The Scramble Show Reports
Pratica di Mare 2006

Date: 16/17 September 2006

Made by: Scramble, Wijgert IJlst, Klaas


* = areas not open to the general public

HQ area:*
MM6527/RS-03		F-104G		preserved      
MM579/RS-11	        G91Y	        preserved      
MM6248/7	        G91PAN	        preserved, gate
MM6288/RS-01	        G91T	        preserved      
MM54201		        MB326	        preserved      

Control tower:*
MM54385			MB326		preserved

Dump area sea shore:
MM81173/CC-98		A109A-II	dump
MM61825/14-50	        C-47ECM		dump        
1x		        C-47		dump        
MM6660/RS-02	        F-104S		dump        
MM6439/32-89	        G91T1		dump        
MM578/RS-49	        PD808-825	dump
MM61951			PD808VIP	dump
MM61952	                PD808GE2	dump
MM61957	                PD808TP		dump        
MM61960	                PD808GE1	dump
MM51-4514/14-22		T-33A		dump

Guardia di Finanza area:*
MM80166/GF-16		AB47G2		preserved
MM80961/GF-59		NH500MC		preserved

1st hangar GdiF:*
MM62168, MM62169	P180E		28ÚGr Sqd AVES
T.19B-04/35-22		CN235-100M	Ala 35		outside

2nd hangar GdiF:*
MM81455/GF-210		AB412HP		Centro di Aviazione      
MM81065/GF-107	        NH500MD		Centro di Aviazione      
MM25173/GF-03	        P166DL3-SEM2	1°Gr Osservazione
MM25176/GF-06	        P166DL3-SEM2	1°Gr Osservazione
MM25179/GF-09	        P166DL3-SEM2	1°Gr Osservazione
MM25182/GF-12	        P166DL3-SEM2	1°Gr Osservazione

4th hangar GdiF:*
MM81171/GF-123		A109A-IIGdF	Centro di Aviazione
MM81191/GF-125	        A109A-IIGdF	Centro di Aviazione
MM81469/GF-143	        A109C		Centro di Aviazione        
MM81445/GF-203	        AB412HP	        Centro di Aviazione
MM81510/GF-222	        AB412HP	        Centro di Aviazione
MM80969/GF-67	        NH500MC	        stored             
MM81052/GF-94	        NH500MC	        Centro di Aviazione

5th hangar GdiF:*
MM81467/GF-144		A109A-IIGdF	Centro di Aviazione
MM81015/GF-86		NH500MC		Centro di Aviazione

6° Reparto Manutenzione Elicotteri area:*
MM80476/32		AB47G.2		preserved

2nd "small" hangar 6°RME (closed):*
MM80984/15-13		HH-3F		85°Centro SAR

3rd "painting" hangar 6°RME (closed):*
1x			HH-3F		85°Centro SAR

1st Policia di Stato hangar:*
PS-61			A109A-II	1° Reparto Volo
PS-91			AB206B-III	1° Reparto Volo
PS-93, PS-102		AB212		1° Reparto Volo
PS-B07			P68OBS		1° Reparto Volo

2nd Policia di Stato hangar:*
PS-64			A109A-II	1° Reparto Volo
PS-83, PS-84		AB206B-III	1° Reparto Volo
PS-A94, PS-B08		P68OBS		1° Reparto Volo
I-STAD			P68OBS		1° Rep Volo (loan)

1st Carabinieri hangar:*
MM81109/CC-91		A109A		Raggrup. Elicoteri        
MM81497/CC-98	        A109E		Raggrup. Elicoteri        
MM81516/CC-86	        A109E		Raggrup. Elicoteri        
MM81023/CC-59	        AB206B-1	Raggrup. Elicoteri
MM81025/CC-61	        AB206B-1	Raggrup. Elicoteri
MM81368/CC-15	        AB412SP		Raggrup. Elicoteri        
MM81471/CC-31	        AB412HP		Raggrup. Elicoteri        

RSV area :*
MM6827			F-104S-ASA	pres, gate	spec mks
MM80804/3		OH-13H		pres

RSV hangar:*
MM81155			AB212AM		311°Gr RSV
CSX55034/RS-18		AMX-T	        311°Gr RSV
CSX54544/RS-30		MB339CD	        311°Gr RSV
MM81298/72-35		NH500E	        208°Gr SVE
MM7038/RS-06		Tornado IDS	311°Gr RSV

RSV recovering area:*
CMX611/RS-06		F-104S-ASA-M	stored 
MM81305/72-42	        NH500E		stored, damaged
MM577/RS-48	        PD808-825	stored 

RSV stored area:*
MM62152/RS-45		G222TCM		stored
MM62153X/RS-46		G222TCM	        stored
MM54391/34		MB326K	        stored
MM604			T-6H-4M	        stored
MM7041/6-41		Tornado IDS	102°Gr UCO

RSV apron:*
MM7125/RS-11		AMX		311°Gr RSV
MM7159/51-10		AMX		103°Gr CBR
CSX54453/RS-31		MB339A(MLU)	311°Gr RSV
MM62164			P180AM		311°Gr RSV
MM7014/RS-01		Tornado IDS	311°Gr RSV
MM7024/36-41		Tornado IDS	156°Gr CBOC

