The Scramble Show Reports
St. Dizier-Robinson 2000

Date: 18 June 2000

Made by: Scramble, Marcel Mutsaers, Patrick Smitshoek


F-84F Thunderstreak, preserved
This F-84F Thunderstreak is placed near the gate of St. Dizier and wears the fake serial 29094/1-PA. The serial that it was wearing during its operational period was 28897. The other gate guard of this airbase (visible in the background) is a Mirage IV.

Photo Tom McGhee

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

4458		Tornado IDS		JBG31           
MM7165/51-31	AMX		        103º Gr         
MM55057/36-03	Tornado ADV(T)	        12º Gr          
J-874		F-16AM		        311sq, 312sq mks
E47/7-PJ	Alpha Jet E	        EC02.007        
105/YU		EMB121AA	        EAT00.319       
504/312-UX	EMB312		        FDV05.312       
451/339-JC	Falcon 20SNA	        CITac00.339     
A53/7-PB	Jaguar A	        EC02.007        
A99/7-IR	Jaguar A	        EC03.007        
A153/7-ID	Jaguar A	        EC03.007        
A157/7-HH	Jaguar A	        EC01.007        
123/12-KR	Mirage 2000C		EC02.012
333/4-AB	Mirage 2000N		EC01.004
611/3-XS	Mirage 2000D	        EC03.003
253/30-SJ	Mirage F1CT	        EC01.030
630/33-NL	Mirage F1CR	        ER02.033
1222/CZN	SA330Ba		        1RHC    
1232/CWH	SA341F		        1RHC    
4119/CWU	SA342M1		        1RHC    
F-BFZK		MS317			c/n 271

E2/7-PT		Jaguar E		EC02.007

Hangar near static:
A55/(7-PA)	Jaguar A		EC02.007
A61/7-IQ	Jaguar A		EC03.007
(A92/7-PT)	Jaguar A		wfu, ex EC02.007
A145/7-HG	Jaguar A		EC01.007

Behind maintenance hangar:
(A5)/7-PN	Jaguar A		wfu?

R88/61-ZF	C-160R			ET00.061
R210/64-GJ	C-160R			ET00.064
A128/7-IC	Jaguar A		EC03.007, spec c/s
B01		Rafale B		CEV/AMD
1952/JCM	AS350B			Gendarmerie
The serial of the A128/7-IC was hidden under the paint, but was visible when it was
illuminated by the sun.

Shelter area:
FA116		F-16A			nmks             
FA136		F-16A		        nmks             
4441		Tornado IDS	        JBG31            
E115/8-NW	Alpha Jet E	        ETO02.008        
E150/8-NC	Alpha Jet E	        ETO02.008        
A104/7-HM	Jaguar A	        EC01.007         
A112/7-HS	Jaguar A	        AdlA              
A117/7-HA	Jaguar A	        EC01.007         
A149/7-HP	Jaguar A	        EC01.007         
24/33-FC	Mirage F1C	        EC03.033, ann c/s
64/33-FK	Mirage F1C	        EC03.033         
9/5-OJ		Mirage 2000C	        EC02.005         

Far side runway:
3x		Jaguar E		EC00.007?
1x		Jaguar A		EC00.007?
One of the duals was possibly the 7-PC.

Flying only:
(738)/93-CJ	C-135FR			ERV00.093
203/36-CC	E-3F			EDCA00.036

Mass take-off:
A34/7-PC, A75/7-PW	Jaguar A	EC02.007
A84/7-PY, A87/7-PF	Jaguar A	EC02.007
A89/7-HF, A90/7-HN	Jaguar A	EC01.007
A96/7-HD, A107/7-HC	Jaguar A	EC01.007
A122/7-IM, A127/7-IP	Jaguar A	EC03.007
A135/7-IU, A144/7-IF	Jaguar A	EC03.007

E24/7-PH, E36/7-PK	Jaguar E	EC02.007, also flying
025/CNA-MC		CN235AL05	RMAF

Demo teams:
CAP231s of Marche Verte:
And the Patrouille de France with Alpha Jets E wearing codes 0 t/m 9.

F-AZIG		T-6J			'20337/337 RCAF'
F-AZIO		Yak-11			'5 Russian AF'
F-AZMU		P-51D			'472035 USAAF'

E5/7-PE		Alpha Jet E		EC02.007 
A101/7-.M	Jaguar A	        EC00.007    
A126/7-HJ	Jaguar A	        EC01.007 
A138/7-.A	Jaguar A	        EC00.007    
510/33-FI	Mirage F1B	        EC03.003
521/5-ON	Mirage 2000B	        EC02.005 
46		CM170		        pres     
28897		F-84F		        pres gate, '29094/1-PA'
(318)		Mirage IIIR	        instr		also logged as 314!!!
16/AO		Mirage IVA	        pres gate
16524/338-H	T-33A		        pres     
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