The Scramble Show Reports
Châteaudun 2003

Date: 11 May 2003

Made by:


29+11			MiG-29G			JG73            
44+85		        Tornado IDS	        JBG33           
GF-16		        Saab 105Ö	        FlRgt 2         
71-0882		        C-9A		        75th AS         
E99		        Alpha Jet E	        stored          
075/YC		        EMB121AA	        EAT00.319       
493/312-UL	        EMB312F		        DV05.312        
A25		        Jaguar A	        stored          
A67/7-PV	        Jaguar A	        std, ex EC01.007
E2		        Jaguar E	        stored          
654/33-CL	        Mirage F1CR	        ER01.033        
72/2-FR		        Mirage2000-5F	        EC02.002        
640/3-IR	        Mirage 2000D	        EC01.003        
4/315-UC	        TB30		        EPAA00.315      
36		        Da50SURMAR	        24F             

Hangar 1 left side:
317			Mirage 2000N		stored
665			Mirage 2000D		stored

Hangar 1 right side:
40/33-FM		Mirage F1C		stored
653			Mirage 2000D		stored
94/XG			TBM700			EdC00.070

Hangar 2:
538			CM170			preserved
281/30-QF		Mirage F1CT		EC02.030
587/13-QL		Mirage 3E		stored
54/2-EA			Mirage2000-5F		EC01.002

Hangar 3:
524/3-XH		Mirage 3E		stored
48/2-ER			Mirage2000-5F		stored in bag
5307/UC			AS355F			stored

Shelter 1:
121			CAP10B			stored
530/12-YA		Mirage 2000B		stored

Shelter 2:
24			MS760			stored
52/315-VX, 87/315-XD	TB30			stored
95/315-XL, 97/315-XN	TB30	                stored
98/315-XO, 102/315-XS	TB30	                stored
110/315-YA		TB30	                stored

Preserved on field:
29061/1-EQ		F-84F			pres "29117"
A43			Jaguar A	        pres        
231/2-SC		MD450		        pres        
10/12-ZD		Mirage F1C	        pres        
367/33-TP		Mirage 3RD	        pres, gate  
278/8-MB		Mystère 4A	        pres        
171			N2501SNA	        pres        
615/92-AK		Vautour 2B	        pres        

AT24, AT26		Alpha Jet E		11sm
FA114, FA136		F-16AM			2w
MT48			CM170			11sm
29+04			MiG-29G			JG73
45+23			Tornado IDS		JBG31
J-016			F-16AM			323sq    
J-063			F-16AM			322sq    
L-13			PC-7	                131EMVOsq
8T-CA			C-130K	                FlRgt 1  
03, 08			J35Ö	                FlRgt 2  
18/300-CA		CAP232	                EVAA     
R158/61-ZX		C-160R	                ET03.061 
R206/64-GF		C-160R	                ET01.061 
3/5-OR, 9/5-OJ		Mirage 2000C		EC02.005
70/315-WM, 75/315-WR	TB30			EPAA00.315
92/1, 96/315-XM		TB30			EPAA00.315
104/XJ, 147/XS		TBM700			ET00.070
146/XR			TBM700			ET00.065
5444/VP			AS555N			EH01.067
0010/ABN		CeF406			EAAT

And the following Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France:
E94/F-TERH/0	E120/F-TERG/1	E75/F-TERW/2
E41/F-TERA/3	E117/F-TERI/4	E134/F-TERM/5
E122/F-TERD/6	E135/F-TERX/7	E169/F-TERQ/8

Far side:
BB-32			Saab 105Ö		FlRgt 2
2x			Alpha Jet E		EAC00.314
E176/8-MA		Alpha Jet E		ETO01.008
A133/7-HB, A144/7-HA	Jaguar A		EC01.007
E36/7-HR		Jaguar E		EC01.007

Flying only:
203/36-CC		E-3F			EDCA00.036

A35/7-IH, A64, A98	Jaguar A		dump
429/2-LO, 513/3-JG	Mirage 3E		dump
80/DE			MS760			dump

