The Scramble Show Reports
Bierset 1995

Date: 17 September 1995

Made by: Scramble, Vernon

Updated: 30 November 2003

Static (shelterarea north):
A37/UN                SE3130       nm      white c/s
A38                   SE3130       wfu
A41, A44              SA318C       nm
H08                   A109BA       nm     in shelter
H37                   A109BA       17BnHATk
B02/LB                BN-2B        nm
B04/LD                BN-2B-21     nm

Flightline 17BnHATk:
OO-HBG                L-18C        privat
A59, A68              SA318C       17BnHATk white c/s
H36, H38              A109BA       17BnHATk
B09/LI                BN-2B-21     nm

(New) hangar 17BnHATk:
H17, H19              A109BA       17BnHATk
H42                   A109BA       nm

Near (old) hangar 16BnHATk:
A80                   SA318C       nn
B05/LE                BN-2B-21     dumped
DO2                   Do27         wings seperated

Flightline, shelter area south-west:
A81                   SA318C       nm
B07/LG, B08/LH        BN-2B-21     nm
H07, H10              A109BA       nm
H18, H20, H21, H22    A109BA       nm
H25, H29, H30, H31    A109BA       nm
H32, H33, H39         A109BA       nm
H09, H16              A109BA       nm      demo-pair

Hangar in this shelter area (closed):
H04                   A109BA       nn
H40                   A109BA       nm

Formation of seven SA318Cs:
A22, A42, A46, A50,   SA318C       nn
A53, A73, A75         SA318C       nn

Formation of seven A109s:
H24, H41, H43         A109BA       nm
H34, H44, H45, H46    A109BA       17BnHATk

Formation of eight SA318C's:
A40, A54, A62         SA318C       nn
A66, A74              SA318C       nn
A49, A61, A65         SA318C       SLV

Large maintenance hangar (outside):
A47                   SA318C       nn      white c/s
H28, H35              A109HA       nm

Large maintenance hangar (inside):
H06                   A109HO       nm
H23, H27              A109HA       nm
OO-HBH                L-18C        private

Flying only:
CH02, CH06, CH10      C-130H       20sm

B01/LA, B10/LJ	      BN-2B-21	   nm
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