The Scramble Show Reports
U-Tapao 2008

Date: 12 January 2008

Made by:


1205 			P-3T 		102sq              
1316                    CeT337H-SP 	103sq        
1408                    A-7E 		wfu, ex 104sq      
2104                    CL-215 		201sq            
2206                    Bell 212ASW 	202sq       
2302                    Bell 214ST 	wfu, ex 203sq
3102                    TAV-8S 		wfu, ex 301sq    
3108                    AV-8S 		wfu, ex 301sq     

Hangar near static:
2304 			Bell 214ST 	wfu, ex 203sq
2307 			S-76B 		203sq

Hangar North of static:
3206 			S-70B 		302sq
plus an unidentified Bell 212 from 202sq

Open sun shelter South of static:
2309 			S-76B 		203sq
2314 			S Lynx Mk110 	203sq 	no rotor

Outside above sun shelter:
2301, 2303 		Bell 214ST 	wfu, ex 203sq
28133 			Bell 214ST 	wfu, ex RThaiArmy

Charlie ramp (the main ramp outside the civil terminal) :
99-0168/AK 		C-17A 		517th AS
74-1660/YJ 		C-130H 		36th AS
80-0325 		C-130H 		158th AS GA ANG
147573/QD-573 		KC-130R 	VMGR-152
RA-86123 		IL-86 		Atlant Soyuz
The Georgia Hercules arrived late during the day.

Sun shelters opposite the former 104sq area:
Several A-7 Corsairs including 1418.

Southern 103sq hangar:
1311, 1317, 1319 	CeT337H-SP 	103sq
1320 			CeT337H-SP 	103sq 	also flying

Do228 ramp:
1110, 1113, 1115 	Do228-212 	101sq

Northern 101sq hangar:
1111, 1112 		Do228-212 	101sq

(1206) 			VP-3T 		102sq   
(2107)                  N24A 		201sq    
(2111)                  F27-400M 	201sq

Outside in this area:
1201 			F27-200ME 	std, ex 102sq
1203                    F27-200ME 	nn (ex 102sq)
1204                    P-3T 		std, ex 102sq     
2108, 2109 		N24A 		201sq
2110 			F27-400M 	201sq 	also flying

152163, 152177 		P-3A 		std, ex USN
156773 			TA-7C 		std, ex USN
159300, 160539 		A-7E 		std, ex USN
2105 			CL-215 		ex 201sq
RA-85604 		Tu-154M 	Orenburg
RA-85733, RA-85796 	Tu-154M 	UT Air
RA-86131 		IL-62M 		Dalavia
RA-86575, RA-86577 	IL-62M 		Interavia
VP-BHM 			DC-8-62 	Brisair

2210 			Bell 212ASW 	202sq 	CSAR demo
2313 			S Lynx Mk110 	203sq 	fly pass
3203 			S-70B 		302sq 	CSAR demo
70122/61670/SRT 	F-5E 		701sq 	fly pass
2x 			F-16 		nn 	fly pass

1265 			HU-16B 		preserved
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