The Scramble Show Reports
Bierset 1984

Date: 2/3 June 1984

Made by: Marcel van Beek


AT-33              Alpha Jet             9 Wing 
CH-03              C-130H                20 Sm/15 Wing 
FU-156             F-84F                 nn preserved 
FZ-153/JE-C        F-84F                 nn preserved 
CS-03              HS.748-238            21 Sm/15 Wing 
BA-19              Mirage 5BA            8 Sm/3 Wing 
BA-39              Mirage 5BA            8 Sm/3 Wing 
BD-01              Mirage 5BD            8 Sm/3 Wing 
BR-22              Mirage 5BR            42 Sm/2 Wing 
CF-02              Merlin IIIA           21 Sm/15 Wing 
ST-11              SF.260MB              EVS 
K-4009             NF-5B                 314 Sqn 

MT-35              CM.170                33 Sm/9 Wing 
FA-46              F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 
RS-02              Sea King Mk.48        40 Sm 
LX-N90442          E-3A                  NAEWF 
C-9                F-27M-300             334 Sqn 
K-3021             NF-5A                 314 Sqn 
K-3026             NF-5A                 314 Sqn 
XX492/A            Jetstream T.1         6 FTS 3rd only 
ZA467/FF           Tornado GR.1          16 Sqn 
79-0048/BT yl      F-15C                 53rd TFS/36th TFW 
79-0072/BT yl      F-15C                 53rd TFS/36th TFW 

And the "Grasshoppers" (GpLV, RNethAF) with 
Allouette III:  A-351, A-390, A-398, A-465, A-499 

Flying only: 
A-73               Allouette II          nn 
XX818/DE           Jaguar GR.1           31 Sqn 
WA669              Meteor T.7            Vintage Pair 
XV400/F            Phantom FGR.2         19 Sqn 
XV437/B            Phantom FGR.2         19 Sqn 
XV470/G            Phantom FGR.2         19 Sqn 
XV472/E            Phantom FGR.2         19 Sqn 
XH304              Vampire T.11          Vintage Pair 
69-0017            C-5A                  436th MAW 

And the "Red Arrows" (RAF) with 
Hawk T.1:   XX227, XX243, XX253, XX257, XX259, XX260, XX264, XX266 
Hawk T.1A:  XX304, XX306 

FA-17              F-16A                 1 Wing 
FA-39              F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FU-10/BA-01        F-84F                 nn decoy 
FU-13/BA-03        F-84F                 nn decoy 
FU-29/BA-02        F-84F                 nn decoy 
FU-159/BA-66       F-84F                 nn decoy 
FX-01              F-104G                nn preserved 
BA-31              Mirage 5BA            8 Sm/3 Wing 
BA-42              Mirage 5BA            8 Sm/3 Wing 
BD-05              Mirage 5BD            8 Sm/3 Wing 
FR-32              RF-84F                nn preserved 
FR-34              RF-84F                nn gate guard 
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