The Scramble Show Reports
Lake City 2000

Date: 11 November 2000

Made by: MAR, Kevin Hall


69-5833/FL 	HC-130N 	39thRQS/AFRC
80-0040/TY 	F-15C 		325thFW
81-0065/TY 	F-15D 		325thFW
90-26231/FL 	HH-60G 		301stRQS/AFRC
57-2297/CB 	T-37B 		14thFTW
87-0422 	AH-64A 		1-111thAVN/FL ANG
80-0010/EG 	F-15C 		33rdFW
80-0024/EG 	F-15C 		33rdFW
89-2058 	F-16C 		347thWG?
89-2104/MY 	F-16C 		347thWG?
89-2143/MY 	F-16C 		347thWG(rd)
90-0799/MY 	F-16D 		347thWG(rd)
Also Present were the Thunderbirds F-16C 1-6 and F-16D 7.

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