The Scramble Show Reports
Marrakech-Menara 2010

Date: 26-30 January 2010

Made by:


static & flightline
CN-AJB/02	AB205		FRA			4057
245		Alpha Jet H	CIPC
CNA-LH		CH-47C		Esc Hélicoptère		S008
CN-AME		CN235M-100	EdT3			AL05-1-C027
CN-AOM		C-130H		Esc de Transport	4875
91924		F-5E		EC "Tigre"
139		Mirage F1CH	EC "Assad"
150		Mirage F1CH	inside tent (tail only)
CN-ASE/31	SA330L		Esc Hélicoptère		1483
CN-ACF		SA342L		FRA pod only		1902
CN-ACX		SA342L		ESH			1985
112/CN-AHB	AS565MB		Flotille 11
CN-AIN		SA330L		Gendarmerie		1500
CN-AIY		AS355F-1	Gendarmerie		5247
CN-AZR		Trinidad GT	Gendarmerie		2171
CN-BZA		S2R-T660	Gendarmerie		T660-123DC
05/F-TGCJ	Extra 330SC	EVAA
MM62250/46-91	C-27J		46BA			137
08-8605/RS	C-130J-30	86AW/37AS
93-0533		F-16CJ		157th FS SC ANG
93-0535		F-16CJ		157th FS SC ANG
-		SA341F		Aerotec			1105
CN-HAD		AS350B-2	Helisud Maroc		4416
CN-HBC		AS350B-3	Helisud Maroc		4693
CN-HDS		EC130B4		Helisud Maroc
CN-HSM		R44 Bravo	Helisud Maroc		10178
CN-TAD		Beech B300	Helisud Maroc		FL-638
CN-TSR		DA42					42.179
CN-TYR		Ce208B		Helisud Maroc		208B-1039
EC-ET6		ELA-07					0606-100-0724
EC-KKC		Ce680		Soho Avia		680-0117
EC-KQG		P2002JR					0091
EC-KZC		P2002JF					095
EC-XBD		CH-640-4
F-GOPM		Falcon 20E-5	Michelin Air Service
F-GVIA		BAe125 850XP
I-PJET		P180		Windjet
N3000B		Raytheon 3000	Hawker
N30LX		G-1159A/AMIL	Lockheed Martin
N45LJ		Learjet 45XR	Learjet			392
N465VL		S-92A		Conquistador		920067
N510KZ		Ce510					510-0251
N578CJ		Ce525B					525B-0282
N666NF		BAe125 750
N769CC		CL-605
N850FA		TBM850					471
OE-FMF		DA42M-NG				42.MN002
SP-GEI		AT-3-R100	Aero Maroc Trading
T7-PEP		P2006T					009
ZS-DTD		Raytheon 4000				RC-12

The Moroccan Marche Verte with their CAP232:
CN-ABV/1 (42), CN-ABP/2 (28), CN-ABT/3 (37), CN-ABS/4 (36), CN-ABR/5 (31)
CN-ABQ/6 (29), CN-ABW/7 (43), CN-ABX/8 (44), CN-ABU   (41)

CN-ABG		CAP10B		FRA			183
CN-ABH		CAP10B		FRA			184
85		T-6G		FRA, pres white c/s
CN-CDO		TB20					852
CN-TDU		PA28-200B				7135003
CN-TMZ		SR22G2					2096
CN-URT		Solar Wings Pegasus(ULV)
Plus an unidentified preserved T-6

Maintenance hangar:
56-529		T-37B		EdP
56-586		T-37B		EdP
57-262		T-37B		EdP
57-304		T-37B		EdP
60-082		T-37B		EdP
CN-ATC/03	T-34C-1		EdP			GM-4
CN-ATE/05	T-34C-1		EdP			GM-6
CN-ATG/07	T-34C-1		EdP			GM-8
CN-ATH/08	T-34C-1		EdP			GM-9
CN-ATJ/10	T-34C-1		EdP			GM-11
CN-ATK/11	T-34C-1		EdP			GM-12
CN-AUA/110	AS202/18	EdP			110
CN-AUB/111	AS202/18	EdP			111
CN-AUC/114	AS202/18	EdP			114
CN-AUD/115	AS202/18	EdP			115
CN-AUE/116	AS202/18	EdP			116
CN-AUH/119	AS202/18	EdP			119
CN-AUI/121	AS202/18	EdP			121
CN-AUJ/122	AS202/18	EdP			122
CN-AUK/29	AS202/18A2	EdP			SA-029
CN-AUL/128	AS202/18A2	EdP			128
CN-AUM/165	AS202/18	EdP			165
CN-AUN/174	AS202/18	EdP			174

56-529, CN-ATG/07 and CN-AUJ/122 were towed to the static on the 30th after requests by spotters!

