The Scramble Show Reports
Deelen 1988

Date: 2 July 1988

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

NF-5A, Royal Netherlands AF
The Royal Netherlands Air Force celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 1988. For this occassion, a demo team called "Double Dutch" was formed that consisted of two NF-5A Freedom Fighters. One of them was K-3014, which is visible in the picture above.

Photo Mark Schenk

reg             code       type            unit       c/n        rem 
188736                     CF-18A          1 CAG		  also logged as 188753!
188766                     CF-18A          409sq 
133094                     CT-133          1 CAG 
7054                       UH-1D           HTG64      8114 
8076                       Bo.105M         SSt1       5076 
8670                       Bo.105P         HFR16      6070 
8476                       CH-53G          HFR15      V65.074 
4133                       Alpha Jet A     LKG41      A133 
3797                       F-4F            JBG36      4595 
4422                       Tornado 	   JBG31
4434                       Tornado         JBG31 
E 51            5          Alpha Jet E     P.D.FRANCE 
E 53            3          Alpha Jet E     P.D.FRANCE 
E 58            2          Alpha Jet E     P.D.FRANCE 
E155            6          Alpha Jet E     P.D.FRANCE 
E170            8          Alpha Jet E     P.D.FRANCE 		  also logged as E156!
E171            7          Alpha Jet E     P.D.FRANCE 
E172            4          Alpha Jet E     P.D.FRANCE 
E173            1          Alpha Jet E     P.D.FRANCE 
509             2-FF       Mirage 2000B    EC 2/2 
241             30-SA      Mirage F1C-200  EC 1/30 
XX371                      Gazelle AH.1    12 Flt
XV741           I          Harrier GR.3    233 OCU 
XV759           H          Harrier GR.3    233 OCU
J-4021                     Hunter          P.D.SUISSE 
J-4025                     Hunter          P.D.SUISSE 
J-4028                     Hunter          P.D.SUISSE 
J-4029                     Hunter          P.D.SUISSE 
J-4030                     Hunter          P.D.SUISSE 
J-4031                     Hunter          P.D.SUISSE 
MM6847          5.14       F-104S                     1147 
MM6933          5.33       F-104S          23 GRUPPO  1133~	  also logged as MM6815! 
MM54474         2          MB.339A         FRECCE TC 
MM54475         3          MB.339A         FRECCE TC 
MM54477         4          MB.339A         FRECCE TC 
MM54481         1          MB.339A         FRECCE TC 
MM54552         10         MB.339A         FRECCE TC 
MM598           E.I.905    A.129 
LX-N90448                  E-3A            NAEWF      22843 
68-15092                   AH-1G           2/227 Comp 20626 
87-0072                    CH-47D          205 Comp   M.3191 
84-24263                   AH-64A          2/6 CAV    PV.123 
81-23589                   UH-60A          48 Comp 
81-0950         WR         A-10A           78TFS      645 
61-0286                    EC-135H         10 ACCS    18193 
68-0066         UH         F-111E          55 TFS     235 
79-0017         CR         F-15C           32 TFS 
80-1083                    TR-1A           9 RS 
AT-29                      Alpha Jet       9 W                    special c/s 
CB-01                      B.727-29C       21 SM      19402 
BR-14                      Mirage 5BR      42 SM      314 
ST-26                      SF.260MB        5 SM       10-26 
AT-157                     Sk.35XD         ESK 725    351157 
A-177                      SE.3160                    1177 
A-209                      SE.3160                    1209 
A-217                      SE.3160                    1217 
A-218                      SE.3160                    1218 
A-235                      SE.3160                    1235 
A-246                      SE.3160                    1246 
A-247                      SE.3160                    1247 
A-253                      SE.3160                    1253 
A-261                      SE.3160                    1261 
A-266                      SE.3160                    1266 
A-292                      SE.3160                    1292 
A-293                      SE.3160                    1293 
A-319                      SE.3160                    1319 
A-324                      SE.3160                    1324 
A-342                      SE.3160                    1342 
A-343                      SE.3160                    1343 
A-350                      SE.3160                    1350 
A-351                      SE.3160                    1351 
A-366                      SE.3160                    1366 
A-383                      SE.3160                    1383 
A-390                      SE.3160                    1390 
A-391                      SE.3160                    1391 
A-398                      SE.3160                    1398 
A-399                      SE.3160                    1399 
A-407                      SE.3160                    1407 
A-414                      SE.3160                    1414 
A-451                      SE.3160                    1451 
A-453                      SE.3160                    1453 
A-465                      SE.3160                    1465 
A-470                      SE.3160                    1470 
A-471                      SE.3160                    1471 
A-482                      SE.3160                    1482 
A-483                      SE.3160                    1483 
A-488                      SE.3160                    1488 
A-494                      SE.3160                    1494 
A-499                      SE.3160                    1499 
A-500                      SE.3160                    1500 
A-514                      SE.3160                    1514 
A-515                      SE.3160                    1515 
A-521                      SE.3160                    1521 
A-528                      SE.3160                    1528 
A-529                      SE.3160                    1529 
A-535                      SE.3160                    1535 
A-542                      SE.3160                    1542 
