The Scramble Show Reports
Twenthe 2003

Date: 20/21 June 2003

Made by: S


MiG-29, Hungarian AF
The pilot of this Hungarian MiG-29 with serial 09 gave an excellent demonstration during the annual open days of the Royal Dutch Air Force.

Photo Michael Gan

B08/LH			BN-2A-21	16BnHLn
H02			A109Ba		SLV            
188712			CF-188	        416sq, spec mks
188798			CF-188	        416sq          
188912, 188940		CF-188B	        416sq          
37+88			F-4F	        FLZ            
43+07	                Tornado IDS	JBG38          
44+31	                Tornado IDS	JBG31, spec mks
45+50	                Tornado IDS	MFG2           
50+68	                C-160D		LTG61                  
87+91	                Bo-105P1dem.	HFR35          
72+19	                UH-1D		HFR10                  
73+20	                UH-1D		HFR30                  
268/30-SR		Mirage F1CT	EC01.030
606/3-XX		Mirage 2000D	EC03.003
4034/AFM		SA342M		6RHC
8			ATL2		21F                       
660	                F-16AM		331 skv, spec mks         
677	                F-16AM		331 skv                   
23	                J35Ö		FlRgt 2                   
5S-TB	                SC-7-3M		FlRgt 1                   
15220	                Alpha Jet A	301 Esq           
15250	                Alpha Jet A	301 Esq, tiger mks
6060	                L-159A		4zTL                      
4013, 4026		NF-5B-2000	133 Filo
ZF203			Tucano T1	72(R)sq
81-0963/SP		A-10A		81st FS        
81-0991/SP		OA-10A	        81st FS        
83-0082			KC-10A	        305th AMW      
91-0308/LN, 96-0204/LN	F-15E	        492nd FS       
39176/176		JAS39A	        F17            
A-292			SE3160	        300sq          
D-104	                CH-47D	        298sq          
J-138	                F-16AM	        315sq, spec mks
L-04	                PC-7	        131EMVOsq      
Q-09	                AH-64D	        301sq          
R-03	                AB412SP	        303sq          
S-438	                AS532U2	        300sq          
U-03	                Fokker 60	334sq  
U-05	                Fokker 50	334sq  
271	                SH-14D		MARHELI         
D-EEGD			P149D	        ex Germany 92+18
D-EERP			FwP149D	        ex Germany 91+77
D-EFTU			FwP149D	        ex Germany 90+73

315sq shelter area/flightlines:
AT26			Alpha Jet E	1w, spec mks
AT27			Alpha Jet E	1w
139/ABS			TBM700		EAAT
R201/64-GA		C-160R		ET01.064
J-016, J-063		F-16AM		322sq, spec mks
L-13, L-03		PC-7		131EMVOsq
Q-05, Q-08		AH-64D		302sq
08			J35Ö		FlRgt 2, spec mks
1407			An-26		13ELTr
T.21-04/35-42		CASA 295	353 Esc
ZD351/18, ZD407/36	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
XX200			Hawk T1A	208(R)sq
XX307			Hawk T1		208(R)sq
96-0202/LN, 97-0219/LN	F-15E		492nd FS
39143/143, 39173/173	JAS39A		F17
J-5007, J-5008		F/A-18C		nb

The Patrouille de France with Alpha Jets:
E120/F-TERG/0	E160/F-TERC/1	E75/F-TERW/2
E41/F-TERA/3	E117/F-TERI/4	E134/F-TERM/5
E122/F-TERD/6	E135/F-TERX/7	E169/F-TERQ/8

Team Orlik with PZL130TC-1s:
018	030	041	044	046
048	049	050	051

Patrulla Aguila with C101EB Aviojets:
E.25-08/79-08/1	E.25-14/79-14/2	E.25-23/79-23/3
E.25-06/79-06/4	E.25-21/79-21/4	E.25-86/79-32/5
E.25-01/79-08/6	E.25-07/79-07/7
The code of E.25-01 was changed during the weekend from 1 to 6!

