The Scramble Show Reports
Kuopio-Rissala 2011
Kupio-Rissala Open House
Date: 4 May 2011
HN-417 F-18C HävLLv31  
MG-129 MiG-21bis instr  
NH-208 NH90TTH HekoP *
PI-04 PC-12/47E HävLLv31 *
RG-1 L-90TP HävLLv41  
VN-30 L-70 HävLLv31  
* Also flew
HN-403, HN-408, HN-424 F-18C HävLLv31  
HN-439, HN-445, HN-448 F-18C HävLLv31  
HN-453 F-18C HävLLv31  
HN-461 F-18D HävLLv31  
HW-326/3 Hawk Mk51 HävLLv41  
HW-334, HW-338 Hawk Mk51 HävLLv41  
HW-340/2, HW-345 Hawk Mk51 HävLLv41  
The open house was a low key affair meant for the local community to see what the base is about. Only a few thousand people attended on a day that the temporary did not get above 7 degrees Celsius. The Hornets did fly regular missions during the day, except for the HN-424 who did a solo demo flying display. The Hawks were from the Midnight Hawks demo team.


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