br1150		MFG3
XZ228/CF-335		Lynx HAS3SGM	815sq
79-0143/BD		OA-10A		47th FS AFRC
86-0105/DY		B-1B		13th BS
61-0021/BD		B-52H		93rd BS AFRC
91-0077/VN		T-1A		71st FTW
69-7077/EN		T-38A		80th FTW
153486/GF-05		TA-4F		VC-8
161242			EA-6B		NADEP
161191/7E		UC-12B		NAS Jacksonville
161229/AF-600		E-2C		VAW-78
163893			F-14D		NADEP
165667/NJ-215		F/A-18E		VFA-122
161658/NW-25		SH-2G		HSL-94
161413/LL-30		P-3C		VP-30
159875/N43RF		WP-3D		NOAA "Miss Piggy"
159744/AB-705		S-3B		VS-32
156730/F-802		T-2C		TW-6
162261/E-261		T-34C		TW-5
163615/B-215		T-45A		TW-2
1716			HH-130H		USCG Clearwater
6024			HH-60J		USCG Clearwater
6516			HH-65A		USCG Miami 
N96UC/48375		PBY-5A		Universal Associates
NX151MG			MiG-15		"622 red"
N282WA/21484		B727-247	Delta Air Lines
N362YL			SH-34J		'148946/YL-42'
N680FE			A300F4-605R	Fedex
NL850AH			P-51D		'44-84850'
N911GP			OH-6A		ex 66-17792
N3239T			C-47A		'2100591' "Tico Bell"
N3931R			SNJ-5		'84923/WB-77'
N7265C			PV-2C		'37396'
N7487C			T-6G		'49-3256'
N18926			OV-1D		'67-18926'
N63947			PT-17		US Navy c/s
N95507			C-45		"602271"

79-0179/FT		A-10A		74th FS 
79-0204/FT		A-10A		75th FS
85-1607/GK-001		C-31A		USA Para Team
96-7323 		C-130H		731st AS AFRC
78-0549/EG		F-15C		60th FS
80-0018/EG		F-15C		60th FS "33OG"
88-0476/HL, 88-0509/HL  F-16CG		421st FS
151891			TC-130G		Blue Angels
158620/AD-122		F-14A		VF-101
160999/LL-999		P-3C		VP-30
160147/AG-700		S-3B		VS-31
160603/AG-703		S-3B		VS-31
N105BH			F-86F		'24959'
The two Thunderbolts arrived rather late in the afternoon.
And the Blue Angels with F/A-18As (the two aircraft coded "7"
are F/A-18Bs):
161959/1	161975/2	161955/3	161948/4
161963/5	161969/6	161943/7	161746/7

Hangar NADEP:
162414/MG-08		F/A-18A		VMFA-321
162417/12		F/A-18A		VFC-12
162861			F/A-18A		VFA-204
161121			P-3C		VP-65
160148/AJ-702		S-3B		VS-24
160151/AB-703		S-3B		VS-32
...060			S-3B		VS-32
160602			S-3B		VS-31
...861			S-3B		VS-31		perhaps 158861???

Maintenance hangar:
159389/AB		S-3B		VS-32
159768/AB-700		S-3B		VS-32
160148/-, 160151/..-710	S-3B		nb
160153/-, ....../AC-.05	S-3B		nb

Near VP-30 hangar:
157328/LL-328		P-3C		VP-30
158572/LA-572		P-3C		VP-5
158931			P-3C		nn
159514/LL-514		P-3C		VP-30
161002/LF-002		P-3C		VP-16
161008/LL-008		P-3C		VP-30
161010/LL-010		P-3C		VP-30
161013/LT-013		P-3C		VP-62
161411/LL-411		P-3C		VP-30
161586/LL-586		P-3C		VP-30
161590/LL-590		P-3C		VP-30
163002/LT-002		P-3C		VP-62
163005/LT-005		P-3C		VP-62
163293/LF-293		P-3C		VP-16
N145CS/155299		P-3AEW&C	USCS
....../LL-6		P-3		nn
....../LL-40		P-3		nn
....../LL-42		P-3		nn

147788/AK-301		A-4D		pres, VA-106 mks
160715/AC-302		A-7E		pres, VA-46 mks
141351/AD-201		F8U-1		pres, VF-174 mks
161941			F-18A		pres, Blue Angels mks
149695/AJ-610		SH-3G		pres, HS-3 mks
6582			PBY-5A		pres, J1-P-17
131410/LT-2		P-2E		pres, VP-62 mks
151374/11		P-3A		pres
148730/AU-32		S2F-1		pres, VS-27 mks
157993/AG-700		S-3A		pres, VS-3 mks
91664/SM-01		TBM-3E		pres, VS-27 mks
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