14°St/71°Gr GE area:*
MM61958			PD808GE1	pres, gate	spec mks

1st hangar 71°Gr GE (big white hangar, closed):*
MM55067/36-07		MB339CD		XII Gr
MM55069/36-01		MB339CD		XII Gr
MM25153			P166DL3-APH	71°Gr GE
MM62159			P180AM		71°Gr GE

3rd hangar 71°Gr GE (green shed, closed):*
MM62202, MM62204	P180AM		71°Gr GE

71°Gr GE Apron:
MM62203			P180AM		71°Gr GE
MM62213/9-03		P180AM		Sezione Aerea MMI

14°St/8°Gr RM area:
MM62016			PD808RM		pres		spec mks

1st hangar 8°Gr RM (static area):
MM62124/46-88		G222TCM		98°Gr TM
MM25155, MM25156	P166DL3-APH	71°Gr GE
MM25157			P166DL3-APH	71°Gr GE

2nd hangar 1st bay 8° Gr RM (static area, closed):*
MM81342/15-30		HH-3F		85°Centro SAR

15°St area:*
MM80157/15-35		AB47J		preserved

15°St hangar*:
MM81158/51-70		AB212AM		651ªSC
MM81353			NH500MD		615ªSC

15°St Apron:
MM81156/9-14		AB212AM		21°Gr              
MM81214			AB212AM	        81°Centro AE       
MM80976/15-03		HH-3F	        85°Centro SAR      
MM80982/15-11	        HH-3F	        85°Centro SAR      
MM80990/15-21	        HH-3F	        85°Centro SAR      
MM80991/15-22	        HH-3F	        85°Centro SAR      
MM81342/15-30	        HH-3F	        85°Centro SAR      
MM81346/15-34	        HH-3F	        85°Centro SAR      
MM81347/15-35	        HH-3F	        85°Centro SAR	arr
MM81352			NH500MD	        615ªSC             

Stored near 15°St Apron:*
MM62125/14-24		G222TCM		stored         
MM62140/14-21	        G222RM	        stored         
MM62141/14-22	        G222RM	        stored         
MM81351/15-39	        HH-3F	        stored, damaged

Southern runway end:
MM62149/14-02		B707T/T		8°Gr RM		also flying

38+24			F-4F		JG74
718			Mi-24V		86.HE
LX-N90456		E-3A		NAEW&CF
YG-07			Saab J105Ö	FlRgt3
88-0444/AV		F-16CG		510th FS
MM81144			AB212AM		81°Centro AE
MM81163			AB212ICO	81°Centro AE
(MM55048)		AMX-T		101°Gr		spec mks        
MM7157/32-06	        AMX		13°Gr CBR               
MM7177/51-47	        AMX		132°Gr CBR              
MM62165/GF-13	        ATR42-400MP	2°Gr EM         
MM62151/14-04	        B707T/T		8°Gr RM                 
MM40124/(41-)11	        Br1150		88°Gr AS	spec mks
CSX62216	        C-27J		Alenia                  
MM62196/46-62	        C-130J-30	50°Gr TM        
MM7278/4-12	        EF2000		IX Gr                   
MM7251			F-16A	        23°Gr CIO                       
MM6876/RS-05	        F-104S-ASA-M	stored          
MM54260/RS-08	        TF-104G-M	stored          
MM62245			Falcon 900EX	93°Gr TS
MM100048/CVV-01		Grob G103A	423ªSC
MM62107			G222VS		71°Gr GE
MM81341/15-29		HH-3F		85°Centro SAR
MM54513			MB339A		212°Gr SVBIA	spec
MM55086/61-156		MB339CD		212°Gr SVBIA
CMX615			M346		Aermacchi
MM81264/72-01		NH500E		208°Gr SVE
MM100059		Nimbus 4D	423ªSC
MM25154			P166DL3-APH	71°Gr GE
MM62205, MM62206	P180AM		71°Gr GE
MM62207			P180AM		71°Gr GE
MM62004/32-55		S208M		632ªSC
MM61982			S208M		423ªSC
MM55115			SF260EA		207°Gr SVBAE
MM7027			Tornado IDS	155°Gr ETS	spec
MM7031/36-37		Tornado IDS	156°Gr CBOC        
MM7052/50-02	        Tornado ECR	155°Gr ETS         
MM81634/(2)-19	        EH101		GRUPELICOT 1               
MM7201/1-05	        AV-8B+		Gr Aerei Imbarcati         
MM7222/1-16	        AV-8B+		Gr Aerei Imbarcati         
MM25162/8-04	        P166DL3-SEM1	3°Nucleo Aereo     
MM81319/E.I.906	        A129C		1°Gr Sqd AVES              
MM62156/E.I.101	        Do228-212	28°Gr Sqd AVES     
MM81459/E.I.838	        CH-47C		11°Gr Sqd AVES             
MM80482/CC-13	        AB47G.3B1	preserved          
MM80294/CC-1	        AB47J.3ASW	preserved          
MM81463/CC-29	        AB412HP		Raggrup. Elicoteri         
MM81388/GF-139	        A109A-IIGdiF	Centro di Aviazione
MM81451/GF-206	        AB412HP		Centro di Aviazione        
MM81140/GF-120	        NH500MD		Centro di Aviazione        
MM25172/GF-02	        P166DP-1	1°Gr Osservazione  
MM25181/GF-11	        P166DL3-SEM1	1°Gr Osservazione  
PS-63			A109A-II	1° Reparto Volo
PS-43			AB212		1° Reparto Volo

