The Scramble Show Reports
Nancy 1998

Date: 21 June 1998

Made by: Hilco Schigt, Arnold van Leuveren

Updated: 1 August 2002

Mirage 2000N, French AF
Only one nuclear capable example of the Mirage 2000 was attending the show at Nancy. The French did send a beautiful one though, with some nice paintwork on its tail (349/4-BA).

Photo Hilco Schigt

TYPE 			  SERIAL 		  UNIT 		C/N 
ALPHA JET E         E26/1             PDF             E26 
ALPHA JET E         E81/3             PDF             E81 
ALPHA JET E         E120/5            PDF             E120 
ALPHA JET E         E128/2            PDF             E128 
ALPHA JET E         E138/0            PDF             E138 
ALPHA JET E         E142/8-NV         ET 02.008       E142 
ALPHA JET E         E151/8            PDF             E151 
ALPHA JET E         E153/7            PDF             E153 
ALPHA JET E         E158/6            PDF             E158 
ALPHA JET E         E164/4            PDF             E164 
ALPHA JET E         E165/9            PDF             E165 
AMX                 MM7131/51-52      51ST/101GR      IX043 
AMX                 MM7132/51-35      51ST/101GR      IX044 
AS350B              2118/JCV          GENDARMERIE     2118 
AS555AN             5466/67-VW        NN              5466 
AS555AN             5520/67-WE        NN              5520 
BULLDOG T1          XX622/B           OXFORD UAS      287 
C-135FR             470/93-CA         ERV.093         18679 
C-160F              F98/61-ZP         ET 03.061       98 
C-160NG             F215/64-GO        ET 01.064       218 
F/A-18C             J-5005            NN              1327/SFC005 
F/A-18D             J-5237            NN              1339/SFD007 
F-15C               86-0160/LN        48FW/493FS      C-388/1007 
F-15D               86-0182/LN        48FW/493FS      D-062/994 
F-16A               659               NN              6K-31 
F-16A               FA-39             NM              6H-39 
F-16B               304               NN              6L-4 
F-16B               ET-199            NN              6G-15 
F-16C               89-2039/AV        31FW/555FS      1C-192 
F-16D               90-0795/AV        31FW/555FS      1D-73 
HAWK T1A            XX323             74SQ            312148 
JAGUAR A            A126/7-HJ         EC01.007        A126 
JAGUAR E            E7                NN              E7 
JAGUAR E            E23/7-PB          EC02.007        E23 
JAGUAR E            E28               NN              E28 
LYNX HAS3S          XZ237             NN              WA017 
LYNX HAS3S          XZ248/634         NN              WA080 
LYNX HAS3S          XZ725/633         NN              WA190 
LYNX HAS3S          ZD254/645         NN              WA259 
MIRAGE 2000B        511/5-OR          EC02.005        119 
MIRAGE 2000C        18                NN 
MIRAGE 2000C        113/12-KN         EC02.012 
MIRAGE 2000D        603/3-IC          EC01.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        613/3-IF          EC01.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        617/3-XA          EC03.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        620/3-IM          EC01.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        622/3-JF          EC02.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        623/3-IB          EC01.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        624/3-XG          EC03.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        626/3-XH          EC03.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        627/3-JS          EC02.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        630/3-JI          EC02.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        632/3-XM          EC03.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        634/3-ID          EC01.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        638/3-IQ          EC01.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        644/3-JD          EC02.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        645/3-JC          EC02.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        651/3-IH          EC01.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        652/3-XN          EC03.003 
MIRAGE 2000D        653/3-JK          EC02.003 
MIRAGE 2000N        349/4-BA          EC02.004 
MIRAGE 3E           469/3-II          PRESERVED       469 
MIRAGE 4P           53/BZ             ERS01.091       53 
MIRAGE F1B          520/33-FL         EC03.033 
MIRAGE F1C          52/33-FK          EC03.033 
MIRAGE F1C          85                NN 
MIRAGE F1CR         649/33-CZ         ER01.033 
MIRAGE F1CT         264/30-SW         EC01.030 
MS760               59/133-CF         SALE 09.133     59 
S. ETENDARD         32                NN              32 
S. ETENDARD         43                11F             43 
SA330BA             1321/67-AH        NN              1321 
SA341F              1607/AMJ          NN              1607 
SA342M              3617/CYA          NN              1617 
SEA KING HC4        ZA312/ZS          848 SQ          WA916 
TB30                117/3             CARTOUCHE DOREE 117 
TORNADO F3          ZE203/FI          25 SQ           AS023/565 
TORNADO F3          ZE788             NN              AS064/697 
TORNADO F3          ZE964/DY          11SQ            AT039/798 
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