The Scramble Show Reports
Le Bourget 1971

Date: ge IIIA French AF

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Updated: 23 March 2007

Breguet 941, FAF
The Breguet 941 was developed as a transportation aircraft with STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) capabilities. Although testing was very successful, only five aircraft were built. This 1/62-NA gave demonstrations at Le Bourget in 1971 to show its performance to potential buyers.

Photo: Steve Williams

Serial    Code        Type                         Unit                                Date 
01                    Mirage IIIA                  French AF                           5 
02                    Mirage IIIA                  French AF                           5 
03                    Mirage IIIA                  French AF                           31 
04                    Mirage IIIA                  French AF                           5 
25        10-RB       Mirage IIIC                  EC1/10 VALOIS                       5,6 
42        BO          Mirage IIIC                  French AF                           5 
58        CE          Mirage IIIC                  French AF                           5 
60        5-NC        Mirage IIIC                  EC1/5 VENDEE    also noted as 50!   5,6 
66        10-RQ       Mirage IIIC                  EC1/10 VALOIS   also noted as 65!   6 
258       2-ZC        Mirage IIIBE                 EC2/2 COTE D'OR                     31,6 
352       33-TA       Mirage IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE                      31,6 
554       13-QG       Mirage IIIE                  EC1/13 ARTOIS                       31,6 
02                    Mirage F1                    Prototype                           6 
03                    Mirage F1C                   Prototype                           31,6 
04                    Mirage F1                    Prototype                           6 
S01                   Mirage G8                    Prototype                           6 
S01                   Mirage MILAN                 Prototype                           6 
E01                   JAGUAR E                     French AF                           6 
E02                   JAGUAR E                     French AF                           5,6 
A03                   JAGUAR A                     French AF                           6 
A04                   JAGUAR A                     French AF                           5,6 
M05                   JAGUAR M                     French AF                           6 
45                    CM170 Magister               French AF                           2 
529       VB          CM170 Magister               Patrouille de France                1 
534       VC          CM170 Magister               Patrouille de France                1 
535       VD          CM170 Magister               Patrouille de France                1 
536                   CM170 Magister               French AF                           1 
541       VG          CM170 Magister               Patrouille de France                1 
542       VH          CM170 Magister               Patrouille de France                1 
544       VJ          CM170 Magister               Patrouille de France                1 
545       VK          CM170 Magister               Patrouille de France                1 
546       VL          CM170 Magister               Patrouille de France                1 
561       VM          CM170 Magister               Patrouille de France                1 
563                   CM170 Magister               Patrouille de France                1 
576                   CM170 Magister               French AF                           1 
1         62-NA       BR941S                       ET3/62 BREGUET                      3,6 
2         62-NB       BR941S                       ET3/62 BREGUET                      31,6 
01                    N2501 Noratlas               French AF                           3 
..        62-KD       N2501 Noratlas               ET1/62 ANJOU                        6 
170       62-WU       N2501 Noratlas               ET1/62 VERCORS                      6 
60                    N262A-29 Fregate             French AF                           3 
62                    N262A-29 Fregate             French AF                           3 
73                    N262A-29 Fregate             French AF                           3 
87                    C-47 Dakota                  French AF                           1 
76229                 C-47 Dakota                  French AF                           5 
45446     CC          DC-7C                        CEV                                 3 
3                     Br1150 ATLANTIC              French Navy                         5 
37                    Br1150 ATLANTIC              21F                                 31,6 
....      22-SJ       Alouette                     French AF                           1 
....      165-SN      Alouette                     French AF                           1 
....      182-SL      Alouette                     French AF                           5 
....      183-SF      Alouette                     French AF                           5 
....	  184-SP      Alouette			   French AF
....      208-SG      Alouette                     French AF                           2 
22                    Alouette II                  French Army                         2 
165                   Alouette III                 French Army                         1 
182                   Alouette III                 French Army                         5 
183                   Alouette III                 French Army                         1 
45692     F-RAFE      DC.8-55F 			   French AF
95                    CH-34 Choctaw                French AF                           3 
          01          VC-11A Gulfstream II         USCG                                3 
60-0311   1344        HC-130B                      CGAS PORT ELIZABETH                 6 
          1345        HC-130B                      USCG                                30 
63-7870   LN          C-130E                       316TAW/37TAS                        5,6 
