The Scramble Show Reports
Varazdin 2009

Date: 11-12 July 2009

Made by: Scramble


228 			Mi-171Sh 	28eth
E47/705-AC 		Alpha Jet E 	ETO01.008
714 			Mi-24V 		MH 86.HE sp c/s
H1-21 			Bell 206B 	15 HB
HA-RED 			Extra 300S 	Peter Bonsiey
N-131SB 		Velox 		Sergio Merino Pla
N39-AM 			Long EZ
YU-YAI/5 (ex 23197) 	G2-Galeb 	Team Zvezde
S5-DGC 			Zlin 242L 	AFS                   
S5-DPP                  Extra 300L 	Peter Podlunsek      
S5-DPS                  Extra 300SC 	Peter Podlunsek     
S5-MBB                  Aero-3 		ex Yugosl.AF 40199       
9A-DGW                  Ce172 		Skylane                   
9A-HBM                  AB212                           
9A-HEG                  EC130B4                         
9A-HWA                  R44                             
9A-UET                  Dinamic WT9                     
9A-DWA                  Ce525A 		WinAir Airways           
9A-DOG                  Interavia I3 	Branimir Ambrekovic

Croatian "Krila Oluje" team with PC-9M:
056, 062, 065, 066, 068, 069
Plus many small light aircraft, gliders and ultralights which were
not noted.

Flying only:
39 			JAS39C 		MH 59.Sz.D.REB
L9-62 			PC-9M 		LETS
727 			An-32B 		nn
108 			MiG-21bis 	nn
Although very small and a lot of light aircraft, we found it worth
while of naming this small event. The main attraction here was
the "Krila Oluje" team in a new six-ship formation that celebrated
their 50th official display during the Saturday routine. Very
unusual also was the Rutan 61 Long EZ that, after its display,
made a "bow" to the public present.
Another highlight was not the MiG-21 that passed by like a bullet
on both days, but the Antonov 32 of the Croatian Air Force. It
gave an interesting display, including flares.
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