The Scramble Show Reports
Jyväskylätikkakoski 2013
Jyväskylätikkakoski Open Day
Date: 16 May 2013
LJ-1 Learjet 35A TukiLLv  
HN-452 F-18C HävLLV 21 £
HW-368 Hawk Mk66 HävLLV 41  
HH-12 MD500E 2.HK/HekoP  
CC-2 C-295M TukiLLv  
PI-03 PC-12NG TukiLLv  
VN-5 Vinka HävLLV 41  
NH-206 NH90-TTH 1.HK/HekoP  
VN-7, VN-9, VN-14 Vinka HävLLV 41  
VN-17, VN-20, VN-27 Vinka HävLLV 41  
FF-3 F-27-400M Std  
The Vinka units are not confirmed, but as this is the local unit, these are the most likely ones.


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