63-7874   LN          C-130E                       316TAW/37TAS                        5,6 
70-0977               A-7D                         USAF                                30,6 
70-0979               A-7D                         USAF                                30 
69-0005               C-5A                         437MAW                              30,6 
158212                P-3A                         US NAVY                             6 
66-0302   1           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS                        5,6 
66-0319   2           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS                        5,6 
66-0289   3           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS                        5,6 
66-0291   4           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS                        5,6 
66-0315   5           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS                        5,6 
66-0321   6           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS                        5,6 
66-0329   7           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS                        5,6 
158212                P-3C                         USN                                 31 
..                    ARGOSY C.MK.1                NO.247 SQN                          6 
XN854     854         ARGOSY C.MK.1                RAF                                 4 
XN856     856         ARGOSY C.MK.1                RAF                                 4 
XP438     438         ARGOSY C.MK.1                RAF                                 4 
XR106     106         ARGOSY C.MK.1                RAF                                 4 
XR135     135         ARGOSY C.MK.1                RAF                                 1 
XR371                 BELFAST C.MK.1               NO.53 SQN                           6 
XL636                 BRITANNIA C1                 RAF                                 4 
XW527     K           BUCCANEER S.MK.2B            NO.15 SQN                           6 
XW530                 BUCCANEER S.MK.2B            NO.12 SQN                           30 
XS728     E           DOMINIE T.MK1                NO.1 ANS                            30,6 
XV276                 HARRIER GR.MK.1              NO.1 SQN                            31,6 
XV753     G           HARRIER GR.MK.1              RAF                                 3 
XV757     N           HARRIER GR.MK.1              RAF                                 3 
XV776     P           HARRIER GR.MK.1              NO.1 SQN                            3,6 
XV777     W           HARRIER GR.MK.1              NO.1 SQN                            3,6 
XV778     S           HARRIER GR.MK.1              RAF                                 3 
XV788     M           HARRIER GR.MK.1              RAF                                 3 
XW175                 HARRIER TMK.2                NO.  SQN                            30,6 
XV191                 HERCULES C.MK.1              LTW                                 6 
XV215                 HERCULES C.MK.1              LTW                                 1 
XV223                 HERCULES C.MK.1              LTW                                 6 
XM139                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1A            SSTFF                               1,6 
XM192                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1A            SSTFF                               1,6 
XS934     K           LIGHTNING F.MK.6             NO.11 SQN                           30,6 
XW835                 LYNX                         AAC                                 31 
XV253     53          NIMROD MR.1                  ST.MAWGAN WG                        30,6 
XV702                 SEA KING HAS.1               RN                                  31 
XR134                 SIOUX AH.1                   AAC                                 1 
XT192                 SIOUX AH.1                   AAC                                 1 
XT193                 SIOUX AH.1                   AAC                                 1 
XT206                 SIOUX AH.1                   AAC                                 1 
XT242                 SIOUX AH.1                   AAC                                 1 
XT511                 SIOUX AH.1                   AAC                                 1 
XW197                 SIOUX AH.1                   AAC                                 1 
XT.12-1  	      CASA 212  		   Spanish AF
K167-120              BAC167                       KUWAIT AF                           6 
MM        46-61       C-119J                       46AEROBRIGATA                       6 
MM6449                G91Y                         RSV                                 6 
MM5456    8-18        G91Y                         8STORMO/101GRUPPO                   6 
I-AEAM                AM3C                         AMI                                 6 
I-AMKK                MB326                        AMI                                 6 
MM5016N   6-14        SH-3D                        Marinavia                           6 
MM80544   EI-292      AB205A                       Escercito                           31 
MM80582   EI-521      AB206A-1                     Escercito                           3,6 
MM61981               S.208M                       Italian AF                          31 
.....     K682        C-47                         ESK.721                             6 
SE-DCP                Saab 105                     Austrian AF mks                     6 
                      RF-35                        RDAF AF, no serial yet, c/n 351103  3,6 
37002                 AJ37A                        SWEDISH AF                          31,6 
.....     C1          F27-100                      NO.334 SQN                          6 
23003                 GALEB                        YUGOSLAVIAN AF                      6 
24003                 JASTREB                      YUGOSLAVIAN AF                      6 
C.10C-92              SAETA                        SPANISH AF                          6 
4-201                 CH-47C Chinook               IRANIAN AF                          31,6 

