The Scramble Show Reports
Valkenburg 1992

Date: 5 June 1992

Made by: Frank Klaster


Br1150 Atlantique, Italian AF
This Italian Br1150 Atlantique with serial MM40111/41-73 was one of the many very interesting visitors on the open day of Dutch Navy airfield Valkenburg. Other highlights were the F-14 Tomcat, F-8 Crusader and the Spanish Matadors.

Photo Jaco Haasnoot

CASA-101 EB     E25-06/79-06  "6" TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101 EB     E25-21/79-21  "9" TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101 EB     E25-28/79-28 "12" TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101 EB     E25-08/79-08  "8" TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101 EB     E25-07/79-07  "7" TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101 EB     E25-27/79-27 "11" TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101 EB     E25-13/79-13  "3" TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101 EB     E25-25/79-25  "5" TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-212        TE.B12-41/79-84 
DEVON C2        WB531             G-BLSC 
ALPHA JET       AT-11             9 W 
P-149D          D-EEGD            EX 92+18 
P-149D          D-EERP            EX 91+77 
FIREFLY AS6     WB271             N. HIS. FL. 
CATALINA        JV928 
LYNX            269,279,282,278   860 SQN 
ALPHA JET       E-24/314-TW       GI 314 
ALPHA JET       E-23/314-TK       GI 314 
F-16A           J-226,213         DEMO 
JETSTREAM T2    ZA110/CU-573      750 SQN 
MIRAGE 2000B    516/2-FM          EC 3/2 
MIRAGE 2000B    517/2-FO          EC 2/2 
CM-170R         MT-30             33  SM 
FALCON 10       143               FN 
P-3C            158916/LL-32      VP 30 
P-3C            158919/LN-4       VP 45 
ATLANTIC        61+10             MFG 3 
ATLANTIC        MM40111/41-73     41 ST 
P-3P            4805              601 ESQ 
ATLANTIC NG02   6                 23 F 
PHANTOM FGR2    XV497/W           74 SQN 
PHANTOM FGR2    XV393/Q           74 SQN 
PHANTOM FGR2    XT914/Z           74 SQN 
F-27MPA         M-1               836 SQN 
EAV-8B          01-905            009 ESCA 
EAV-8B          01-908            009 ESCA 
F-8FN           23                FN 
F-14B           163219/AA-201     VF-103 
TORNADO         45+35             MFG 2 
SUPER ETENDART  31                14 F 
CP-140          140116            GREENWOOD WING 
NIMROD MR2P     XV260/60          KINLOSS WING 
P-3CII          310,305,307,302   MARPAT 
P-3CII          304,308,300       MARPAT 
LYNX MK88       83+10             MFG 3 
E-3A            LX-N90453         N.A.T.O. 
ALOUETTE 3      A-453,398,465     GRASSHOPPERS 
ALOUETTE 3      A-390,324         GRASSHOPPERS 
BEECH NAV       G-10 
S-51            WG752/911 
SEAHAWK         118/D             FGA 50 
SEAFURY         43/6 
DO-24           X-24(HD5-1)       MLM 
B-25J           N320Q             DBAF 
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