Patrouille Suisse with F-5E Tigers:
J-3081	J-3082	J-3083	J-3084
J-3085	J-3086	J-3087

And the Red Arrows with Hawk T1/T1A(#)/T1W($)s:
XX179$	XX227#	XX237	XX253#	XX260#
XX264#	XX266#	XX292$	XX294	XX306#

313sq shelter area:
37+58			F-4F		FLZ                   
46+20	                Tornado IDS	MFG2, spec mks
45+42	                Tornado IDS	MFG2          
09	                MiG-29A		59HRE                 
27	                MiG-29UB	59HRE         
603	                An-26		89VSE                 

The Frecce Tricolori with MB339As:
MM54505/0	MM54479/1	MM54546/2	MM54485/3
MM54536/4	MM54542/5	MM54543/6	MM54480/7
MM54482/8	MM54477/9	MM54475/10

And the Royal Jordanian Falcons with Extra 300s:

Civil aircraft:
G-KAXF			Hunter F6A	ex RAF XF515/R
G-LOSM	                Meteor NF11	ex RAF WM167  
G-SABR	                F-86A		as "48-178/FU-178"    
G-TBRD	                CT-133AN	as "21261"    
HA-ANI	                An-2P		St. Antonov Ned.      
N11LT	                P-51D		as "474425/OC-G"      
N320SQ	                TB-25N		as "232511"           
NC39165	                DC-2-142	as "PH-AJU"   
PH-ACG	                Fokker S11-1	ex KLu E-36   
PH-AFS	                Fokker S11-1	ex KLu E-14   
PH-DDZ	                C-47A		DDA                   
PH-DHC	                DHC-2 Mk1	as KLu "S-9"  
PH-GAZ	                PA-18-135	ex KLu R-109  
PH-GRB	                Fokker S11-1	ex KLu E-20   
PH-HOK	                Fokker S11-1	ex KLu E-29   
PH-IIB	                AT-16		ex KLu B-118"         
PH-KLU "XS-249"		AT-16		ex KLu B-59
PH-KHV			Beech D18S	as KLu "G-29"  
PH-KNR	                PA-18-135	ex KLu R-177   
PH-LSK	                AT-16		ex KLu B-64            
PH-NET	                Auster AOP5	ex RAF TJ347   
PH-NGK	                Auster AOP3	ex KLu R-18    
PH-PPW	                PA-18-135	ex KLu R-122   
PH-RLA	                Saab 91D	Oude luchtvaart
PH-RLD	                Saab 91D	Private        
PH-RPR	                Bo105C		KLPD                   
PH-SLO	                Fokker S11-1	ex KLu E-38    
PH-TBR	                AT-16		as UK "FS668"          
PH-UCS	                L-4J		as KLu "R-345"         
RA-01771		Yak-52		ex DOSAAF 92

J-206			F-16A		311sq, tail only
J-226			F-16A		fuselage only,in tent
J-234			F-16A		wfu, in tent

Air Power demo:
# = 20th only, $ = 21st only
Bo105CB		931sq:	B-47	B-68	B-76
CH-47D		298sq:	D-661	D-664	D-666
C-130H-30	334sq:	G-273
F-16AM		313sq:	J-644#
F-16AM		315sq:	J-020#	J-145	J-364#	J-509$
F-16AM		322sq:	J-008$	J-055$
F-16BM		322sq:	J-064$
F-16AM		323sq:	J-019	J-142	J-205#	J-360
F-16AM		nb:	J-511	J-870$
AH-64D		301sq:	Q-18	Q-20	Q-24	Q-25#	Q-29
AH-64D		302sq:	Q-21#	Q-22$	Q-23	Q-26$
AS532U2		300sq:	S-419	S-442	S-457	S-459
KDC-10		334sq:	T-235
F-16AM		331skv:	658#
Plus 2 unidentified F-16s on the 20th, 3 unknown F-16s on the 21st
and one unknown Apache on the 21st. The Bo105s were flying from
the 315sq shelter area.

ZH872			Hercules C4	LTW		20th
A-247, A-301		SE3160		300sq		20th, 21st
B-41, B-44, B-76	Bo105CB		931sq		flying, 20th
301			P-3C		MARPAT		flying, 20th
307			P-3C		MARPAT		21st
PH-RPS			Bo105C		Rijkspolitie	21st
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