The Scramble Show Reports
Zhukovsky 1999

Date: 17,20,21 August 1999

Made by: Brian Elliott


Static line-up: 
02177                   A-21 
FLA RF-02385            A-23M 
FLA RF-02647            A-27 
UR-NTP                  An-140 
UR-BXV                  An-26V            12110 
UR-48086                An-32P            2901           Avialant titles 
RA-41900                An-38-100                        NAPO Avia Trans titles 
9801                    An-3T 
UR-NTK                  An-70 
RF-1502                 Atlant            931502 
RA-00046                Be-12P 
RA-21511                Be-200                           Paris code "368" 
FLA RF-01271            C-172                            Arrived Friday 
N1279Y                  C208 
N517AF                  Citation Bravo 
N739X                   Citation X                       gone by Saturday 
F-GHPA                  F200                             arrived during Tuesday 
F-GODO                  F900 
RA-10303                Il-103                           Paris code "335" 
RA-10323                Il-103                           Paris code "349" 
                        Il-103                           Ecologia Russia titles 
                        Il-103                           Avia Lesoochrana titles 
RA-91005                Il-114T                          Paris code "336" 
RA-03101                Il-14A                           In static by Friday 
YL-LAO                  Il-18D                           Concors titles 
RA-76900                Il-76MF           1053417563 
RA-96101                Il-96T                           Aeroflot titles 
RA-00199                Ka-226A                          MChS Russia titles 
032           bl        Ka-29 
RA-31098                Ka-32A 
RA-31072      01        Ka-32A-1 
RA-31584                Ka-32C                           Aero Kamov titles 
018           out       Ka-50 
014           out       Ka-52 
601           wh        Ka-60 
                        L-29                             Dolphin c/s 
                        L-29                             Tiger c/s 
                        Li-2              23441605       in static by Friday 
RA-15105                M-101             151005 
55204                   M-55                             to other side by Friday 
01671 FLA RF            Metasokol                        arrived by Friday 
RA-70880                Mi-17                            LII titles 
67            yl/rd     Mi-17N 
RA-                     Mi-26TS                       designation changed to Mi-26T by Friday 
032           wh        Mi-28N 
01                      Mi-34                            Militia titles 
                        Mi-34S                           Lanrusivest titles 
16            rd        Mi-35M            3532422420961 
                        Mi-35M                           overpainted in green - no rotors 
RA-27172                Mi-8MTV-1 
RA-27189                Mi-8T 
21-93                   MIG-21-93 
01            bl        MIG-25PU                         ejection seat trials 
01            bl        MIG-29SMT         20165          172 on fin tip 
917                     MIG-29SMT         35400 
52            bl        MIG-29UBT                        952 on fin tip 
58            bl        MIG-31                           in static by Friday 
903                     MIG-31 
311           bl        MIG-33 
01            rd        MIG-9                            from Monino museum 
81            wh        MIG-AT 
RA-103                  Moliyna 
                        Po-2                             from Monino museum 
02133 FLA RF            Rotorway Executive 162F          in static Saturday 
RA-44512                SM-92 
15            wh        Su-24             1515301 
08            bl        Su-25UTG 
02            rd        Su-27             36911017002    ground cockpit simulator 
05            rd        Su-27             36911024205 
69            bl        Su-27K            49051002603 
597           wh        Su-27PU           36911037820    Friday 
RA-01485                Su-29KS 
302           bl        Su-30K                           bare metal 
06            bl        Su-30MK                          10U-6 on ejection seat 
RA-0406                 Su-31M 
45            out       Su-27IB 
43                      Su-32MF                          Paris code  "349" 
709                     Su-35 
21            wh        Su-39 
FLA RF-01466            T-101 
RA-01585                T-411 
RA-77114                Tu-144D                          Moskva titles 
RA-85317                Tu-154M 
                        Tu-160SK                         Paris code "342" 
RA-64006                Tu-204 
RA-64015                Tu-204                           Rossiya titles 
RA-64017                Tu-204                           Perm Airlines titles 
RA-64018                Tu-204                           Transeuropean titles [gone by Friday] 
SU-EAF                  Tu-204                           Air Cargo titles [gone by Friday] 
RA-94001                Tu-334 
                        UT-2                             from Monino museum 
RA-00012                YAK-112                          in static by Friday 
RA-02116 FLA RF         YAK-12 
RA-02119 FLA RF         YAK-12 
RA-43130                YAK-130                          Paris code "336" 
01595 FLA RF            YAK-18A 
01486 FLA RF            YAK-18T                          in static by Friday 
01616 FLA RF            YAK-18T                          in static by Friday 
FLA RF-01265            YAK-18T                          in static by Friday 
FLA RF-02015            YAK-18T 
RA-01415 FLA RF         YAK-18T 
RA-01901                YAK-18T 
LZ-DOS                  YAK-40 
RA-42423                YAK-42 
RA-42424                YAK-42D                          Lukoil titles [gone by Friday] 
02120 FLA RF            YAK-50                           in static by Friday 
RA-02121 FLA RF         YAK-52                           in static by Friday 
RA-02001                YAK-54 
76455                   976 