A-543                      SE.3160                    1543 
A-549                      SE.3160                    1549 
A-550                      SE.3160                    1550 
H-20                       SE.3160         SAR FLT    1320 
B-38                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.238 
B-40                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.240 
B-42                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.242 
B-45                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.245 
B-63                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.263 
B-66                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.266 
B-69                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.269 
B-72                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.272 
B-74                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.274 
B-75                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.275 
B-76                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.276 
B-77                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.277 
B-78                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.278 
B-79                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.279 
B-83                       Bo.105C         299 SQ     S.283 
J-207                      F-16A           315 SQ     6D-114 
J-221                      F-16A           322 SQ     6D-10 
J-229                      F-16A           322 SQ     6D-18      in tent
J-257                      F-16A           322 SQ     6D-46 
J-259                      F-16B                      6E-1 
J-631                      F-16A                      6D-63 
J-641                      F-16A           306 SQ     6D-73 
J-864                      F-16A                      6D-81      Anniversary c/s 
J-866                      F-16A           312 SQ     6D-83      formation with EC-135
J-872                      F-16A           312 SQ     6D-89      formation with EC-135?
J-879                      F-16A           312 SQ     6D-96 
J-881                      F-16A           312 SQ     6D-98      formation with EC-135
C- 1                       F-27-100        334 SQ     10152 
C- 3                       F-27-100        334 SQ     10150 
C- 4                       F-27-300M       334 SQ 
C- 5                       F-27-300M       334 SQ     10155      Anniversary c/s 
C- 9                       F-27-300M       334 SQ     10159 
C-12                       F-27-300M       334 SQ 
K-3011                     NF-5A           313 SQ     3011 
K-3012                     NF-5A           314 SQ     3012       Double Dutch c/s 
K-3014                     NF-5A           314 SQ     3014       Double Dutch c/s 
K-3042                     NF-5A           314 SQ     3042       Double Dutch c/s 
K-3054                     NF-5A           314 SQ     3054       Double Dutch c/s 
264             K          UH-14A          860 SQ     WA.022 
274                        SH-14B          860 SQ     WA.137 
S-9                        U-6A                       965 
D-5805                     TF-104G         preserved  5805       UFO mks 
P-243                      F-84E           preserved 
P-248                      F-84F           preserved             312sq mks 
TP-25                      F-84E           preserved  1358       306sq mks 
                           Fokker D21      replica 
N-122                      Hunter F.4                 8622 
N-305                      Hunter T.7                 41H/693457 
I- 19                      Meteor T.7      preserved   322sq mks 
I-189           7E-5       Meteor F.8      preserved  6468       327sq mks 
L-17                       S-14                       7362 
M-54                       T-33A           preserved  51-6953    "M-52", Whisky Four c/s 
G-SOLO                     Pitts S-2S                 AA/1/1980 
N842J                      B.8M                       RJC.1 
N94466          SU-E       P-40E                      15404 
G-HEAC          588        P-51 
N1309E                     B.747-206B SUD             22380 
OO-DHA                     R.22                       0160 
PH-WAR                     L-21B            SVGR                 'R-185' 
PH-PSC                     L-21B            SVGR                 'R-137' 
PH-GAZ                     L-21B            SVGR                 'R-109' 
PH-GAU                     L-21B            SVGR                 'R-181' 
PH-AFS                     S-11-1                     6215       'E-24' 
PH-GRB                     S-11                                  'E-20' 
PH-NGK                     Auster Mk3                            'R-18' 
PH-TYG                     Tigermoth 12 
PH-LSK                     AT-16ND          SVGR                 'B-64' 
PH-IBB                     AT-16ND          SVGR                 'B-118' 
PH-MLM                     AT-16ND          SVGR                 'B-71' 
PH-KLU                     AT-16ND                               'B-59' 
                           AT-16ND                    14A-808    'B-182' 
                           AT-16ND                    14A-1100   'B-184' 
PH-JGD                     Ce.152 
PH-KNF                     PA.18-135                  18-3826 
PH-DDA                     DC.3                       19109 
PH-OSI                     F-27-050                   10688 
PH-MKH                     Fokker 100                 11242 
PH-ROB                     PA.18-150                  18-7910 
PH-PBX                     F-28-1000                  11045 
PH-KIF                     Slingsby                   2022 
PH-NZD                     S.61N                      61.489 
PH-NZG                     S.61N                      61.753 
PH-KNU                     PA.18-135                  18-3876 
PH-MBX                     Ce.550                     0166 
PH-MCX                     Ce.550                     0564 
PH-BNT                     Be.F33A                    CE.957 
G-ASJV                     Spitfire                   "MH434" 

