The Scramble Show Reports
Barksdale 2008

Date: 10 May 2008

Made by:


142804 			CT-142 		402sq 
156105                  CT-156 		NFTC  
188924                  CF-188B 	425sq
79-0155/BD 		A-10A 		47th FS AFRC  
80-0171/BD              OA-10A 		47th FS AFRC 
86-0119/DY              B-1B 		28th BS        
92-0700/WM              B-2A 		393rd BS       
60-0008/LA              B-52H 		2nd BW "8AF"  
60-0011/LA              B-52H 		11th BS "11BS"
85-0032 		KC-10A 		305th AMW     
84-0118                 C-21A 		457th AS       
63-7872                 C-130E 		61st AS       
58-0076                 KC-135R 	74th ARS AFRC
61-2663/OF 		RC-135S 	45th RS
77-0353/OK              E-3B 		552nd ACW 
93-1097/GA              E-8C 		116th ACW 
76-0062/JZ "159OG" 	F-15A 		122nd FS LA ANG
78-0496/JZ 		F-15C 		122nd FS LA ANG
72-21616 		UH-1H 		23rd FTS
98-26823 		UH-60L 		nn
02-05322 		AH-64D 		nn
90-0411/VN 		T-1A 		32nd FTS
68-7993/EN 		T-37B 		89th FTS
163864/WP-12 		AV-8B 		VMA-223
165354/WP-01 		AV-8B+ 		VMA-223
164036/NJ-361 		F/A-18C 	VFA-125
162317/317 		P-3C 		nn
C-FMFS 			Beech C90A 	CATC

79-0142/BD, 79-0152/BD 	A-10A 		47th FS AFRC
85-0059/DY 		B-1B 		9th BS "9BS"
..-..../WM 		B-2A 		509th BW
61-0006/LA 		B-52H 		2nd BW
85-01607 		C-31A 		Golden Knights
02-1434 		C-130J-30 	143rd AS RI ANG
82-0021/EG +1 		F-15C 		58th FS
88-0457/HL, 88-0521/HL 	F-16CG 		388th FW
164763 			C-130T 		Blue Angels
163093/1 		F/A-18A 	Blue Angels
163106/2                F/A-18A         Blue Angels
161967/3                F/A-18A         Blue Angels
162826/4                F/A-18A         Blue Angels
163130/5                F/A-18A         Blue Angels
162437/6                F/A-18A         Blue Angels

....../7 		F/A-18B 	Blue Angels

44-14570 		P-51D 		preserved  
N22KD 			SNJ-4           ex Bu27616 
N51KB                   P-51D           ex 44-74009
NX60DJ 			Harvard Mk4 	ex Canada 20473
N333RW                  TB-25N 		ex 44-86734         
N660TB                  UH-1H 		ex 66-01182          
N760BC                  L-19A 		private              
N791MH                  T-6G 		ex 51-14791           
N900RW                  B-17G 		ex 44-85718          
N991GM                  AT-6C 		ex 42-85794          
N1100T                  O-1A 		ex 51-7291            
N3267G                  SNJ-5 		ex Bu51971           
NX4747P "433240" 	P-47D 		ex 44-90368
N7058Q 			PT-17 		private
N7462C 			AT-6F 		ex 44-82489
N9019V			O-1E 		ex 61-2977

B-52Hs on ramps:
(gold = 11th BS, blue = 20th BS, red = 96th BS)
60-0001/LA gd   60-0012/LA 	60-0013/-
60-0024/- 	60-0025/- 	60-0035/LA gd
60-0037/LA rd   60-0038/LA rd 	60-0051/LA
60-0052/LA rd   60-0053/LA bl 	60-0058/LA rd
61-0004/LA bl   61-0012/- 	61-0018/LA -
61-0019/LA rd
and 60-0059/OT of 49th FLTS.
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