Hangar "Ecole de Technique":
24		Mirage F1C	AdlA, instructional
69		Mirage F1C	AdlA, instructional
80		Mirage F1C	AdlA, instructional
../33-		Mirage F1C	AdlA, instr. fuselage
212		CM170		instructional
01378		F-5A		FRA, instractional
-		Alouette II	instructional

CH-03		C-130H		15W/FTT					26
MM62029		Falcon 50	93°Gr					30
CNA-MB		CN235M-100	EdT3					29/30
CN-AMD		CN235M-100	EdT3					26
CN-AMF		CN235M-100	EdT3					27/28,29
CN-AMJ		Ce560XL		VIP Flt.				27
CN-ANJ		Beech B300C	VIP Flt.				28
CN-ANX		Beech 300	VIP Flt.				27
CN-ARM/13	SA330L		Esc Hélicoptère				28
CN-ARY/25	SA330L		Esc Hélicoptère				26/30
CN-TWR		BN-2T		Gendarmerie				29
58-0114		KC-135R		191st ARS				23-30
84-0112		C-21A		76th AS					29
CN-TBU		DR400							30
CN-TKN		Falcon 10	Alfa Air				29/30
CN-TKY		Mooney							29/30
CN-TML		PA31-350	Palm Air				29/30
CS-DFG		Falcon 2000EX	NetJets					29/30
D-CATE		Ce680		Jetline					29/30
N468QS		G450		NetJets					29/30
N560PL		Ce560XL		Flying Group				29/30
N800AK		Bo727-23(Q)						30
OE-GVX		Learjet 40	Vista Jet				29
OO-KJD		Learjet 45XR	Capital a/c				29

-		CM170		FRA, on pole red c/s
-		CM170		FRA, on pole white c/s
-		CM170		FRA, on pole white c/s
-		T-6		FRA, on pole bl/yel c/s
-		T-6		FRA, pres/std
-		MiG-15UTI	FRA, light blue c/s
CN-AMH		C-119G		FRA, pres as "862"

More aircraft are known to be preserved on the airfield, but only those were actually seen.

CN-HTS		Alouette AH2	Helisud Maroc
No rotor, wfu used as undersling during demo, and is an ex AAC machine, XR382

Platform, CM170 stored:
53, 54, 77, 89, 123, 157, 176, 215, 218, 226, 227, 230

28		T-6G		wfu
Plus 6 more T-6s, and supposedly one AS202, the 28 was not read off, but came from our database.

Flying 26th:
228, 238, 241, 248	Alpha Jet H	CIPC
91942, 91943		F-5F		EC "Tigre"
CNA-OC, CN-AOP		C-130H		Esc de Transport
CNA-OS			KC-130H		Esc de Transport

Flying 27th:
241, 248		Alpha Jet H	CIPC
91942, 91943		F-5F		EC "Tigre"
CNA-OC, CNA-OG		C-130H		Esc de Transport
CNA-OS			KC-130H		Esc de Transport

Flying 29th:
238, 241, 246, 248	Alpha Jet H	CIPC
91942, 91943		F-5F		EC "Tigre"
CNA-OC, CNA-OG		C-130H		Esc de Transport
CNA-OS			KC-130H		Esc de Transport

Flying 30th:
228, 238, 241, 246	Alpha Jet H	CIPC
91942, 91943		F-5F		EC "Tigre"
CNA-OC, CNA-OG		C-130H		Esc de Transport
CNA-OS			KC-130H		Esc de Transport

Construction numbers in the report are those that were actually noted during the event.

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