The Scramble Show Reports
Aviano 1977

Date: 2 July 1977

Made by: Eric Tammer

Updated: &bnsp;

AR 68-0553  		RF4C  		10TRW
TJ 63-0413  		F4C  		401TFW
41685  			C130H  		463TAW
UH 68-0039  		F111E  		20TFW
01550  			F5E  		527TFTS 
60176                   C141A  		437MAW
31647                   HH53C  		67ARRS
83799                   OV10A  		20TASS
95826                   HC130N       
BT 75-070  		F15A  		36TFW
K4027   		NF5B  		315sq
158926 LA4  		P3C  
158528 AG505  		A6E  		VA65
XZ383 BC  		Jaguar GR1  	17sq
BA43  			Mir5BA  	2sq
51-11 MM6714  		F104S  		2gr
8-22 MM6466  		G91Y
EI807 MM80829  		CH47C
EI330 MM80701  		AB205
EI537 MM80598  		AB206

UH 68/082  		F111E  		20TFW
TJ 63-0542  		F4C  		401TFW
01535, 01545  		F5E  		527TFTS
BT 75-059  		F15A  		36TFW
AG305, AG...  		A7E
RS38  			G222
Frecce Tricolore  	G91
Karo-As  		Saab 105

Other a/c on the field:
RM1 MM54142  		T6H
RM31 MM61974  		S208
RS05 MM578  		PD808
31-12 MM62012  		DC9
5-898  			T33A
RM50  			C45
2-42  			G91R  
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