The Scramble Show Reports
Cazaux 1979

Date: 16 September 1979

Made by: Willy Metze


Mystère IVA, French AF
Parked on the flightline at Cazaux was this Mystère IVA with serial 97/8-MG of EC1/8. It is interesting to see the difference between the "cheatline" of this jet and the pattern applied on the aircraft on the left.

Photo copyright Willy Metze

 54       8-MA        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
278       8-MB        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
120       8-ME        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
 45       8-MF        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
 97       8-MG        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
187       8-MJ        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
300       8-MK        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
 24       8-ML        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
194       8-MM        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
145       8-MN        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
 93       8-MO        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
315       8-MQ        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
 39       8-MR        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
285       8-MS        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
 60       8-MT        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
 46       8-MU        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
113       8-MV        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
142       8-MX        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
121                   MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
 73       8-NA        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
 26       8-NB        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
 99       8-NC        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
153       8-NE        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
293       8-NG        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
 40       8-NH        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
235       8-NI        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
278       8-NJ        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
178       8-NK        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
116       8-NL        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
104       8-NM        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
245       8-NN        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
 64       8-NO        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
100       8-NP        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
 25       8-NQ        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
 68       8-NR        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
 81       8-NS        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
 75       8-NN        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
282       8-NW        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
 66       8-NX        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/8 NICE 
51-4116   8-OH        T-33S-US                     SLVSV 8EME ESCADRE 
53-4959   8-OH        T-33S-US                     SLVSV 8EME ESCADRE 
 91       8-OZ        CM170R                       SLVSV 8EME ESCADRE 
17        13-SH       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
35        13-SI       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
46        13-SJ       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
37        13-SK       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
36        13-SS       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
612       JA          SE4050 VAUTOUR IIB           ESC.REMORQ 05/106 
52        BY          MIRAGE IVA                   EB2/91 BRETAGNE 
370       315-QZ      CM170R                       GE315 
362       315-QW      CM170R                       GE315 
383       315-PV      CM170R                       GE315 
  9       30-MF       MIRAGE F1C                   EC2/30 NORMANDIE-NIE 
420       2-LM        MIRAGE IIIE                  EC3/2 ALSACE 
460       2-LI        MIRAGE IIIE                  EC3/2 ALSACE 
A110      118-AQ      JAGUAR A                     CEAM118 
E5        118-BT      ALPHA JET                    CEAM118 
94        43-BC       MS760                        ELA00/043 MEDOC 
95        AR          N262                         GAEL1/65 VENDOME 
176       63-VV       N2501                        EI1/63 CIET 
123       312-BH      N2501                        GI312 
171       SF          SA315                        UUU 
337       67-DS       SA315                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
194       67-DW       SA315                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
151       67-DT       SA315                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
236       67-DV       SA315                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
2091      67-JA       SA319                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
2054      67-JC       SA319                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
2260      67-JD       SA319                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
2132      67-JE       SA319                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
1595      67-DE       SA330                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
1302      67-DF       SA330                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
529       VB          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
535       VD          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
563       VF          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
542       VH          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
545       VK          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
561       VM          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
576       VN          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
565       VP          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
527       V           CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
..        V.          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
..        V.          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
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