The Scramble Show Reports
Daytona 1996

Date: 5/6 October 1996

Made by:

Updated: 8 February 2003

85-0030               KC-10A       305th AMW
80-23380              RC-12G       nn
84-0078               C-21A        457th AS
63-9816               EC-130E      193rd SOS PA ANG
92-3284/NF            C-130H       328th AS AFRes
63-8052/OF            EC-135C      76th ACCS
63-8058               KC-135D      117th ARS MS ANG
66-0168               C-141B       437th AW
78-0535/TY            F-15C        2nd FS
82-0031/TY "325 OG"   F-15C        2nd FS
84-0045/ET "40 FLTS"  F-15D        40th FLTS
81-0775/PR            F-16A ADF    198th FS PR ANG
82-0995/PR "156 FW"   F-16A ADF    198th FS PR ANG
90-0844/OT            F-16C        85th TES
68-15743              UH-1V        AMT
69-6617/ET            UH-1N        46th TW
92-0338/RA            T-1A         12th FTW
60-0105/CB            T-37B        14th FTW
64-13288/EN "88 FTS"  T-38A        80th FTW
71-1405/RA            CT-43A       12th FTW
162175/RW-35          C-2A         VRC-30
163410/AG-116         F-14B        VF-143
158906/A-999          T-2C         TW-1
158907/A-29           T-2C         TW-1
158140/A-720          TA-4J        TW-1/VT-7
161029/E-029          T-34C        TW-5
162272/F-74           T-34C        TW-6
165058/B-239          T-45A        TW-2
165061/B-261          T-45A        TW-2
162063/E-99           TH-57C       TW-5
6560                  HH-65A       USCG

81-0050/FF            F-15C        94th FS
83-0017/FF            F-15C        71st FS
68-8211/CB,70-1590/CB T-38A        14th FTW
159871/AD-134         F-14A        VF-101
164600/AD-106         F-14D        VF-101	also logged as 163218!

CT-114s of the Snowbirds (431sq):
114188/1, 114080/2, 114156/3, 114078/4, 
114076/5, 114099/7, 114108/8, 114174/9

Flying only:
..-..../HO            F-117A       49th FW
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