The Scramble Show Reports
Leeuwarden 2008

Date: 20/21 June 2008

Made by: Scramble


FWIT flightline:
FA57, FA86 		F-16AM 		nmk
FA128 			F-16AM 		350sm spec mks
272 			F-16AM 		FLO
15122 			F-16AM 		Esq301

3H-FC 			PC-7 		Fliegerschule
FA132 			F-16AM 		nmk              
FB18 			F-16BM          10w spec mks     
M3 			SA316B          40sm             
ST46 			SF260D          5sm              
140101 			CP-140          407sq also flying
C-080 			CL-604          Esk 721          
ET-022 			F-16BM          Esk 727          
T-410 			T-17 		FLSK
602/3-XJ 		Mirage 2000D 	EC03.003
30+12 			EF2000 		JG73         
46+54                   Tornado ECR 	JBG32   
86+25                   Bo105P1 dem 	HFVAS100
71743                   F-4E (AUP) 	339 MPK  
26 			MiG-29UB 	MH 59.Sz.D.REB.
LX-N90459 		E-3A 		NAEW&CF
15133 			F-16AM 		Esq301
C.15-60/12-18 		EF-18A		Ala 12
69-7501, 69-7521 	RF-4E 		113 Filo
ZD378/26 		Harrier GR7A 	4sq
ZD465/55 		Harrier GR9 	4sq
XX185/185 		Hawk T1 	208(R)sq
XX481/CU-560 		Jetstream T2 	750sq spec mks
83-0081 		KC-10A 		305th AMW
85-0039 		C-130H-2 	357th AS AFRC
58-0086/D 		KC-135T 	351st ARS
86-0147/LN, 86-0172/LN 	F-15C 		493rd FS
D-663 			CH-47D 		298sq            
J-246                   F-16A 		fuselage in tent  
J-248                   F-16A 		travelling exhibit
J-627                   F-16AM 		nmk              
J-876                   F-16AM 		322sq spec mks   
J-877                   F-16AM 		322sq            
J-881                   F-16AM 		323sq            
L-07 			PC-7 		131EMVOsq
U-05 			Fokker 50 	334 sqn
265 			SH-14D 		MARHELI
267 			SH-14D 		MARHELI on trailer
The Canadian Aurora was moved to the flightline on 21 June.

Hangar H3:
J-266 			F-16B 		i/a   
J-869                   F-16AM 		nmk  
J-872                   F-16AM 		322sq
Q-18 			AH-64D 		301sq

Hangar H4:
J-138 			F-16AM 		nmk  
J-219                   F-16A 		i/a   
J-628                   F-16AM 		313sq
J-632                   F-16AM 		nmk  
The mechanics tried to fool the spotters by taping over a few serials (for 
example the J-138 looked like J-728), but the above serials are the correct ones.

Hangar H18:
R-02 			AB412SP 	303sq

Building C43:
J-616 			F-16AM 		nmk

Shelter 522:
J-644 			F-16AM 		nmk

Static in front of fire station:
R-03 			AB412SP 	303sq also flying
S-438 			AS532U2 	300sq
PG-712/2 		DH82 		private
HA-ANI 			An-2P 		St. Antonov Ned.
RA-1771K 		Yak-52 		as "92 yl"
D-EEGD 			P149D 		ex 92+18   
D-EERP                  FwP149D 	ex 91+77 
D-EFTU                  FwP149D 	ex 90+73 
D-EGIT                  P149D 		as "AS+411"
ES-TLE                  L-39ZO 		ex 28+17  

