The Scramble Show Reports
Changi 2008

Date: 19-24 February 2008

Made by:


Static area (# = flew also):
671 			F-16D-52+ 	145sq
88199/199 		CH-47SD 	127sq
067 			AH-64D 		120sq
AX-2336/AI-2317 	CN235MPA 	5 Skn
CMX616/002 		M346 		Alenia/Aemach.	20th 	#
004 			A-50 		KAI 			#
86-0138/EL 		B-1B 		28th BW
97-5305 		WC-130J 	53rd WRS
59-1464/ZZ 		KC-135T 	909th ARS 		spcl
81-0039/ZZ 		F-15C 		12th Wg
84-0025/ZZ 		F-15C 		44th FS 		spcl
90-0802/WW 		F-16CJ 		14th FS
165884/NF-103 		F/A-18F 	VFA-102
9M-TAN 			CL-300 		Bombardier 	21st
9V-RWC 			EC120 		 		20th	c/n 1451
B-MBE 			BAe900XP 	Jet Asia
F-OISF 			AS350B 		Eurocopter 	20th      
F-OKEF                  EC155B1 	Indonesian A.Tp 20th
F-WWOW                  A380-841 	Airbus Ind. 	20th   
HB-LTZ                  P180 		Ferrari              
HS-ACN                  EC135 		Advance  	20th	c/n 0620
HS-BHS                  EC145 		Bangkok H.  	20th  	c/n 9108
HS-DWW                  DA-42 		Private             
HS-MCL                  Ce525B 		Minor Avn          
N15XS 			Hawker 		Horizon
N60LJ 			Lj60XR 		Cloud Nine Avn. 20th
N126BN 			BN2T 		Briiten-Norman 	20th      
N150GA                  G-150 		Gulfstream            
N158SV                  Ce680 		Cessna                
N234GX                  Global 		Express Bombardier 20th
N400M 			Ce400 		Cessna
N450GA 			G-450 		Gulfstream            
N500UK                  Eclipse 500 	Eclipse Avn.    
N550GA                  G-550 		Gulfstream            
N605BA                  CL-605 		Canadair 	20th          
N861XL                  Liberty XL2 	Lock Avn.Inc.   
N900EX                  Falcon 900EX 	Dassault       
N7532Q                  Bell 412EP 	CessnaFinGp 		c/n 36458
N34008                  Beech 200 			20th                
PK-VVH                  Ce208 		Susi Air              
PT-SKP                  Legacy 600 	Embraer          
RP-C2222 		AS365N2 	Private 		c/n 6440
ZK-RGB 			G-200 		Galaxy Air National Co.

Flying only:
1 to 6 			F-16C 		Black Knights
92-3887/WW 		F-16CJ 		14th FS
165867/NF-207 		F/A-18E 	VFA-27 		20th, 22nd, 24th
165870/NF-210 		F/A-18E 	VFA-27 		21st
A23-046/46, A23-051/51 	PC-9/A 		CFS/Roulettes
A23-057/57, A23-059/59 	PC-9/A 		CFS/Roulettes
A23-060/61, A23-061/61 	PC-9/A 		CFS/Roulettes
All aircraft were present from 18 February at least unless
another arrival or first noted date is stated in the remarks column.
The EC155 had c/n 6793 whereas the CN235-220MP plate was present but 
blank! The KAI Golden Eagle sported ‘A-50’ on the tail was the fourth 
T-50 prototype. Both US and Israel were present with some UAV’s and 
lastly there were mock-ups of the F-35A and Global Hawk.
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