The Scramble Show Reports
Piarco 2011
Piarco, Trinidad & Tobago ICAD Expo 2011
Date: 7-10 December 2011
MNS-03 Bo105CBS-4 NSOC/HU  
9Y-AG312 AW319 Air Guard  
216 C-26B Air Guard  
MNS-01 S-76A++ NSOC/HU  
MNS-02 AS355F-2 NSOC/HU  
3134 C-130H Grupo 6/AMB  
9Y-BHI Bell 412 Bristow  
9Y-JET BAe3101 Briko  
9Y-TJT S-76A Bristow ex HKG-14
9Y-TJW S-76A++ NHS  
A modest event was held on the south side of Trinidad’s international airport. Helicopter assault demonstrations were flown daily and could be photographed nicely with the sun in the back. The Venezuelan Hercules was the only visitor from abroad. As bus tours were organized around the airport, a lot more than the aircraft listed above could be noted, like the entire fleet of the Air Guard, Bristow and many private aircraft. Taking pictures was allowed from the bus.


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