The Scramble Show Reports
Amersfoort 2009

Date: 5-7 June 2009

Made by: Scramble, Ernesto Bauer


J-248 		F-16A 		traveling exhibit

Flying only:
86+67, 87+16 	Bo105P1 	HFVAS100
J-210 		F-16BM 		323sq
Q-09, Q22 	AH-64D 		301sq $
Q-23 		AH-64D 		301sq %
S-419, S-447 	AS532U2 	300sq
S-454 		AS532U2 	300sq
277 		SH-14D 		MARHELI
281 		SH-14D 		MARHELI $
OE-FDN 		SC-7 		Pink Aviation
$ = only 5 June
% = only 6 June

The Lynx flew directly from De Kooy to Amersfoort and after the
first demo they flew to Gilze-Rijen with the rest of the formation.
After the second demo they returned home. The original
Cougar broke down and was replaced by S-454, which came
20 minutes late because of that.
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