Old German runway:
A9, A38, A53, A73	Jaguar A		stored
A112/7-HS +1		Jaguar A	        stored
E1, E9, E20		Jaguar E	        stored
7/2-FD			Mirage 3C	        pres  
250/DD			Mirage 3B-RV	        pres  
360/33-TI		Mirage 3RD	        pres  
1/AP			Mirage 4A	        pres  
1x			Flamant		        stored
124			MD315		        stored
19, 26			MS760		        stored
64/AA, 77/AK		N262D		        stored
83/316-DB, 87/316-DC	N262AEN		        stored
308/30-MC		Vautour 2N	        stored

In front of German runway:
210, 227, 378, 397	CM170			stored
408, 486, 421, 425	CM170	                stored
426, 429, 447, 476	CM170	                stored
484, 517, 537, 563	CM170	                stored
Number 210 had a blue nose.

Near to the Jaguar compound:
115/339-JG		Falcon 20SNA		stored
66, 68, 80, 91		N262D			stored
76/316-DA, 92/316-DE	N262AEN			stored
94			N262TDI			stored
105, 107		N262D			stored

Jaguar compound:
A2, A7, A13/7-PC, A14	Jaguar A		stored
A23, A37, A46, A50	Jaguar A	        stored
A54, A70, A74/7-HA	Jaguar A	        stored
A76, A79, A82, A84	Jaguar A	        stored
A88, A90, A103, A115	Jaguar A	        stored
A126			Jaguar A	        stored
E4, E8, E11, E13	Jaguar E	        stored
E21, E25		Jaguar E	        stored
The E13 had no tail. Somebody also saw Jaguar A4, but this aircraft
is at Toulouse.

Between two hangars left of Jaguars:
1x			CM170			stored
A29, A55, A96, A101	Jaguar A		stored, no cockpit
A118, A130		Jaguar A		stored, no cockpit
43			Mirage F1C		stored, no cockpit
535			Mirage 3E		stored
29, 78			MS760			stored

Instructional aircraft area:
53-1580			F-100A			dismtld, Tbirds mks
(2327/67-JF)		Alouette 3	        i/a                
F16/61-MK		C-160F		        i/a                
H01/59-BA, H02/59-BB	C-160H		        stored             
H03/59-BC, H04/59-BD	C-160H		        stored             
A33, A40		Jaguar A	        i/a                
206/DF			Mirage 3B	        i/a                
02, 33, 70		Mirage F1C	        i/a                
../33-NE		Mirage F1CR	        i/a                
303, 340/2-ZH		Mirage 3R	        i/a                
484, 494, 520/3-IT	Mirage 3E	        i/a                
534/3-XB, 547/3-IQ	Mirage 3E	        i/a                
619/4-BJ, 624/3-IZ	Mirage 3E	        i/a                

Mirage 4 line left of hangar:
27/AZ +2		Mirage 4A		stored
28/BA			Mirage 4P	        stored
36/BI			Mirage 4P	        stored

Mirage 4 line right of hangar:
7, 24/AW		Mirage 4A		stored	white c/s
14/AM, 46/BS		Mirage 4A	        stored           
26/AY, 49/BV, 52/BY	Mirage 4P	        stored           
57/CD  + 5		Mirage 4P	        stored           
The 57/CD had a red tail.

79/10-RH		Sup MystèreB2		pres

F-AZCI			UC-61K			ex USA 44-83087        
F-AZFN	                AD-4N	                ex France 125716
F-AZHR	                T-28A	                ex USA 51-7749  
F-AZKM	                OV-10B	                ex Germany 99+24
F-AZOO	                Vampire FB6	        ex Swiss J-1127 
F-AZOP	                Vampire FB6	        ex Swiss J-1192 
F-BEHG	                MS733		        ex 6            
F-BMMY	                MS733	                ex 128          
F-GIDJ	                MH1521	                ex 283          
F-GKYF	                CM170	                ex 315          
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