The Scramble Show Reports
Antwerpen 2008

Date: 3 May 2008

Made by: Scramble


Stampe and Ercoupe participants:
D-EBUT 			SV-4                 
D-EODN                  SV-4C                
G-BNYZ                  SV-4E 		Tapestry mks   
N383DK                  SV-4C 		as France 383  
OO-BPL                  SV-4 		as BAF          
OO-EIR                  SV-4B 		as BAF V4/4    
OO-GWA                  SV-4C           as BAF V66/66  
OO-GWB                  SV-4B           as BAF (V29)/29
OO-GWC                  SV-4C           as France 1    
OO-KAT                  SV-4E                          
OO-LUK                  SV-4B           as BAF V41/41  
OO-MON                  SV-4B                          
OO-MMD                  SV-4C                          
OO-PAM                  SV-4B           as BAF V48/48  
OO-PAX                  SV-4B           as BAF (V5)/5  
OO-SPM                  SV-4C           as FAF 349     
OO-SVB                  SV-4B           as BAF (V43)/43
SE-BFX                  Ercoupe              
OO-PUS                  Ercoupe              

F-AZJV 			DHC-1 		ex Portugal 1375
G-BUOS 			Spitfire PR18 	ex RAF SM845
HB-RCB 			P3-05 		ex Swiss A-859
N128CX 			Nieuport 28C2 	as USAAF 14
N167F "414450" 		P-51D 		ex 44-73877
N2070P 			TH-13T 		ex 64-17847  
N4109C                  AT-6G 		ex SAAF 7727  
N9912H                  B75N1           ex USN Bu07609
N56028 "42-014/295" 	PT-22           ex 41-20805   
N56608 "137" 		PT-17           ex 41-25387   
OO-LVP 			L-21B           ex MM54-2393  
OO-OPS "985" 		N2S-2           ex 42-16930   
OO-TGM 			DH82A           ex RAF BB731  
OO-VOR                  Fiat G46-4A 	ex MM55293
PH-DHC                  DHC-2 Mk1 	as KLu "S-9"
PH-FLG                  L-18C 		ex 51-15445     
PH-TBR                  AT-16 		ex KLu B-182    
The annual fl y-in at Antwerp attracted a good selection of
Stampe aircraft and other oldtimers. Many other small civil aircraft
were also present at this event.
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