4X-CJC  	      IAI 1124 Westwind                                 
4X-IAA  	      IAI Arava 101                                     
CCCP-11097            Mil Mi-8
CCCP-19289            Kamov Ka.26
CCCP-21142            Beriev Be.8	also logged as Mi-12 !!!
CCCP-22075            Antonov An.24
CCCP-65667            Tupolev Tu.134
CCCP-68001            Tupolev Tu.144
CCCP-85012            Tupolev Tu.154
CCCP-86673            Ilyushin IL.62
CCCP-86712            Ilyushin IL.76
CCCP-87791            Yakovlev YAK.40
D-CORO  	      MBB HFB.320 Hanaa Jet               
D-EAFI                Fuji FA.200-180 Aero Subaru         
D-EBOA                Boikow Bo.209 Monsun                
D-EBOW                Bolkow Bo.209 Moneun                
D-EHHB                Fuji FA.200-180 Aero Subaru         
D-EHQI                SIAT 223 V-3 Flamingo
D-HAPY                Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger          
D-HEBV                Bolkow Bo.105C                      
D-HILF                Bolkow Bo.105A                      
D-IBMG                Swearingen SA.262T Merlin           
D-IBOE                Aero Ccmmander 680T                 
D-IDWM                Dornier Do.28D                      
D-IDWO                Unknown                             
D-KHEL                Fournier RF.5B                      
EC-BXV                Dassault Falcon 20                  
F-BAMD                Dassault Frelon (F-WAMD)            
F-BEIG                Douglas C.47A Dakota                
F-BJSI                Beech-SFERMA 60 Marquis             
F-BKXT                Cessna 320 Skyknight                
F-BLGG                Sud-Aviation SE.3130 Alouette       
F-BLHD                Cessna 172 Skyhawk                  
F-BLLP                Beech-SFERMA 60A Marquis            
F-BLXX                Rapide ?                            
F-BMKK                Dassault Falcon 20                  
F-BMLC                Cessna 33G Skymaster                
F-BNJD                Jodel DR.250 Capitaine              
F-BNOC                Sud-Aviation SE.3130 Alouette       
F-BNTH                Beechcraft C.33 Debonair            
F-BOEY                Beechcratt 95-55 Baron              
F-BPQE                Aero Commander 600                  
F-BPXN                Socata ST.60 Rallye 7-300           
F-BRAT                Cessna 402                          
F-BRNL                Gates Learjet 23                    
F-BRNP                Beechcratt 65 Queen Air             
F-BRNR                Beechcraft 65 Queen Air             
F-BRSN                Unknown                             
F-BRUN                Beechcraft 99                       
F-BRXE                Reims Cessna FR.172G Hawk XP        
F-BRXX                Cessna 150                          
F-BSCZ                Socata ST.10 Diplomate              
F-BSEA                Beechcraft 33A Bonanza              
F-BSFT                Socata MS.894 Rallye Minerva        
F-BSHB                Reims Cessna F.177RG Cardinal       
F-BSHC                Reims Cessna FTA337E                       
F-BSJM                Robin DR.300/108 2+2 Tricycle       
F-BSJY                Robin HR.100                        
F-BSKI                Socata MS.892 Rallye Commodore      
F-BSKJ                Socata MS.893 Rallye Minerva        
F-BSMG                Socata MS.880B Rallye Club          
F-BSMH                Socata MS.880B Rallye Club          
F-BSMI                Socata MS.892A Commodore 150                         
F-BSMJ                Socata MS.893A Commodore 180
F-BSML                Socata MS.894A Rallye Commodore     
F-BSMM                Socata MS.894A Rallye Minerva       
F-BSMO                Socata ST.10 Diplornate             
F-BSMP                Socata ST.10 Diplomate              
F-BSNZ                Wassamer WA.51A Pacific             
F-BSQD                Bolkow Bo.209 Munsun                
F-BSQE                Gazuit-Valladeau GV-1031            
F-BSQF                Gazuit-Valladeau GV-1020            
F-BSRE                Cessna 414                          
F-BSRF                Beechcraft 95-B58 Baron             
F-BSRZ                Beechcraft 99 (Avia Taxi France)    
F-BSTD                Cessna 421B Golden Eagle II         
F-BSTQ                Bell 206A JetRanger     IJ          
F-BSTR                Dassault Falcon 20                  
F-BSUI                Aerospatiale SA.315B Lama           
F-OCNS                Sud-Aviation SA.330 Puma            
F-PSSK                Carlier Taylor Titch                
F-WHMB                Breguet Super Frelon                
F-WKOC                Sud-Aviation SE.3130 Alouette       
F-WLIM                Cessna F.150L
F-WLIO                Cessna F.172K
F-WLIP                Cessna FA.150L
F-WLIQ                Cessna F.337C Super Skymaster
F-WMHJ                Sud-Aviation SE.319                 
F-WPXA                Nord 262C                           
F-WSNJ                Wassamer WA.51A Pacific?            
F-WSSL                Alpavia D.2 Rabouyt
F-WSTM                Aero Commander 680VTU               
F-WSYL                Caudron G.III
F-WTSS                BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde SST       
F-ZBKA                Sud-Aviation SA.330 Puma            
F-ZWRH                Aerospatiale Gazelle                
F-ZWRK                Aeraspatiale Gazelle                
G-ASDO                Beechcraft 95-55 Baron              
G-AWSF                Cessna 401                          
G-AWVM                Short SC.7 Skyvan Srs.3-l00         
G-AXIG                Beagle B.121 Pup                    
G-AXVK                Campbell Cricket                    
G-AYGK                Britten-Norman BN.2A Islander       
G-AYRA                Campbell Cricket                    
G-AYTU                Britten-Norman BN.2A-3 Islander     
G-AYVK                BAC 167 Strikemaster                
G-AYWI                Britten-Norman BN.2A-3 Islander     
G-AYWJ                Britten-Norman BN.2A Islander       
G-AYWW                Piper PA.23-250 Aztec               
G-AYYG                Hawker-Siddeley HS.748 Srs.2A/225   
HB-EHM                Beechcraft F.33A Bonanza            
HB-EWK                Beechcraft 24R                      
HB-FFN                Pilatus PC.6/B2 Porter              
HB-FGA                Pilatus PC.6/B2 Porter              
HB-GEN                Beechcraft 100 Super King Air       
HB-GEZ                Beech C90 King Air
I-ACUO                Bell 205                            
I-AGUN                Bell 206 JetRanger                  
I-AGUP                Bell 206 JetRanger                  
I-AGUR                Agusta-Bell 212                     
I-EMAF                Agusta A.124                        
I-KMAK                Aermacchi MB.326                    
I-SILF                Silvercraft SH-4
I-SILG                Silvercraft SH-4
I-SILW                Silvercraft SH-4
I-SJAB                SIAI-Marchetti S.1019               
I-SJAP                SIAI-Marchetti S.210M               
I-SJAQ                SIAI-Marchetti SF.260               
I-SJAR                SIAI-Marchetti S.1019               
I-SJAW                SIAI-Marchetti S.210M                
I-SYAM                SIAI-Marchetti SF. 260              
I-TRJP                Piaggio P.166                       
I-TWIN                Partenavia P.68 Victor              
LN-KAP                Convair CV.240 (Polaris AT)         
N12241                Lockheed L.1329 JetStar 8 
N134MA                Mitsubishi Mu.2                     
N14042                Piper PA.23-250 Aztec               
N185                  UNKNOWN                             
N251GL                Gates Learjet 23                    
N2684W                Mooney M20E
N301EA                Lockheed L.1011-1 TriStar
N1035S		      HP.137 Jetstream 1
N5082S                Piper PA.28 Cherokee                
N5267S                Piper PA.28 Cherokee                
N6827L                Piper PA.31 Navajo                  
N7597V                Wing Derringer                      
N7732Q                Cessna 310                          
N7754A		      T.610 Super Pinto
N8814L                Piper PA.24-250 Comanche            
N8897Y                Piper PA.28 Cherokee                
N8919G                Cessna 172                          
N9460M                Cessna 210 Centurion                
OK-AZB                LET Turbolet                        
OK-YRA                Moravan-Zlin Z.326 Trener Master    
OK-YRB                Moravan-Zlin Z.326 Trener Master    
OO-EAU                Hughes 269C                         
OO-HIJ                SIAI Marchetti S.208
OY-DHP                Polyteknisk Polyt 5                 
PH-JHG                Fokker F.28 Fellowship 1000 (Fokker)
SE-DCP                Saab 105                            

