The Scramble Show Reports
Cakovec 2007

Date: 26 August 2007

Made by: Scramble


H3-73 		AS532AL 	15.HEB
L6-03 		PC-6/B2-H4 	LEBA
9A-BTC 		L410UVP-E
9A-HBC 		AB206B 		Police
S5-MBB 		Aero 3 		ex Yugoslavia 40199
YU-YAF 		G-2A Galeb 	ex Yugoslavia 23180

Flying only:
30 		JAS39C 		MH 59.Sz.D.REB. *
L9-61 		PC-9M 		LETS *

(YU)-CPE 	Aero 3 		ex Yugoslavia 40173

Also, an unidentified trainer aircraft marked 206 was seen
here in the colours of the former Yugoslavian air force.
Furthermore, many small international civilian aircraft, gliders,
ultralights and microlights were present.

Cakovec, about 100 kilometres Northeast of Zagreb, is a little
city with friendly people. It has a small airfield with a grass
runway at Pribislavec (LDVC). The airfield hosted an airshow
with international participation, organized by Aeroklub
Medjimurje. Every year an airshow at this scale is organized in
the region. Last year Varazdin - not far from Cakovec - was the
location of the event, and Varazdin plans to host a show again
in 2008. The show itself is on a relatively small scale, however,
worth to visit for those who are nearby or planning a vacation in
the area.

It is remarkable that the Croatian Air Force did not participate
this year. The MiG-21, planned to give a flyby at the end of the
day, was cancelled. Because there was a significant
participation of the neighbouring country Slovenia, one could
actually think that the show took place in Slovenia...
Aircraft can be seen from close distance and just like in Varazdin,
the airfield and organising staff are open, helpful and welcoming
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