The Scramble Show Reports
Khorat 2012
Khorat Childrens day
Date: 14th January 2012
(F19-03/3/)03 PC-9 2FTS  
(J7-7/44/)23122 Alpha Jet 231 sq  
(Kh19-...)10205/KRT F-16A ADF 102 sq  
(Kh19K-2/31)10302/86380 F-16B 103 sq  
(TF20-9/54/)40211 Da42MPP 402 sq  
(H6-3/11/)20313 UH-1 203 sq  
(Kh19-..)10203 F-16A ADF 102 sq  
(Kh19-..)10212 F-16A ADF 102 sq  
Kh19-12/31/10312/87708 F-16A 103 sq  
KH19-12/31/10311/87707 F-16A 103 sq  
Kh19-16/37/10316/91065 F-16A 103 sq  
(Kh19K-..)10201 F-16B ADF 102 sq  
Kh19K-../10320/87402 F-16B 103 sq  
The serial for the Da42 has yet to be confirmed.


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