Airliners also seen:
9G-CBQ  	      Douglas DC.6
D-ADIR                McDonnell-Douglas DC.8-32
F-BAIF                Douglas C.47A Dakota
F-BGOB                Douglas DC.6                       
F-BGSK                Douglas DC.6                       
F-BGSL                Douglas DC.6                       
F-BJLA                McDonnell-Douglas DC.8-32       
F-BJLB                McDonnell-Douglas DC.8-32       
F-BJTE                Sud-Aviation SE.210 Caravelle III 
F-BJTI                Sud-Aviation SE.210 Caravelle III 
F-BJTO                Sud-Aviation SE.210 Caravelle III 
F-BLOY                Handley-Page HPR.7 Dart Herald 210
F-BNLD                McDonnell-Douglas DC.8-55F             
F-BNUZ                Douglas DC.6                           
F-BOEV                Douglas DC.6                           
F-BOLH                McDonnell-Douglas DC.8-62        
F-BOLI                McDonnell-Douglas DC.8-55F       
F-BRAD                Lockheed L.1049C Super Constellation
F-BRIM                Sud-Aviation SE.210 Caravelle III
F-BSRD                Sud-Aviation SE.210 Caravelle III
HB-ITL                BAC One-Eleven 529FR           
OY-SAD                Sud-Aviation SE.210 Caravelle 12
SU-AOU                Boeing 707-366           
SX-ASO                Gates Learjet 23           
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