The Scramble Show Reports
Lop Buri 2007

Date: 13 January 2007

Made by:


L2-19/00/876 		AC-47D 		pres on base
L2-24/01/545 		VC-47D 		pres on base
(L2-52/19/559) 		AC-47D 		pres on base
(L4K-16/18/700) 	C-123K 		pres on apron
Kh17-44/06/1326 "83234" F-86F 		pres on base        
(2202) 			UH-1H           pres as "20311"     
(H4K-17/06) 		S-58T           pres gate, unmarked 
H4K-61/19/20171 	S-58T           pres on base        
(JF13-105/14) 		T-28D           pres gate as "53885"
(J5-6/14)/41106/158401 	OV-10C 		pres on base

Dump area:
(70-15854) 		UH-1H 		ex VNAF cabin only
(H8-03/38)/03 		Bell 206B 	dump cabin only
L2-32/11/501 		AC-47 		dump
L2-36/14/224/40223 	C-47D 		dump
L2-37/14/734 		C-47D 		dump
L2-47/18/079 		AC-47D 		dump
L2-50/19/093 		C-47D		 dump
2204 			UH-1H 		std
1604, 5659, 6030 	UH-1H 		dump
6031, 6254, 7682 	UH-1H 		dump
9476, 9650, 9715 	UH-1H 		dump
H4K-34/09/20121 	S-58T 		wfu
H4K-31/07/20143 	S-58T 		wfu
H4K-62/19/20172 	S-58T 		wfu
H4K-10/05, (H4K-20/06) 	S-58T 		wreck
(H4K-23/07), H4K-27/07 	S-58T 		wreck
(H4K-42/09),(H4K-58/12) S-58T 		wreck
(H4K-63/19) 		S-58T 		wreck
From all Thai Hueys, except for 2204, the rotor blades were
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