The Scramble Show Reports
San Javier 2006

Date: 3 June 2006

Made by: Scramble, Arjen and Gert-Jan Burghart, Malcolm, Uli Seibicke, Michael van der Mee


Logged between 08:00 - 14:00 hrs.

Static (* = also flying):
FA87, FA94		F-16AM	31sm	tiger mks           
46+55		        Tornado ECR	JBG32               
17/5-OZ *	        Mirage 2000C	EC02.005            
LX-N90449 *	        E-3A		NAEW&CF                     
YD-04		        Saab 105ÖE	FlRgt3              
15106, 15113	        F-16A		Esq201                      
15206		        Alpha Jet A	Esq103/Asas de Port.
7353		        Mi-24V		231.vrl		tiger mks           
84-0084		        C-21A	        76th AS               
91-0302/LN, 91-0303/LN	F-15E	        492nd FS              
89-2016/AV		F-16CG	        555th FS	"16AF"
90-0772/AV	        F-16CG	        555th FS              
AE.9-009/23-03	        SF-5M	        Ala 23                
AE.9-012/23-06	        SF-5B+	        Ala 23                
C.14-64/14-37	        Mirage F1M	Ala 14		tiger mks
C.15-29/15-16	        EF-18A+		Ala 15                   
C.16-22/11-02	        EF2000		113 Esc                  
E.22-05/42-34	        Beech C90A	Grupo 42         
E.24A-16/42-23	        Beech F33C	Grupo 42         
E.25-10/79-10	        C101EB		Ala 79                   
E.25-26/79-26/2	        C101EB	        Ala 79           
E.26-17/79-64	        T-35C	        791 Esc          
HD.21-12/803-12	        AS332B1	        803 Esc          
HE.24-5/78-05	        S-76C	        781 Esc          
HE.25-1/78-20	        EC120B	        782 Esc          
HT.17-12/ET-412	        CH-47D	        BHELTRA V        
HU.26-04/09-302	        EC135P2	        Guardia Civil    
P.3-08/22-31 *	        P-3M	        Grupo 22         
TK.10-07/31-52 *	KC-130H	        Ala 31       
T.12B-37/72-05 *	C212-100	721 Esc
TR.20-02/403-12		Ce560		402 Esc     
T.21-01/35-39		C295M	        353 Esc     
U.9-38/79-115		C127	        Ala 79      
UD.13-24/43-24 *	CL-215T	        Grupo 43    
VA.1B-24/01-914		EAV-8B+	        Eslla 009   
EC-DUN			T-6G	        ex E.16-201 
EC-DXJ			HA220D	        ex A.10C-109
EC-DXR "E.14B-50/203-50" HA200D	        ex AE.10B-50
EC-EFT " E.3B-31/79-11"	C1131E	        ex E.3B-607 
EC-ERO			C1131E	        ex E.3B-408 
EC-JKM			T-34C	        ex E.17-24  

5/5-NI			Mirage 2000C	EC01.005
E73/312-RV		Alpha Jet E	DV15.300
J-008		        F-16AM		311sq           
J-055		        F-16AM		311sq		spec mks
BA-31		        S105ÖE		FlRgt3          
C.14-90/14-48	        Mirage F1M	Ala 14  
C.15-14/15-01	        EF-18A+		Ala 15          
C.16-26/11-06	        EF2000		113 Esc         
HD.19-4		        SA330L		801 Esc         
T.12B-49/72-07	        C212-100	721 Esc 
TR.12D-79/37-63	        C212-200	Ala 37  
VA.1B-35/01-923	        EAV-8B+		Eslla 009       

The Asas de Portugal with three Alpha Jets:
15202	15208	15250

The Rotores de Portugal with four SE3160s:
19302	19376	19377	19384

Patrulla Aguila with C101EB Aviojets:
E.25-21/79-21/1		E.25-06/79-06/2		E.25-28/79-28/2
E.25-08/79-08/3		E.25-27/79-27/4		E.25-25/79-25/5
E.25-86/79-32/5		E.25-01/79-01/6		E.25-07/79-07/7

Patrulla ASPA with EC120Bs:
HE.25-3/78-22		HE.25-4/78-23		HE.25-6/78-25
HE.25-7/78-26		HE.25-9/78-28		HE.25-15/78-34

Frecce Tricolori with eleven MB339As:
MM54475/0	MM55052/1	MM54539/2
MM54479/6	MM54485/9
And unidentified codes 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10.

The Patrouille Suisse with F-5Es:
J-3082	J-3084	J-3085	J-3086	J-3087	J-3088	J-3091

The Red Arrows with Hawk T1/T1A($)/T1W(#)'s:
XX179#	XX233	XX237	XX242	XX253$	XX260$
XX264$	XX266$	XX292#	XX306	XX308

The Royal Jordanian Falcons with Extra 300s:

And team Red Bull with three Zlin L50LXs:

Finally also the Patrouille de France was present with Alpha Jets coded 1-9.

Flying only:
C.14-70/14-42		Mirage F1M	Ala 14
C.14-73/14-45		Mirage F1M	Ala 14
These flew together with KC-130H TK.10-07/35-52 (see static).

E.25-09/79-09		C101EB		Ala 79 
E.25-10/79-10	        C101EB	        Ala 79 
E.25-16/79-16	        C101EB	        Ala 79 
E.25-19/79-19	        C101EB	        Ala 79 
E.25-20/79-20	        C101EB	        Ala 79 
E.25-31/79-31	        C101EB	        Ala 79 
E.25-46/79-46	        C101EB	        Ala 79 
E.25-65/79-95	        C101EB	        Ala 79 
E.26-07/79-54	        T-35C	        791 Esc
E.26-08/79-55	        T-35C	        791 Esc
E.26-22/79-69	        T-35C	        791 Esc
E.26-26/79-73	        T-35C	        791 Esc
E.26-34/79-81	        T-35C	        791 Esc
E.26-37/79-84	        T-35C	        791 Esc
E.26-38/79-85	        T-35C	        791 Esc
U.9-13/79-113 +1	C127	        Ala 79 
U.15-2			SZD-30	        Ala 79 
U.15-3			SZD-30	        Ala 79 

"E.3B-25/791-1"		C1131E		pres
A.10A-12		HA200A		pres as "E.14-12"
E.16-199/793-11		T-6G		pres
E.17-25/791-25		T-34A		pres
EC-DVQ/79-01		C101		pres

5153/61-PJ		C-130H-30	ET02.061
R52/61-MX		C-160R		ET03.061
MM62194/46-60		C-130J-30	50ºGr
17403			Falcon 50	Esq504
T-781			Lj35A		LTDB
E.22-04/42-33		Beech C90	Grupo 42
HT.21A-1/402-20	        AS332M1		402 Esc         
HU.15-63/09-124	        Bo105CB		Guardia Civil   
T.19B-06/35-24	        CN235M-100	Ala 35  
T.19B-09/35-27	        CN235M-100	Ala 35  
TR.20-01/403-11	        Ce560		403 Esc         
T.21-02/35-40	        C295M		353 Esc         
T.21-06/35-44	        C295M		353 Esc         
T.22-1/45-50	        A310-304	451 Esc 
G-XLAB			B737-8Q8	Excel Airways
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