The Scramble Show Reports
Tampere-Pirkkala 2009

Date: 19 May 2009

Made by: Scramble


Static display:
HH-9		MD500E		HekoP #
HN-404		F-18C		HävLLv 21
HW-340/2	Hawk Mk51	HävLLv 41
MG-134		MiG21bis	Traveling Exhibit
PC-3		PA-31-350	HävLLv 21
RG-3		L-90TP		HävLLv 21
VN-21		Vinka		HävLLv 41

HN-428		F-18C		HävLLv 21
LJ-3		Lj35A		TukiLLV
NH-206		NH-90-TTH	1.HK/HekoP

DK-237		Saab 35F	Gateguard
HN-427		F-18C		HävLLv 21
HW-312		Hawk Mk51	HävLLv 41
VN-7		Vinka		HävLLv 41
The Hawk was the reserve aircraft for the midnight hawks, which weren't noted unfortunately.
Hornet HN-427 made a regular training flight.
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