The Scramble Show Reports
Khorat 2014
Khorat Childrens Day 2014
Date: 11 January 2014
J7-5/43 23115 Alpha Jet A 231Sq  
F16K-20/47 RR.20 CT/4E 1FTS  
Kh19-16/37 10316/91065 F-16A 103Sq  
10204 F-16A ADF 102Sq  
h6-39/46/20328 UH-1 203Sq  
Kh19-8/31 10308/87704 F-16A 103sq  
Kh19-11/31 10311 F-16A 103Sq  
Kh19-6/31 10306/87702 F-16A 103Sq  
Kh19-10/31 10310/87706 F-16A 103Sq  
Kh19-15/37 10315/91064 F-16A 103Sq  
Kh19-12/31 10312/87708 F-16A 103Sq  
Kh19-4/31 10304/87709 F-16B 103Sq  
nn 10201 F-16B ADF 102Sq  
nn 10211 F-16A ADF 102Sq  
nn 10205 F-16A ADF 102Sq  
nn 10214 F-16A ADF 102Sq  
nn 10207 F-16A ADF 102Sq  
Many F-16s from 103sq came back from other airfields after Children Day was finished. The CT/4E left after Children Day.
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