The Scramble Show Reports
Istres 2001

Date: 20 May 2001

Made by: Scramble, Erik van Helvoort, Mervin Thomas, Wijgert IJlst, Joost Michiels

Updated: 14 December 2001

AT24, AT26		Alpha Jet E	1w   
FA114		        F-16A		10w          
FA120		        F-16AM		10w          
E-599		        F-16AM		Esk 727      
ET-626		        F-16B		Esk 727      
4587, 4614	        Tornado IDS	JBG34
MM62155/46-53	        G222TCM		98°Gr        
J-208		        F-16BM		312sq        
1407		        An-26		13PLT        
T19B.12/35-30	        CN235EA02	Ala35
ZE258/AQ, ZE961/AW	Tornado F3	56(R)sq
85-0081			B-1B		127th BS KS ANG
93-0599			C-17A		437th AW
91-0319/LN, 91-0321/LN	F-15E		494th FS
E43/314-LI, E69/314-TO	Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
E60			Alpha Jet E	CEV/EPNER
2014/PN		        AS332C		EH05.067         
2298		        AS332	        1RHC           
2109/F-ZBFC	        AS350B1	        Securité Civile
5490/VY		        AS355N	        EH05.067       
15		        ATL2	        21F            
737/93-CI	        C-135FR	        ERV00.093      
504/312-UX	        EMB312F	        DV05.312       
104/CW		        Falcon 20C	CEV      
A151/7-IU	        Jaguar A	EC03.007 
E22/7-PU, E37/7-PM	Jaguar E	EC02.007
E40/7-PI		Jaguar E	EC02.007
275			Lynx HAS2(FN)	34F
234			Mirage 3B-1	CEV/EPNER
23/AV			Mirage 4P	ERS01.091
46/2-EN			Mirage 2000-5	EC01.002
310/4-CE, 335/4-CI	Mirage 2000N	EC03.004
508/5-OT, 511/5-OR	Mirage 2000B	EC02.005
682/3-JR		Mirage 2000D	EC02.003
76/33-FI, 205/33-FR	Mirage F1C	EC03.033
519/33-FM		Mirage F1B	EC03.033
579/AI			PC-7		CEV
C01			Rafale C	Dassault
1047/AZF		SA330B		EAALAT                 
4214/AXD	        SA342L1		EAALAT                 
6111/F-ZGAC	        SA365N		CEV                    
26/315-UY	        TB30		EPAA00.315             
0241/F-ZAGR	        MiG-21US	CEV, ex CzechAF
F-AZHS		        Hunter F58	as "J-2001"    
F-AZVM		        N2501F		ex 105/62-SI           
F-AZWJ		        Vampire FB5	as "57-59      
F-AZYS?		        F4U-7		as "133705"            

TS-11s of Team Iskra:
0730/1	0726/2	0709/4	0827/6	1015/7
C101EBs of Patrulla Aguila:
E.25-14/1	E.25-28/2	E.25-23/3	E.25-22/4
E.25-08/5	E.25-52/6	E.25-26/7	E.25-07/-
And of course the Patrouille de France with the following Alpha Jets:
E120/1	E75/2	E128/3	E41/4	E153/5
E175/6	E135/7	E160/8	E121/9	E169/0

147/CM			Mystere 2C	preserved

South side:
1			ATL2		21F
5114/61-PA		C-130H		ET02.061
46130			DC-8-72CF	ET03.060
470/93-CA, 474/93-CE	C-135FR		ERV00.093
497/93-CM, 525/93-CN	C-135FR		ERV00.093
574/93-CP, 735/93-CG	C-135FR		ERV00.093
739/93-CK, 740/93-CL	C-135FR		ERV00.093
57-1431, 58-0078	KC-135E		141st ARS NJ ANG

Green hangar facing the French tanker platform:
10			Super Etendard	stored?
A01			Rafale A	preserved

Shelter area:
203/FG			Mirage 3B	stored
312/4-C(N), 320/4-CD	Mirage 2000N	EC03.004
92			MS760		stored

CEV Hangar rear end:
2			Mirage 2000C	CEV
22/CS			Falcon 20	CEV
1x			Alpha Jet	nn
1x			Mirage 3	nn

CEV Hangar:
D02			Mirage 2000D	CEV
1x			Falcon 20	CEV

USAF ramp:
59-1500, 62-3517	KC-135R		22nd ARW
59-1455, 59-1503	KC-135R		153rd ARS MS ANG

434 +1			Mirage 3E	stored
621/92-AN		Vautour 2B	stored
F-WDFJ/81		Falcon20G	blue c/s
1x			Jaguar		fuselage only

455/LL			CE43		wreck
(231)			Mirage 3B	special c/s
B01			Rafale B	Dassault
The Mirage and Rafale also performed a flying display.
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