The Scramble Show Reports
Lop Buri Koke 2012
Lop Buri Koke Kratheim Childrens day
Date: 14 January 2012
Static :
F16-22/18/60443 CT/4A 604sq  
H4k-21/07/20154 S-58T ex 201sq  
H4k-34/09/20121 S-58T ex 201sq  
H6-11/12/20324 UH-1H 203sq  
H6k-2/25 Bell 412 201sq  
L4K-16/18/700 C-123B nmks  
The C-123 was painted in sand type colours for a film, with traces of false markings on airplane
Flight Line (203sq area)
H6-2/11/20312 UH-1H 203sq  
H6-17/12/20334 UH-1H 203sq  
H6-38/46/20318 UH-1H 203sq  
H6-39/46/20328 UH-1H 203sq also flew  
East 201sq hangar
H6-20/12/(20341) UH-1H 203sq  
H10-2/54/131 S-92 201sq c/n 920131  
West 201sq hangar
(H10-1/54) S-92 201sq  
(H10-3/54) S-92 201sq  
Hangar opposite the TAI hangar
(H6-34/18)/(20317) UH-1H 203sq c/n 12478  
H6-12/12/(20325) UH-1H 203sq  
H6kh-2/34 Bell 412SP 201sq  
H6Ng-4/41 Bell 412EP 201sq  
TAI hangar (closed)
L2-24/01/545 RC-47 nn  
H6-25/12/(20346) UH-1H ex 203sq grey colours  
H6-29/15/(20347) UH-1H ex 203sq grey colours  
L9-5/25/46131 N22B ex 461sq grey colours  
L14-4/39/60310 G222 ex 603sq dismantled  
2204 UH-1H ex 202sq RTN  


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