Mass formation: 
79-0023         CR         F-15C           32 TFS 
79-0027         CR         F-15C           32 TFS 
81-0046         CR         F-15C           32 TFS 
81-0047         CR         F-15C           32 TFS 
K-3016                     NF-5A           313sq 
K-3031                     NF-5A           313sq 
K-3033                     NF-5A           314sq 
K-3036                     NF-5A           314sq 
K-3039                     NF-5A           314sq 
K-3041                     NF-5A           314sq 
K-3049                     NF-5A           314sq 
K-3051                     NF-5A           314sq 
K-3055                     NF-5A           314sq 
K-3061                     NF-5A           313sq 
K-3062                     NF-5A           313sq 
K-3067                     NF-5A           314sq 
K-3073                     NF-5A           314sq 
K-4006                     NF-5B           nb 
K-4016                     NF-5B           nb 
K-4019                     NF-5B           314sq 
K-4020                     NF-5B           314sq 
K-4025                     NF-5B           316sq 
K-4028                     NF-5B           316sq 
K-4029                     NF-5B           316sq 
J-192                      F-16A           311sq 
J-196                      F-16A           311sq 
J-201                      F-16A           315sq 
J-202                      F-16A           315sq 
J-203                      F-16A           315sq 
J-210                      F-16B           315sq 
J-215                      F-16A           322sq 
J-218                      F-16A           322sq 
J-221                      F-16A           322sq 
J-222                      F-16A           322sq 
J-223                      F-16A           322sq 
J-230                      F-16A           322sq 
J-234                      F-16A           323sq 
J-238                      F-16A           322sq 
J-241                      F-16A           322sq 
J-245                      F-16A           323sq 
J-250                      F-16A           323sq 
J-255                      F-16A           323sq 
J-259                      F-16B           323sq 
J-260                      F-16B           322sq 
J-265                      F-16B           323sq 
J-267                      F-16B           323sq 
J-268                      F-16B           323sq 
J-359                      F-16A           313sq 
J-363                      F-16A           315sq 
J-366                      F-16A           315sq 
J-617                      F-16A           311sq 
J-620                      F-16A           311sq 
J-627                      F-16A           311sq 
J-631                      F-16A           306sq 
J-636                      F-16A           306sq 
J-637                      F-16A           306sq 
J-638                      F-16A           306sq 
J-643                      F-16A           306sq 
J-644                      F-16A           306sq 
J-645                      F-16A           306sq 
J-646                      F-16A           306sq 
J-648                      F-16A           306sq 
J-649                      F-16B           306sq 
J-650                      F-16B           311sq 
J-651                      F-16B           312sq 
J-653                      F-16B           TGKLu 
J-657                      F-16B           311sq 
J-870                      F-16A           312sq 
J-871                      F-16A           312sq 
J-874                      F-16A           312sq 
J-875                      F-16A           312sq 
J-882                      F-16B           312sq 
J-885                      F-16B           315sq 

The mass-formation should have included 75 aircraft (because of the 75th anniversary of the
Royal Dutch Air Force) but one F-15 of the 32nd TFS of Soesterberg did not take-off due to
technical problems. So the actual number of aircraft participating in this formation was 74! 
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