Eastern end of runway: 
                        Il-76                            MChS Russia [gone by Friday] 
                        Il-76                            MChS Russia [gone by Friday] 
SSSR-85055              Tu-154 

Southern side fighter ramps: 
20             wh       MIG-21UM                         under shelter 
                        MIG-21UM                         camo 
08             rd       MIG-23 
74             rd       MIG-23 
20             rd       MIG-23/27 
28             rd       MIG-23/37 
15             rd       MIG-23UM 
4?             bl       MIG-25 
22             out      MIG-25PU 
91             rd       MIG-25PU 
02             bl       MIG-25PU 
24             bl       MIG-29                           924 on fin tip 
33             bl       MIG-29 
                        MIG-29                           covered 
86             bl       MIG-29UB 
74             bl       MIG-29UB 
595                     Su-27P 
598                     Su-27P 
597                     Su-27PU                          not Friday 
09             wh       Su-17 
611            wh       T-6-11 

Myasasichev Ramp: 
                        Bo-105                           MChS arrived Saturday 
RA-76494                Il-76                            Remex titles 
RA-76363                Il-76                            MChS Russia titles [Friday only] 
                        Il-76                            Dobrolet titles[gold c/s][Friday only] 
09             bl       Let-410          1728 
RA-27181                Mi-8                             MChS Russia titles 
RA-21502                Yak-40 

Southwestern Ramp: 
RA-76731                Il-76                            Remex titles [green tail] 
EW-76735                Il-76                            Aeroconcept titles 
RA-76759                Il-76     Sukhoi titles [moved to Sukhoi area behind static by Friday] 
                        Il-76                            Sukhoi titles [arrived by Friday] 
RA-87521                Yak-40                           blue/white c/s 

Southern Side Dump Area: 
RA-12984                An-12                            white c/s 
43             rd       An-12                            grey c/s 
                        An-12                            white c/s 
                        Il-14                            Rossiya titles 
RA-86515                Il-62                            Moscow Airways titles 
RA-76362                Il-76 
RA-76426                Il-76 
RA-76529                Il-76 
RA-78738                Il-76 
RA-86891                Il-76 
SSSR-06188              Il-76 
                        Ka-32                            Soviet flag on tail 
RA-70881                Mi-17                            yellow polar c/s 
68             yl       Mi-26 
32             yl       Mi-8              3610           flying display Friday/Saturday 
RA-88265                Yak-40 
SSSR-76492              976 

Northwestern ramps: 
06             yl       An-72                            Ukrain AF? left early Friday morning 
RA-75431                Il-18 
RA-75811                Il-18                            Elf Air titles 
RA-75840                Il-18                            assorted ventral bulges 
RA-75851                Il-18 
RA-75894                Il-18 
                        Il-18                            at far end of row 
RA-86570                Il-62                            MChS Russia titles 
RA-76487                Il-76                            Samara titles 
RA-76490                Il-76 
RA-76823                Il-76 
RA-76379                Il-76TD                          green stripe 
36             blue     Il-78                            flew Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 
RA-00101 1              L-39                             Team Rus special c/s [arrived Friday?] 
RA-00102 2              L-39                             Team Rus special c/s [arrived Friday?] 
RA-00103 3              L-39                             Team Rus special c/s [arrived Friday?] 
RA-00104 4              L-39                             Team Rus special c/s [arrived Friday?] 
RA-00105 5              L-39                             Team Rus special c/s [arrived Friday?] 
RA-00106 6              L-39                             Team Rus special c/s [arrived Friday?] 
RA-00109 9              L-39                             Team Rus special c/s [arrived Friday?] 
RA-00111 11             L-39                             Team Rus special c/s [arrived Friday?] 
RA-65144                Tu-134                           Aviaexpress Cruise titles 
RA-65907                Tu-134                           Alrosa Avia titles 
RA-88239                Yak-40 
RA-42441                Yak-42                           MChS Russia titles 
SSSR-76452              976 
SSSR-76454              976 