Flying only:
T-235 			KDC-10 		334sq
G-275 			C-130H-30 	336sq

AT33 			Alpha Jet 1B+ 	11sm
FA101 			F-16AM 		2w
FA131 			F-16AM 		2w spec mks
RS01 			Sea King Mk48 	40sm
E-602 			F-16AM 		nn
1/5-OJ, 11/5-OF 	Mirage 2000C 	EC02.005
263 			PC-9M 		FTC/IAC
663                     F-16AM 		FLO   
015                     C295M 		13.eltr
L9-64 			PC-9M 		LETS
C.15-50/12-08 		EF-18A 		Ala 12
T.19B-04/35-22 		CN235M-100 	Ala 35
PA474/HW-R 		Lancaster B1 	BoBMF
ZH846/00 		Merlin HM1 	829sq	
D-662 			CH-47D 		298sq 		#       
J-001                   F-16AM          nmk           
J-055                   F-16AM          313sq spec mks
J-060, J-201 		F-16AM          322sq 		#       
J-064 			F-16BM          322sq 		#       
J-193, J-202 		F-16AM          323sq 		#       
J-207 			F-16AM          nmk 		#         
J-366, J-879 		F-16AM          322sq 		#       
J-513, J-873 		F-16AM          323sq 		#       
J-642 			F-16AM          311sq         
N-088/CSX81697 		NH90-NFH 	AgustaWestland
Q-10, Q-25 		AH-64D 		301sq 		#
Q-22 			AH-64D 		301sq
R-01 			AB412SP 	303sq
S-419, S-453 		AS532U2 	300sq 		#
D-FONL 			An-2T 		ex East Germany 888
D-ICDY                  Do28D-2 	ex 58+89         
F-AZKM                  OV-10B 		ex 99+24          
F-GLHF 			CM170 		ex France 406
G-BWGL "N-321" 		Hunter T8C 	ex XF357
G-HUEY 			UH-1H 		ex Argentina AE-413
G-RORI 			Gnat T1 	ex XR538
G-TIMM "XS111" 		Gnat T1 	ex XP504
N320SQ 			TB-25N 		as "232511"    
OO-TGM                  DH82A 		ex RAF BB731    
PH-ACG                  S11-1           ex MLD 179  
PH-AFS                  S11-1           ex KLu E-14 
PH-DDZ                  C-47A           ex 43-15288 
PH-DHC                  DHC-2 Mk1 	as KLu "S-9"
PH-GRB                  S11-1 		ex KLu E-20     
PH-HOG "E-39" 		S11-1           ex MLD 199  
PH-HOK 			S11-1           ex KLu E-29 
PH-IIB 			AT-16           ex KLu B-118
PH-KHV "G-29" 		Beech D18S 	ex Canada 2375
PH-LSK 			AT-16 		ex KLu B-64 
PH-MLM                  AT-16 		ex KLu B-71 
PH-PBB                  L-5B 		ex 44-17113  
PH-PPW                  L-21B		ex KLu R-122
PH-PSI "474425" 	P-51D 		ex Canada 9591
PH-TBR 			AT-16 		ex KLu B-182
# = taking part in the Air Power Demo

MB339s of the Frecce Tricolori:
MM54539/1    MM54482/2    MM55052/3    MM54517/4
MM54473/5    MM54479/6    MM54536/7    MM54551/8
MM54500/9    MM54538/10   MM54534/0             

TS-11-bis of Team Iskry / 1.OSzL:
2008/2    1708/4    2007/7    2004/8

Extra 300S of the Royal Jordanian Falcons:

Visitors 21 June:
689 			F-16BM 		FLO
R215/64-GO 		C-160R 		ET00.064
PH-RPZ 			Bo105CBS-4 	KLPD

A-247, A-275, A-292 	SA316B 		300sq
"56 rd" 		Su-20 		pres, ex 98+56
The annual Royal Netherlands Air Force airshow was held at Leeuwarden this year. 
During the two-day event, that was preceded by a spotters day during the arrivals 
on Thursday, over 150,000 people visited the base. From a spotters point of view,
the event did not offer the best opportunities for photography. A number of the 
aircraft participating in the static display was surrounded by fences. On the plus 
side, the FWIT-course provided quite a large number of F-16s that could be identified. 
Furthermore the organisation was able to attract some interesting and rare aircraft 
(Turkish and Greek F-4s, an AFRC C-130, a USAF KC-10, Irish PC-9, etc.). The weather 
was cooperative during both days and, considering the large number of commitments
by many NATO-members, the airshow itself included a number of interesting displays. 
Apart from a birdhit by the Dutch Hunter and a Spanish Hornet that was unable to 
retract its main landing gear, the programme was concluded without problems.
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