The Scramble Show Reports
Valenciennes 2014
Valenciennes Meeting Aérien
Date: 14 July 2014
H24 A109BA 1 wing $
736/93-CH C-135FR GRV02.091  
R51/61-MW C-160R ET00.064  
650/133-IA Mirage 2000D EC02.003  
337/113-IL Rafale B EC01.091  
142/113-GU Rafale C EC01.007 $
F-AZHG P3-05 ex Switzerland A-815  
F-GLHO CM170 ex AdlA 331  
TB-30 of EPAA00.312/Cartrouche Doré:
69/F-SEWL, 99/F-SEXP, 113/F-SEYD, 141/F-SEZF
Alpha Jet E of EPAA20.300/Patrouille de France:
E95/0, E162/1, E88/2, E166/3, E158/4, E46/5, E73/6, E119/7, E85/8, E163/9
The annual show at Valenciennes is usually held on the same day as the flypast on the Champs Elysees in Paris, from which it greatly benefits.
The serials of the Patrouille de France Alpha Jets were read the day before at Le Bourget. As it is held on a national holiday and entrance is free,
the show attracts big crowds and makes for a convenient stop on the way back north for those who visit Paris to watch the flypast. Be aware of traffic jams though!


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