The Scramble Show Reports
Torr&eacut;jon 1977

Date: 1 October 1977

Made by: John Dyer


C14-6/141-06	Mirage F1CE 	Ala14
C11-17/111-9	Mirage IIIEE 	Ala11
C12-14/122-07	F-4C 		Ala12
C10C-91 	HA220 		406Esc
UD13-10/404-10 	CL-215 		404Esc
N7838G 		Cessna 150 	Aero Club
76-0044/BT 	F-15A 		36TFW
68-0607/ZR 	RF-4C 		26TRW
63-7552/TJ 	F-4C 		401TFW
62-4474 	T-39A 		HQ USAFE
65-0266 	C-141A 
66-13559 	OV-10A 		610TCW
76-0164 	C-12A
68-01951 	C-130E 		314TAW
C12-17/121-09	F-4C 		Ala12
C12-21/121-11	F-4C 		Ala12
C12-23/121-12	F-4C 		Ala12
C12-26/122-13	F-4C 		Ala12
4x		F-4C 		Ala12
UD13-1/404-01	CL-215 		404Esc
UD13-4/404-04	CL-215 		404Esc
71-0881 	C-9A
76-0042/BT 	F-145A 		36TFW
Also a MAC C-130E, four 401TFW F-4Cs & both Mirages from the static park
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