The Scramble Show Reports
Brustem 1965

Date: 27 June 1965

Made by: Gijs Hiltermann, Pierre Taquet, William Schrantz

Updated: 2 January 2011

FU-12            F-84F 
FU-17            F-84F 
FU-22            F-84F 
FU-36            F-84F 
FU-37            F-84F 
FU-51            F-84F 
FU-55            F-84F 
FU-86            F-84F 
FU-92            F-84F 
FU-93            F-84F 
FU-106           F-84F 
FU-137           F-84F 
FU-138           F-84F 
FU-168           F-84F 
FR-3             RF-84F 
FR-6             RF-84F 
FR-17            RF-84F 
FR-21            RF-84F 
FR-23            RF-84F 
FR-26            RF-84F 
FR-28            RF-84F 
FR-29            RF-84F 
FX-26            F-104G 
FX-31            F-104G 
FX-32            F-104G 
FX-41            F-104G 
FX-60            F-104G 
FX-74            F-104G 
FX-76            F-104G 
FX-79            F-104G 
FX-82            F-104G 
FX-83            F-104G 
FT-16            T-33A 
FT-28            T-33A 
MT-13            Magister 
OL-L03           L-18C 
OL-L31           L-18C 
OL-L39           L-18C 
OL-L43           L-18C 
OL-L43           L-18C 
OL-L48           L-18C 
OL-L65           L-18C 
OT-ZAE           Pembroke 
OT-CAD           C-119 
OT-CAK           C-119 
OT-CAL           C-119 
OT-CAM           C-119 
OT-CAO           C-119 
OT-CAS           C-119 
OT-CBD           C-119 
OT-CBE           C-119 
OT-CBG           C-119 
OT-CBI           C-119 
OT-CBJ           C-119 
OT-CBL           C-119 
OT-CBM           C-119 
OT-CEM           C-119 
OT-ZKJ           S-58 
OT-ZKK           S-58 
OT-ZKL           S-58 
OL-D11           DO-27 
OL-A05           SE3130 
C-10             F27-300M 
XN732            Lightning 
XN790            Lightning 
XH537            Vulcan 
WT534            Canberra 
XP443            Argosy 
WR985            Shackleton 
XR540            Gnat              Red  Arrows 
XR991            Gnat              Red  Arrows 
XR993            Gnat              Red  Arrows 
XR994            Gnat              Red  Arrows 
XR995            Gnat              Red  Arrows 
XR996            Gnat              Red  Arrows 
XR986            Gnat              Red  Arrows 
XS111            Gnat              Red  Arrows 
53506            F-100D 	   Thunderbirds
53507            F-100D 	   Thunderbirds
53508            F-100D 	   Thunderbirds
53520            F-100D 	   Thunderbirds
53561            F-100D 	   Thunderbirds
53754            F-100D 	   Thunderbirds
53776            F-100D 	   Thunderbirds
60026            RF-101C 
0-41460          RF-101C 
37822            C-130 
24469            T-39 
38508            UH-1B 
150596           A-4 
151591           A-6 
85376            OH-13B 
DG+310           G91R 
DG+311           G91R 
GC+246           Noratlas 
MM     /46-37    C-119 
MM     /46-91    C-119 
And the Frecce Tricolori with G91PANs coded: 
1, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 
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