16/5-OX, 17/5-OZ	Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
335			Mi-24P		86.HE           
J-055	                F-16AM		311sq		spec mks
J-193	                F-16AM		312sq           
YB-02	                Saab J105Ö	FlRgt3  
ZH875	                Hercules C4	LTW     
88-0413/AV		F-16CG		510th FS "510FS"   
89-2029/AV	        F-16CG		510th FS           
J-5011		        F/A-18C		FlSt17		tiger mks  
J-5017		        F/A-18C		FlSt17             
MM81395/E.I.925	        A129C		1°Gr Sqd AVES      
MM81403/E.I.933	        A129C		49°Gr Sqd AVES     
MM62127			C-27J	        Alenia                     
MM7274/4-10	        EF2000		IX Gr              
MM55095/4-23	        EF2000(T)	XX Gr      
MM62146/RS-45	        G222TCM		311°Gr RSV         
MM55068/61-134	        MB339CD		212°Gr SVBIA       
CMX616		        M346		Aermacchi          
CSX62163	        P180AM		71°Gr GE           
MM7073/RS-02	        Tornado IDS	311°Gr RSV 
MM81231/E.I.830	        CH-47C		11° Gr Sqd AVES    
MM81443/GF-201	        AB412HP		Centro di Aviazione
N6123C		        B-25J		ex 44-86893        

C101EB Aviojets of the Patrulla Aguila:
E.25-86/79-32/1    E.25-21/79-21/2    E.25-25/79-25/3
E.25-27/79-27/4    E.25-06/79-06/5    E.25-13/79-13/6
E.25-08/79-08/7    E.25-26/79-26/-

Hawk T1/T1A($)/T1W(#)s of the Red Arrows:
XX179#	XX227$	XX233	XX237	XX242	XX253$
XX260$	XX264$	XX266$	XX292#	XX294	XX308

The Frecce Tricolori with eleven MB339As:
MM54551/5	MM54479/6	MM54547/8
MM54505/9	MM54487/10 +6

The Breitling Team wit the following L-39s:

MM62178/46-43		C-130J		2°Gr TM
MM62189/46-55		C-130J-30	50°Gr TM
MM62194/46-60		C-130J-30	50°Gr TM
MM62171			Falcon 900EX	93°Gr TS
MM81306/72-43		NH500E		208°Gr SVE

Flying only:
MM7147/32-04/04		AMX		13°Gr CBR             
MM7161/51-31/61	        AMX	        132°Gr CBR            
MM7164/51-34/64	        AMX	        132°Gr CBR            
MM7186/32-30/..	        AMX	        13°Gr CBR             
MM..../51-50/..	        AMX	        132°Gr CBR            
MM..../51-51/..	        AMX	        132°Gr CBR            
MM55029/32-50/50	AMX-T	        101°Gr OCU            
MM55030/32-41/41	AMX-T	        101°Gr OCU            
MM55051/32-42/42	AMX-T	        101°Gr OCU	spec mks  
3x			AV-8B	        nn                    
MM7235/4-6	        EF2000	        IX Gr                 
MM55128/4-26	        EF2000T	        IX Gr                 
MM7254		        F-16A	        23°Gr CIO             
MM7255	                F-16A	        18°Gr CIO	attack
MM7257	                F-16A	        18°Gr CIO             
MM7261	                F-16A	        10°Gr CIO	attack
MM55062/36-14	        MB339CD	        XII Gr                
MM55073/36-11	        MB339CD	        XII Gr                
MM81266/72-03	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81269/72-06	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81271/72-08	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81272/72-09	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81273/72-10	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81276/72-13	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81277/72-14	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81279/72-16	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81281/72-18	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81282/72-19	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81283/72-20	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81284/72-21	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81286/72-23	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81291/72-28	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81295/72-32	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81296/72-33	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81299/72-36	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81304/72-41	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81309/72-46	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM81311/72-48	        NH500E	        208°Gr SVE            
MM7004/36-46	        Tornado IDS	156°Gr CBOC           
MM7020/50-41	        Tornado ECR	155°Gr ETS	landed
MM7034/50-50	        Tornado ECR	155°Gr ETS	landed
MM7035/6-27	        Tornado IDS	154°Gr CBOC	landed 
MM7036/36-52	        Tornado IDS	156°Gr CBOC           
MM7042/36-57	        Tornado IDS	156°Gr CBOC           
MM7046/6-06	        Tornado UDS	154°Gr CBOC	landed 
MM55000/6-51	        Tornado IDS	102°Gr UCO	landed
MM55004/6-53	        Tornado IDS	102°Gr UCO	landed
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