The Scramble Show Reports
Volkel 2004

Date: 18/19 June 2004

Made by:

Updated: 14 June 2005

AT23			Alpha Jet 1B		1w              
FA68	                F-16AM			10w                     
ST20	                SF260M	                5sm		spec mks
055	                An-30	                16 TrAB         
37+01	                F-4F	                FlZ F-4F        
43+33	                Tornado IDS		JBG33           
46+20	                Tornado IDS		MFG2		spec mks
50+85	                C-160D			LTG63                   
82+52	                EC135T1			HFWS                    
86+47	                Bo105P1			HFVAS100                
356/4-BX		Mirage 2000N		EC02.004   
MM7145/51-44	        AMX			132°Gr             
MM7152/51-03	        AMX			103°Gr		spec mks   
MM7246, MM7248	        F-16A ADF		18ºGr      
MM7047/50-43	        Tornado ECR		155°Gr     
LX-N90459	        E-3A			NAEW&CF            
ZH800/VL-719	        S Harrier F/A2		899sq      
ZB604/722	        Harrier T8		899sq      
XX176/176	        Hawk T1W		19(R)sq    
XV240/40	        Nimrod MR2		Kinloss MRW
ZA585/AH, ZA613/AN	Tornado GR4		9sq
62-3530			KC-135R			72nd ARS AFRC        
91-0329/LN		F-15E	                492nd FS             
97-0221/LN		F-15E	                492nd FS "492FS"     
A-247			SE3160	                300sq                
D-665	                CH-47D	                298sq                
J-015	                F-16AM	                313sq                
J-066	                F-16BM	                TGKLu                
J-226	                F-16A	                wfu		fuselage only
J-229 "80229"		F-16A	                i/a		spec mks     
J-253			F-16AM	                311sq (306sq mks)    
J-365	                F-16AM	                311sq                
J-620	                F-16AM	                313sq                
J-646	                F-16AM	                312sq                
L-08	                PC-7	                131(EMVO)sq          
Q-24	                AH-64D	                301sq                
R-02	                AB412SP	                303sq                
S-445	                AS532U2	                300sq                
U-01	                Fokker 60UTA		334sq    
U-06	                Fokker 50		334sq    

Flightline South:
ZA947			Dakota C3		BoBMF
P7350/XT-O		Spitfire IIa		BoBMF

The MB339As of the Frecce Tricolori:
MM54484/1	MM54480/2	MM54479/3	MM54543/4
MM54482/5	MM54547/6	MM54478/7	MM54536/8
MM54477/9	MM54475/10	MM54505/0

Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France:
E94/1	E134/2	E160/3	E135/4	E165/5
E120/6	E46/7	E51/8	E75/9

The Red Arrows with Hawk T1(#)/T1A/T1W($)s:
XX179$	XX227	XX233#	XX237#	XX260
XX264	XX266	XX292$	XX306	XX308#

And the Breitling Apache Jet Team with the following L-39Cs:

Platform far side:
H07			A109HO			17BnHATk
ZH887/887		Hercules C5		LTW
Q-19			AH-64D			301sq

Flightline North:
FA114, FA118		F-16AM			10w
45+30			Tornado IDS		MFG2		spec mks
ZD990/721		Harrier T8		899sq
ZH809			S Harrier F/A2		899sq		spec mks
XZ392			Jaguar GR3		16(R)sq		spec mks
ZA463/TL, ZD895/TI	Tornado GR4		15(R)sq
J-5011, J-5026		F/A-18C			nb
A-906, A-908, A-911	PC-7			Pilotenrekrutensch.
A-912, A-914, A-925	PC-7			Pilotenrekrutensch.
A-931, A-935, A-936	PC-7			Pilotenrekrutensch.
A-941			PC-7			Pilotenrekrutensch.
J-016			F-16AM			323sq		spec mks
J-643			F-16AM			322sq
L-02, L-11		PC-7			131(EMVO)sq

P-277			F-84F			stored
J-222			F-16A			i/a
A-275, A-292		SE3160			300sq

Flying only:
303			P-3C			MARPAT		18th

Air Power demo:
D-103, D-104		CH-47D			298sq		18th, 19th
G-275			C-130H-30		334sq	        18th, 19th
S-419, S-440		AS532U2			300sq	        18th, 19th
S-454			AS532U2	                300sq	        19th      
Q-10	                AH-64D	                301sq	        18th      
Q-16	                AH-64D	                301sq	        18th, 19th
Q-19	                AH-64D	                301sq	        19th      
T-235	                KDC-10	                334sq	        19th      
T-264	                KDC-10	                334sq	        18th      
The T-264 landed after the demo on Friday and was parked at the end of
the static. The participating F-16s were flying from Eindhoven. We found several
lists with aircraft that were seen over Volkel, but we don't think they are reliable
as most of the times the J-653 (the only two-seater at Eindhoven) is reported to be
left behind at Eindhoven, but at the same time we received a picture of an F-16BM
taken at Volkel! If somebody can confirm serials from pictures, please let us know.
In the meanwhile, these are the aircraft that were seen on the platform at Eindhoven:
J-251, J-630, J-636	F-16AM			306sq
J-021, J-192, J-197	F-16AM	                311sq
J-617, J-647, J-868	F-16AM	                311sq
J-869			F-16AM	                311sq
J-872			F-16AM	                311sq
J-017, J-135, J-642	F-16AM	                312sq
J-653			F-16BM	                312sq
J-866			F-16AM	                312sq
The J-636 was carrying a 311sq badge.

5152/61-PI		C-130H-30		ET02.061	18th
MM62185/46-50		C-130J			50ºGr		19th
ZH867/867		Hercules C4		LTW		18th

D-EEGD			P149D			ex Germany 92+18     
D-EERP	                FwP149D	                ex Germany 91+77  
D-EFTU	                FwP149D	                ex Germany 90+73  
ES-YLZ	                L-39C	                Skyline           
HA-ANI	                An-2T	                St. Antonov Ned.  
N11LT	                P-51D	                as "474425/OC-G"  
N320SQ	                TB-25N	                as "232511/N5-149"
N5369X	                Beech D18S		as KLu "G-29"
PH-GRY	                S11-1			ex MLD 196           
PH-IIB	                AT-16	                ex KLu B-118 
PH-KLU "XS-249"		AT-16	                ex KLu B-59  
PH-LSK			AT-16	                ex KLu B-64  
PH-MLM			AT-16	                ex KLu B-71  
RA-01771		Yak-52	                ex DOSAAF 92 
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