Tupolev OKB ramp areas: 
RA-46491                An-24 
RA-26597                An-26                            KAPO titles 
EW-76710                Il-76                            Ilavia titles 
RA-76367                Il-76                            Atlant Soyuz titles 
RA-76483                Il-76                            Sukhoi SVGAL titles 
RA-76754                Il-76 
RA-76759                Il-76 
RA-76841                Il-76                            MChS Russia titles 
RA-65667                Tu-134 
RA-65720                Tu-134 
RA-65740                Tu-134                           Aeroflot titles 
RA-65966                Tu-134                           no titles 
SSSR-65917              Tu-134 
RA-77112                Tu-144 
RA-77115                Tu-144 
RA-85523                Tu-154 
RA-85606                Tu-154                           Moscow Airways titles 
SSSR-85035              Tu-155 
01             rd       Tu-16LL           64010101 
05             bl       Tu-16LL 
RA-64003                Tu-204 
RA-64004                Tu-204 
RA-64007                Tu-204 
RA-64009                Tu-204                           Aeroflot titles 
RA-64014                Tu-204                           Rossiya titles 
05             rd       Tu-22 
32             rd       Tu-22M3 
01             rd       Tu-95 
26             rd       Tu-95 

Area behind static: 
RA-11312                An-12                            grey c/s 
RA-11962                An-12                            white c/s 
RA-74029                An-74                            MChS Russia titles 
RA-74034                An-74                            MChS Russia titles 
RA-65926                Tu-134                           Gromov Air 
RA-65927                Tu-134                           Gromov Air 
SSSR-42644              Yak-42                           polar c/s 

RA-12984                An-12                            arrived Saturday 
RA-26597                An-24                            arrived Friday 
RA-47321                An-24RV                          Voronezh Avia visited Saturday 
05             bl       An-26                            arrived by Saturday 
RA-21500                Yak-40                           arrived Saturday 
RA-98109                Yak-40                           Tulpar titles arrived Friday 

Sukhoi OKB ramps: 
RA-11992                An-12 
RA-48976                An-32 
RA-74032                An-74 
RA-76759                Il-76                            Sukhoi titles [Friday & saturday] 
01             bl       S-37                             pulled out of hangar 
                        Su-17                            camo 
11             wh       Su-24 
40             yl       Su-24 
05             rd       Su-27                            no IRST 
27                      Su-27                            grey/black c/s 
                        Su-27                            no marks 
42             wh       Su-27IB 
45             out      Su-27IB 
79             rd       Su-27K 
                        Su-27KU                    bare metal cockpit section on blue fuselage 
                                                         [flew Tuesday & saturday] 
603            out      Su-30                            desert c/s 
703            out      Su-30 
710            bl       Su-35 
P-42                    T-10-15 
RA-85294                Yak-40 
RA-87229                Yak-40                           Sukhoi titles 
RA-88295                Yak-40 
SSSR-87791              Yak-40                           Aeroflot titles 

MIG OKB ramp area: 
                        MIG-21                           black desert c/s 
                        MIG-25                           fuselage 
                        MIG-27                           grey c/s 
301                     MIG-29 
407            bl       MIG-29 
506                     MIG-29 
057            bl       MIG-31 
60             bl       MIG-31 
03             bk       Su-29 

Behind hangars: 
                        MIG-21UM                         silver colour 

Parked on grass: 
RA-76521                Il-76T                           Ilavia titles 
RA-76472                Il-76TD                          Atlant Soyuz titles 
RA-76486                Il-76TD                          Sacha Avia titles 
06169                   Mil-17 
RA-00512                Mil-2 
RA-00515                Mil-2 
                        Yak-40                           Aeroflot titles 
RA-76453                976 

Ilyushin OKB area: 
RA-91002                Il-114 
EW-76734                Il-76                            Ilavia titles [left Tuesday] 
                        Il-76                            Volga-Dnepr [arrived by Saturday?] 
RA-86002                Il-86                            Aeroflot titles 
                        Il-86                            test fuselage scrapped 
RA-96000                Il-96 
RA-96002                Il-96                            Atlant Soyuz titles 

Flying only: 
10                      Su-27                          Russian Knights flew Tuesday & Saturday 
16                      Su-27                          Russian Knights flew Tuesday & Saturday 
15                      Su-27                          Russian Knights flew Tuesday & Saturday 
25                      Su-27UB                        Russian Knights flew Tuesday & Saturday 
RA-31053                Ka-32 
024                     Ka-50                            Paris code H-347 
                        MIG-29                           Swifts flew Saturday 
                        MIG-29                           Swifts flew Saturday 
                        MIG-29                           Swifts flew Saturday 
                        MIG-29                           Swifts flew Saturday 
                        MIG-29                           Swifts flew Saturday 
                        MIG-29                           Swifts flew Saturday 
                        C-150                            Saturday 
                        Yak-52                           Saturday 
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