The Scramble Show Reports
Luni-Sarzani 2013
Luni-Sarzani Open day
Date: 20-21 September 2013
MM81633/2-18 EH101-410UTY GRUPELICOT 1  
MM81580/3-04 NH90-NFH GRUPELICOT 5  
MM81581/3-05 NH90-NFH GRUPELICOT 5  
MM81492/2-13 EH101-410UTY GRUPELICOT 1  
MM81382/9-01 AB412HP(CP) 1ª Sezione Eli  
CSA hanger:
MM81578/3-02 NH90-NFH GRUPELICOT 5  
GRUPELICOT 5 hanger:
MM81495/2-16 EH101-410UTY GRUPELICOT 1  
MM81634/2-19 EH101-410UTY GRUPELICOT 1  
MM81635/2-20 EH101-410UTY GRUPELICOT 1  
Rub hangar:
MM81494/2-15 EH101-410UTY GRUPELICOT 1  
MM81488/2-09 EH101-112-ASW GRUPELICOT 1  
MM81579/3-03 NH90-NFH GRUPELICOT 5  
MM81582/3-06 NH90-NFH GRUPELICOT 5  
MM81636/2-21 EH101-410UTY GRUPELICOT 1  
MM81511/9-09 AB412HP(CP) 1ª Sezione Eli  
The coast guard AB412 went to the coast Guard base, which is opposite from Luni.
MM80306/2-07 AB47J main gate  
MM153622/4-14 SH-34J main gate  
MM80371/3-10 AB204ASW car park right of main gate  
MM83087/01 AB47G base Memorial Park  
MMX605 EH101 on base  
MM81183/6-32 SH-3H std in shed  
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